The Big Bang Theory Review: The Odd Couples

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After accepting Raj’s challenge of a M.I.T. level scavenger hunt, The Big Bang Theory gang paired up by drawing names from a hat with the resulting teams making for a hysterical half-hour in "The Scavenger Vortex."

While we've seen Sheldon and Penny on screen alone before, it was all new ground to witness Leonard and Bernadette get some time together (just the two of them), and for Howard and Amy get to hold a conversation alone.

Sheldon and Penny's Hunt

I wasn't sure how it was going to play out for the latter two squads, but once Howard and Amy started singing Neil Diamond, I knew it was going to be fun! And like a 20-minute glimpse into a modern day Mad Mad Mad World, the teams were off!

My favorite duo was Leonard and Bernadette. She had me in stitches with some of her comments, I don’t think Melissa Rauch has had me laughing this hard since she tried to be Howard’s magician assistant and we learned she wasn't good with kids. At all.

They were followed closely by Amy and Howard, whose love of Neil Diamond actually overtook the game, as they never finished and went to sing Karaoke instead. So, I think we can declare them the winners: they did end up having a ball!

This week was also unique for me on another level, as I was watching it with my in-laws for the first time and I didn't know if they would like the sitcom, much less laugh at any part of it. I’m thrilled to say that they both thought it was great, with my mother-in-law cracking up even more often than I was.

So in honor of the rare company I was able to enjoy the half-hour with, I’m giving this episode 4.5 laughing parents. What did you think of the episode? Did you have a team you were rooting for or was your favorite pairing? 


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This was probably the funniest episode where I laughed throughout the show since the one where Bob Newhart guest starred. I loved this episode. I always love Penny & Shedlon together, but Bernadette won this one, her comments had me laughing the whole episode, sadly reminded me of me, I can get competative and when they were driving I was dying cause that is so me in a car saying pass the bus. Amy and Howard were also funny singing neil diamond. Great great episode, please do more like this one, brought back the old Big Bang essense.


This was the funniest episode I seen for a long time - Leonard showed his true condescending colors towards Penny again, the first one this season was when he show his colleagues on the boat Penny topless scene that she was cleary ashamed for - Leonard is a tool and his not even funny, hell never has when you think about it. So for the love of God end Penny and Leonard relationship, it's getting old and stupid. Amy and Howard was priceless, so friggin good and Bernadette shouting at Leonard was hysterically funny - As always Penny and Sheldon was the part: "No one likes a know it all Penny", that line killed me LOL


This was one of the funniest episodes in a long time, I don't think I've laughed as much during an episode in a long time. It's great to see the group having fun and interacting with each other. It was also nice to see that Penny was faster than Sheldon and I loved Bernadette yelling at Leonard. It's a better episode when they're having fun and not cough up in relationship issues. This is the type of episode the series does best.


This episode reminded me the earlier TBBT episodes. I loved Penny and Sheldon together and especially Sheldon's bowling ball. I can't believe how good Amy and Howard are together and I want to see them go to the Neil Diamond concert!


This was one of the funniest episodes that I can remember.Quick actions and dialog. I have never seen Amy so happy.


This is a memorable episode, with enough geek/nerd content to rise up of anothers sitcoms.
I really dont understand the Raj final argument. The guys want to know who was the winner, so i guess we can asume penny for faster at the end.
Please somebody tell Chuck Lorre of my part that please dont lose more of the geek/nerd essence. And also tell him that he can experiment with one episode of 1 hour (with ads) because if the gang gonna expand to 8 members, then the scenes gonna be even shorter in half hour


Great episode, I literally couldn't stop laughing.
And of course my favorite couple were Leonard and Bernadette.

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