Scandal Round Table: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

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Another week of Scandal, another edition of the TV Fanatic Scandal Round Table! This week was all about answers and filling in some of the blanks of Olivia's personal history. There might've been a line or two about Presidential balls in there as well.

Join TV Fanatic staff members Jim Garner, Leigh Raines, Carla Day, Christine Orlando, and Miranda Wicker and Emily from ABC Scandal Fans as they break down "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." Sound off in the comments below with your answers to this week's questions.


What was your favorite scene or quote from "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"?

Jim: I liked Eli and Olivia talking in her office. They both were putting on super-fake facial expressions to keep the outside audience from having any idea of what they were saying. Both clever and creepy!

Leigh: That ending when Eli was demanding Olivia opened the door and the second she sees Jake, he drops "7 o'clock Sunday night." DAYUM. Don't mess with Pops. 

Carla: There were so many good lines as usual. I liked the scene where Fitz reminded Cyrus of his position and then said, "How Presidential are my balls now, Cy?"

Christine: Carla took my favorite line so I'll go for my 2nd favorite. It's where Mellie cries to Cyrus, "Now we've got a bimbo on the loose." and he has to remind her,  "We made up that she's a bimbo." I love how the truth and the lies just become a jumbled blur on this show.

Miranda: I really liked the Sunday dinners between Olivia and her dad. They were very Gilmore Girls in that they seemed to have this ebb and flow of being something tolerated, then enjoyed, then cancelled, and now tolerated again. 

Emily: I loved the flashback scenes with Huck & Olivia in the subway station when Huck asks for a doggy bag every Sunday and then when he asked for a cheeseburger. 

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You have to hide a secret spy school. What's your cover business?

Jim: Used Bookstore. Pretty easy to have people come and go, and you can talk about books others haven't read without much trouble. 

Leigh: How do you know TV critic isn't my cover right now??? Otherwise I'm thinking boutique owner.

Carla: Oh, good question. Hmm....I have to go with my favorite from a televison show. Alias's Credit Dauphine. Perfect cover business.

Christine:  Fashion and Design school. Who would suspect that spies could pair together the right prints or know when an outfit could use a super cute hat?  It could be like Project Runway with deadly weapons.

Miranda: Jim stole my answer! I'll go with an actual school. Infiltrate the faculty and set up an office on a college campus and tell your spies to blend in. Shouldn't be too hard.

Emily: A computer repair store. Easy cover for all the technology for spy gadgets.  

Did Quinn tap into her inner Olivia or overstep her bounds?

Jim: Can we call it a 70/30 split? While she did tap into her inner Olivia, she overstepped as well. Of course Olivia's known to overstep from time to time, so maybe it was just 100% inner Olivia. 

Leigh: Pope & Associates had boundary issues. I'm worried Quinn will cross lines but when you put a brilliant fixer team in place they're talents exceed taking orders. 

Carla: Huck had it right, Quinn was acting more like him than like Olivia. Quinn needs to take a good look in the mirror and realize what she's become. She needs to find her restraint and honorable, good-hearted side again.

Christine:  Spying on the boss is never cool. Quinn needs to watch her step...although I wonder if a gladiator has ever been fired. 

Miranda: I'm going with way over the line. So, so far over the line. Quinn's a little too cavalier with her new knowledge and abilities and I can see it causing a serious security problem down the road. 

Emily:  I agree with Jim in that it was a little of both. Since the info Quinn discovered was helpful it's hard to fault her for doing it. I think she'll continue to cross the line, taking bigger risks each time, until the outcome spells major trouble.  

What happens now that Huck knows Eli Pope is Command and Olivia's father?

Jim: Overall, I suspect things will stay as they are. Sure, Huck will need a little time to absorb it all. I'm more curious what's going to happen with Jake. Will he be going to work for Pope and Associates?

Leigh: Maybe some PTSD and trust issues with Huck. I thought he already knew after the subway incident. 

Carla:  I rarely guess what's going to happen right on this show. At first thought, my guess was that like Jim said nothing much would change.  I doubt that will happen though as it would be the less shocking path. So, I'm going to guess that Huck goes after Eli.

Christine:  The worst appears to have already happened. It's shaken his trust in Liv, who is effectively his only true friend. I do worry for Huck if Olivia isn't there to keep him grounded.

Miranda: I think Huck's going after Command. And I also think Command doesn't stand a chance. Killing Eli will be an even bigger rift between Olivia and Huck than Huck finding out Eli is Command, you know?

Emily: I totally agree with Christine. Huck and Olivia'a bond was so strong and they lean on each other so much and that broken trust could cause a lot of issues. I still can't believe Huck went after her the way he did. 

Jake or Fitz: Who are you pulling for?

Jim: I'm pulling for Jake. She just got him back and can be with him, whereas Fitz is going to be under the microscope even more for a while. 

Leigh: Both in general. Fitz and his newfound Presidential balls. Jake because c'mon it's Scott Foley!!! 

Carla: This is a tough one.  I'm pulling for a well-designed love triangle for a while.

Christine:  Fitz's back and forth really annoys me. I wish he'd use those Presidential balls to figure out a way to finally be with Olivia. So there's a part of me rooting for Jake.  I don't trust him but as Leigh said it's Scott Foley!  He's just too damn cute not to want to see more of him.

Miranda: One of my gripes about the show is that it's been written in such a way that Olivia and Fitz as end-game is a given which makes writing another romantic interest for her difficult. For that reason, I'm pulling for Jake. I want to be able to see her with someone else and have it be believable.

Emily: I may be way off the mark, but I think Jake is one of the good guys and I like the chemistry he has with Olivia! I think we'll probably see quite a bit of a struggle between Olivia, Fitz and Jake, but in the long run I'm Team Olitz. 

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I love Scott Foley to bits and think he's just adorable, but really, picking Jake over Fitz? Let's not forget that Jake was under orders from Rowan to sleep with Olivia as a means of breaking Olitz up. How creepy is that?
A relationship between Liv and Jake would never work because it started on a lie (Jake knew who Olivia was when he bumped into her at the coffee shop), and Olivia feels guilty about being the reason Jake was thrown in the hole. Guilt and a lie are not good foundations for a relationship. I think Fitz has finally woken up to the fact that if he wants Livvie anytime soon he's going to have to use the power of the Presidency more often, because he's going to have to fight Mellie every step of the way.


@aykme, there's been Scandal Round Tables since April 2012.


.....Please, make Fitz a better man than this I have yet to see the person Olivia can fall in love with much less be POTUS.


So Scandal has a round table now, have they jumped up on the meter. Glad to see Jake back. I think Shonda Rhimes has to break her mold of the pre-destined relationsips which kept me away from shows like Grey's Anatomy, which I find to be juvenile. However, what I really want to talk about is Olivia's moral compass which is beyond skewed. The fact that she had the absolute gall to get up on national television and try to clear another woman's name for an affair she had, I wanted to slap her silly. If I was Jeannine, I would have her killed, seriously. Olivia and Fitz will NEVER be together they have BURNED too many people along the way. House in Vermont, make jam, I agree with her father the first lady is all she ever aspired to be, disappointing. He raised her better than that. Fitz idealism of burning Olivia and living happily ever after in a cottage in the country, I don't know how she can stand to listen to his rhetoric, it grates on my nerves. Please, make Fitz a better man than this I have yet to see the person Olivia can fall in love with much less be POTUS.


Quinn definitely overstepped. Olivia isn't a client she had no business looking into her personal emails. However, unlike the rest of the gladiators Quinn didn't ask to be saved by Olivia so she continues to question Olivia's actions. I think Quinn has lost a piece of the innocent woman we saw in season one she's slowly becoming more cold and calculating. The question is when will anyone else besides Huck notice her new found dark side?


3. She overstepped.
5. Jake but only because he's not Fitz.

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