The Good Wife Preview: The Truth Comes Out

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The truth came out as the conclusion of this week's Good Wife episode, as Diane discovered Alicia's plans to go off on her own with Cary, informed Will of them... and the installment faded to black.

But CBS has given fans an early look at where things will pick up on next Sunday's episode, aptly titled "Hitting the Fan," and it's clear Will wastes no time in confronting Alicia over her departure.

Expect more action and suspense in the episode's opening 15 minutes than many shows can deliver in a year and check out the official network promo now. Be sure you're sitting down for it:

This is a can't-miss episode of The Good Wife Season 5. Visit TV Fanatic as soon as it ends for a detailed recap and review.

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They don't she has seen the light and doesn't want anything to do with him, he has from the start been a real back stabber and can't be trusted.


I know I am a fool.
This is really good.
Especially because I am looking forward to will & alicia togheter.
This is a wonderful premise. How will they make up?
in two or three seasons ^__^?


Cary's mom, return of his dad, brother and love interest?


Peter's dad, brother and love interest?
Will's mom, dad and love interest?
Eli's sister and love interest?
Diaine's mom?
Kalinda's sister, brother, dad and mom?
Alicia's dad?

The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Will: I took you in. I hired you. I pushed for you.
Alicia: Will, this was a business decision.
Will: You were poison!

Will, I know this is hard. Document everything!