Scandal Round Table: "Say Hello to My Little Friend"

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The usual choices are Team Jake or Team Fitz. Now there's Team...Hucklivi-ake?

This week's Scandal episode was all about teamwork, as an alliance was formed in the name of learning the truth about Operation Remington and taking down Papa Pope.

Now that we've had time to let our Scandal digest, the TV Fanatic Round Table is here to discuss Scandal Season 3 Episode 4. Join Emily from ABC Scandal Fans and TV Fanatic staff members Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando and Miranda Wicker as they answer the latest burning questions. Chime in with your answers below!


What was your favorite scene or quote from "Say Hello To My Little Friend?"

Emily:  Huck and Jake's confrontation. I can't wait to see how this relationship pans out.

Leigh: Playing on what Emily said, I love when Jake showed up at Olivia's and she told him to get lost and then Jake moved over and revealed Huck. That's when you knew they meant business and Olivia's couldn't ignore it anymore.

Christine: As usual I loved Mellie. She really made me laugh. "Mellie: Give any piece of trailer trash a push-up bra and a microphone and those stupid flyovers will eat it up like fried Twinkies." I also enjoy LIsa Kudrow as Mellie's foil. But the scene that made me go aww was when Mellie left the room after Fitz held her hand and defended her from Cyrus. In her own twisted way she really does love him and his obsession with Olivia hurts like hell. 

Miranda: I loved Huck's outburst at Quinn. He's legitimately struggling right now and she's using that struggle as a way to learn more about how to do what he does. He's in an incredibly unhealthy place and still has the presence to know that he doesn't want that for her. I love Huck.

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Was tonight enough to stop Quinn from becoming another Huck?

Emily: I definitely don't think the Huckleberry Quinn confrontation was enough to slow Quinn down. She's got the itch! 

Leigh: Maybe for like a hot second. She'll consider it and try to squash it but it won't fully go away.

Christine: Like Leigh said, Huck's reaction stopped her cold...for all of a minute. I think Quinn is far from done. The girl's got a scary streak I'm sure we're going to see a lot more of.

Miranda: As much as I loved that confrontation, no, I don't think it was. She thinks she's invincible and that the desire to kill people just won't happen to her. She's also wrong. Can't say Huck didn't try though.

If it wasn't, what will Quinn's "drink" be when she completes her transformation?

Emily: If Quinn does finally go all the way, I don't think she'll ever reach Huck's level if super spy. So where Huck is probably on that top shelf whiskey, Quinn's would probably be Wild Turkey. On a side note, because I don't drink often, in looking up brands of whiskey, I found it ironic that there is a "Rowan's Creek" (noted as a top-shelf option) brand by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers and a "Old Fitzgerald" brand by Heaven Hill Distillery.

Leigh: Some big case will come up and I think that she'll resort to torturing some for information. And she'll likely flub it and Huck will have to come in and clean it up. So let's pick a drink that makes people get sloppy like Jager or like Tequila poppers. 

Christine: I see Quinn as a tequila shooters kind of girl. She'll have the shots, the salt all lined up. She'll think she can handle it...and then things will get sloppy.

Miranda: I was thinking back to her date with Gideon when Huck set her up with the fake margaritas, so tequila gets my vote, too.

Better couple: James and Cyrus, Abby and David or Jake and Olivia?

Emily: That's a tough one because I think all three pairs have had these really great moments and they're each great in different ways. In this episode, I loved the moment with James & Cyrus in bed talking about work! The subtext was hilarious! I'm rooting for Abby and David. I think they both still love each other, but I don't believe Abby is playing games with David like he thinks.

I think she's using sex as a shield to keep herself from getting hurt again if David won't take her back. She's trying to come to terms with the fact that she made a mistake in believing the story Harrison & Liv fed her about David being an abuser. As far as Jake and Olivia goes, I kind of see it as the other half of the relationship she needs from Fitz but can't have if that makes sense. Jake can be there when Fitz can't, and it doesn't have to be a secret.

Unfortunately, that's putting Olivia in a tough place and I think the more time she spends with Jake the more she's going to be confused about what she feels for both of them on top of the fact that she's in a very vulnerable place right now. 

Leigh: Jake and Liv. Simply because it gives me hope she can be happy with someone who isn't the President of the United States. She doesn't have to be the heartbroken mistress, in love with an unavailable man. Fitz may love her but he is just plain unavailable.

Christine: I normally love Abby and David but I do wonder how long they'll last if Abby never truly lets him in and is always hiding something. James and Cyrus are great...when Cyrus isn't considering murdering his partner. I just can't get past that tiny detail. And if Fitz refuses to man up and be with Olivia, well then she's got the right to move on. Now that she and Jake are on the same page, I like them together a lot more. Honesty can be sexy and Liv deserves some happiness.

Miranda: When James and Cy are good, they're great. And Jake and Olivia, I mean, I'm a fan. I'm pulling hardcore for them to work out which means they probably won't. I would really like Abby and David to get to just be happy. I need SOMEONE--besides Steven--to get to be happy. So any of those couples are great, but only if they can stay together. And like Christine said, not try to kill one another.

Better interruption: Fitz calling during Jake and Olivia's makeout session or Jake's "more wine" while Olivia was on the phone?

Emily: Definitely Jake's "more wine"!! I was cracking up at that sly dog!!

Leigh: Definitely Jake! Scott Foley came to play and he's not intimidated by the fact that she gets personal calls from Fitz.

Christine:  Definitely Jake's "more wine" comment. He was marking his territory there and I found it telling how quickly Fitz backed down from the challenge.

Miranda: This isn't even a question! "More wine!" All the more reason that Jake's so awesome.

How much does Fitz know about Papa Pope?

Emily: I think he knows way more than any of us thought! I just wonder if he realized he was Olivia's father this entire time because that will just be all kinds of complicated! 

Leigh: Oh lord, we are honestly just scratching the surface. Sometimes I think Fitz is in the dark about stuff the way he was with Defiance. Which means that Shonda will write something about Fitz and his secrets that will blow all of our minds.

Christine:  My guess is that he's in this a lot deeper than any of us suspect but I have to wonder if he has any clue that he's Olivia's father. Wouldn't it be a great twist if he already knew and had the affair anyway?

Miranda: My totally unofficial guess is that he knows way more than he's let on up until this point. Way more. The reality is more like Shonda has something up her sleeve that I can't even begin to imagine.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.


I love the show & just have a question. Didn't know where else to go for the info. Can someone tell me the name & artist of the song that was sang during the burial of Pete Foster? Thank u!


@Scott (i) You came under a post I made referencing my dismay that Leigh believes Liv gave herself a concussion. A reasonable person can only deduce that you were offering an explanation as to how Jake was not responsible for Liv’s concussion no?
(ii) If you’re a Gladiator, irrespective of whom you favour, you will know Liv was NEVER in any danger from B613 (save Jake), it was Jake who was in danger cos Rowan sent the lady to kill him not Liv since he refused to produce Liv to meet with him (Papa Pope)
(iii) In that clip did you not hear Liv say. ‘You need to get away from me. Stop moving’ & her proven stalker immediately tells her ‘I can’t let you leave here’ (while she was traumatised) before he chases her, fights with her & roughly pushes her to the floor where she smashes her head etc? The rest is his lousy attempt at a cover up.SMH!


I'm really interested in seeing Sunday Dinners 2.0 btwn Olivia and Papa Pope


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Olivia got into a scuffle with Jake. She was pushed by non other than Jake. She fell(as a result of the push),smashed her head against a hard surface, sustained a cut and a concussion YET Leigh claims she gave herself the concussion. SMH. Indeed, wonders shall never cease.

@ V

That whole scene when Jake was wrestling with Olivia was because he was trying to tell her why she was being taped, followed, etc. If she ran she would've been in more danger. You can tell it was never his intent to push her to hurt her, she would've been killed if it weren't for Jake on several occasions. Whether or not you ship Olitz, that's just the fact of what happened.

@ Scott

A quick reminder of what happened that day. Olivia woke up for a drink of water & discovered. Jake's creepy wall. She was scared out of her wits & backed away from him while he claimed 'it' wasn't what she was thinking. She tan away from him, he caught her, they wrestled, he pushed her she fell m, smashed her head on a hard surface, bled & passed out etc Jake is a danger to Live.

@ Scott

@Scott, how does your explanation of what you assume was going on in Jake's mind translate to Olivia giving herself a concussion? She was still chased and pushed by Jake, the rest is history. Ps what danger was Olivia in? It was Jake who was a danger & in danger.

@ V "stop, I'm not going to hurt you, i'm trying to protect you." "From who?" "From him." He was thrown in the hole because he disobeyed Rowan by keeping Olivia safe. The fight sucked, I never said Olivia gave herself the concussion, she fell during their fight. But Jake rewatch the scene. We can agree to disagree.


That anybody can pick Jake over Fitz continues to boggle my mind. Here is a man who slept with her because her father told him too, because said father wants to break up her relationship with Fitz. If there wasn't already enough reasons to root for Olitz, Rowan being against them is good enough for me. And the best scene was Olivia talking to the Senator's wife when Olivia told her she didn't have to lie. That no matter what he did against their marriage, he shouldn't go to jail for it.

@ Kasey Henton

ITA with you kASEY, I can't believe the Scandal round table is so Olake but everyone is entitled. Olitz drew me into this show and the main reason I'm sticking around is bc I realize this is like a cooling off period. OLITZ IS THE ENDGAME! And I certainly can't believe you guys liked that assinine "more wine" comment plz its like we're in stupid high school again. I can't stand Jake's character and the way he slithers around Olivia and the fact that he went into for more kissing at her weakest moment says so much about him. I agree with a commentator from Afterbuzz tv Scandal - one kiss should have been enough! Jake is so freaking irritating and I wish he could give Liv space already. There is no equal to the Olitz chemistry NONE WHATSOEVER!

Leigh r

actually as a woman on this roundtable who has personal experience with a loved one who dealt with abuse, I can say with absolute conviction that NO WE ARE NOT FANS OF CHRIS BROWN. It's a SHOW. She gave herself the concussion, that was definitely not Jake knocking her out. The command orders of b613 and the mind fuckery that goes on on this show is not even comprehensible to most of us in our daily lives. No one said Jake is a Romeo, but when presented with a question of preference that's just who won. So everyone needs to quit it with the automatic assumption that we're "cool with abuse." it's enough already.

@ Leigh Raines

She DID NOT Give herself a Concussion. I re-watched the scene and he PUSHED her and she fell and hit her head. That is physical abuse. He could have stepped back and let her calm down and then talk to her reasonably without putting his hands on her. Olivia was not going anywhere if he stood in front of the door. Obviously, you have a very weird definition of abuse. I see you did not mention the sex tape which he made and now is in circulation. Pervert The character of Jake is sleazy and not a romantic hero even if it is a TV show. I did not see you all supporting Edison who is a better candidate as a romantic hero. Olivia needs to focus on work and take a break from men.

Leigh r
@ Anon

I don't have a "weird definition of abuse." I have a very real definition of domestic violence that I don't need to further clarify to a stranger on a TV site. They got into a fight, I mis-spoke on her giving herself the concussion. Rewatch the scene, he pushed her off of him in their fight and she fell. He didn't even realize she was bleeding and hurt until he was holding her down and saying "don't be scared, im not gonna hurt you, im trying to save you." Dude, her dad was trying to kill her. On two separate occasions people showed up to her apartment to kill her and Jake saved her. Fuck the sex tape, that wasn't on his orders. And what circulation? Cyrus has it? It's not on TMZ. Yeah it's really pervy, I agree. Is Jake the best option in the world? No absolutely not, Edison was GREAT! But given the choice of an unavailable president and a guy who is constantly saving her who she DEMANDED the release of, that's just my opinion.


1. Mellie
2. No.


Jake is boring and bland as white bread. He has no swagger and his "More Wine" comment was a juvenile stunt. Something a stupid immature guy would do. Please let Olivia have some time by herself without the creepy juvenile Jake and his lies. He claimed to have broken bones in the bunker but yet he is recovered in less than a month. Plus any guy who makes a sex tape of a woman with or without her knowledge is not a romantic hero. Let's not even mention the concussion he gave her. What the hell is wrong with the women on this roundtable? Are you fans of Chris Brown too?


Jake's brother and sister?
Cyru's mom, sister and aunt?
Fitz's mom and dad?
Eli's brother?
Jame's uncle
Abby's mom and sister?
David's uncle and aunt?

@ Robert

Are you a robot?

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

[to Jake] I need to go back to doing what worked. Eyes straight ahead. No looing around corners. No peeping in shadows. No asking questions. No stepping outside the lines. I need to be a good girl.


[to Olivia] You're safer if I'm here.