The Mentalist Review: More Than One?

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Drones and explosions took a back seat to Red John's antics in "Black-Winged Redbird," as we were left to contemplate how many of the final seven are involved with the evil mastermind. Or could Red John be more than just one man?

Wasn't Director Bertram oddly calm when he found out that Partridge was dead and Lisbon was down? He barely reacted to the news. Was that because he already knew or was it just because Bertram's an odd individual?

Keeping Jane Off Center

Remember last week when Jane said he wasn't freaking out? I'd say he's definitely freaked out now. The way he begged the crowd of law enforcement officers for a bottle of water showed his sense of panic better than anything else could have. Then he gently set about removing Red John's handiwork from Teresa's face. It was as though he couldn't rest until he got that maniac's mark off of her. 

Jane truly seemed lost to Red John's motives in letting Lisbon go. Was he being playful, ran out of time or simply meant to kill her but got interrupted? Patrick Jane was left with far more questions than answers. 

I really loved Lisbon's nightmare. It was very telling. Her fear was losing the people closest to her to the serial killer. And was it just a coincidence that Haffner killed her in the dream and then visited her in the hospital? When he told her that one of these day they'd have more time, was that an aside to Red John not having the time to finish the job he started?

Also, who is Carmen Lee? That's the person the nurse was looking for when she mistakenly walked into Teresa's room…but any fan of The Mentalist knows that clues pop up at odd times. So what piece of the puzzle is Carmen Lee?

When Sophie Miller didn't pick up her phone I knew she was dead…which is a shame. I kind of liked Sophie and her connection to Patrick's past. The moment I noticed that sticky note on the fridge I knew what Jane was going to find. But what was the message in decapitating her? Red John's methods appear to be changing as Jane and Lisbon get closer to finding him. 

I've said almost nothing about the suicide by drone story line and it's not that I didn't enjoy it. It was an interesting twist but it was all secondary to the hunt for a serial killer who knows so much that Lisbon wonders if he could actually be psychic.

Is that because he's more than one man? We've always known that Red John has his minions but could it be possible for multiple people to form the legend of Red John? Could it be their shared knowledge and access is what make this killer seem almost omnipotent?

The discussion between Director Bertram, Sheriff McAllister, and Reed Smith was certainly curious. When Reed asked Bertram how much does Jane know…what was he referring to? Is it another red herring to throw us off or an insight into the identity of the legendary mad man?

So many questions…so few answers but there's no question that The Mentalist season 6 is the most intriguing yet.


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Didn't Ani mention a while back that Bertram must have a family b/c he was wearing a wedding ring? If so, that leaves him out as RJ, assuming the assessment of RJ on Sophie's recording was accurate. She described her client as not having a family. Do we know the family situation with the other suspects? Anyone seen any more wedding rings? And BTW it's so sad that Sophie was killed. I really liked her. I'm glad she has reappeared in a way that allows her to be helpful once again to Jane. A last bit of goodness to counter the RJ evil.


KM, thanks for the info on tasering and hynosis. Very useful! So now I think there was no hypnosis involved in the nurse coming in looking for Carmen Lee. I think that was a plot device to get Jane to relate Carmen LEE to LEE LEE and suspect that RJ knew of his happy memory from Jane's psych record. Jane did noticeably stop and look thoughtful when the nurse said that name, while Lisbon didn't show any difference in her thinking, as might have occurred if she had been hypnotized. So now I know more than I did when I posted that hypnosis comment. It's all good!


@huisclothes, who do you hope is RJ? I get why you don't want Haffner but wouldn't be entirely shocked if he ends up being the guy. The writers could make any of them into Red John at this point. I really have no idea. Better not be Smith or the sheriff though. Either of them would be a ridiculous disappointment for me unless the writers have something amazing up their sleeves to make it otherwise.


@rationalgal, you have some really fresh, interesting ideas and theories in your posts. Kirkland testing whether his hypnosis remained effective on Lennon (as opposed to plastic surgery which always seemed sketchy) is a great idea. I share your theory about why we didn't see Jane's face in Lisbon's dream and that Bruno & Co. have been tossing us all sorts of apparent clues to make each suspect viable as Red John. For obvious reasons. And I'm okay with that. String me along as you will, Mr Heller. I'd actually rather not know for sure until the Reveal. More fun that way.


In addition other symptoms of tonic-clonic seizures is confusion and an inability to remember what happened. Plus, the physical side effect of being put through a grueling workout, exhaustion and soreness. Lisbon's not remembering beyond finding Partridge fits with having a tonic-colonic seizure.


In real life I don't think it is possible to hypnotize someone that has been tasered. Loss of consciousness during voltage tasering is called a tonic-clonic seizure. Loss of consciousness occurs in 5-10 secs, and can last for hours. According to the National Institutes of Health’s online health resource Medline Plus. Signs of a tonic-clonic seizure, in addition to the typical clonic, rhythmic convulsing, include 15- to 20-second periods of total muscle rigidity; difficulty breathing or cessation of breathing; incontinence; foaming at the mouth; pale skin sometimes with bluefish undertones (lack of oxygen); burn at the point connection. I think Lisbon's sudden jerk backwards was from the tasering, and she quickly lost consciousness and all muscle control. Hence, I don't think she was hypnotized. And, it was the mentioning of Jane's memory of Leelee and being in the hospital that brought Sophie Miller to mind.


I was trapped in Moderation Limbo and now trying to catch up. Got to thinking of the "2 heads" thing and that portrait in Desert Rose. It definitely means something from the attention the camera gave it. The guy looked way too much like Jane to not mean something. Related to Jane's reading A Tale of Two Cities, with its story of two look-alikes? Is there a real look-alike out there? Seems to amateurish for TM's script writers. A reference to Jane's leading a double life (sometimes referred to in the eps) - a genial crime solver at one level; a deeply damaged rage-ridden seeker of revenge at another level? The portrait had the look-alike hugging a woman. A hint of that being the true Jane who must come to the surface for him to be made whole? I like that one, but who knows?


Kirkland having had plastic surgery doesn't seem logical given his long time involvement with the FBI and HLS. I like the idea of him hypnotizing certain minions like Lennon to not recognize him in any public venue, thus protecting him from being discovered as RJ. He asked Lennon if he recognized him to make sure the hypnosis was still working and killed him to make sure Jane wouldn't recognize the hypnotic state and find a way to undo it. That seems like a reasonable solution to the identity puzzle. It also works to help sort out if Kirkland is RJ. Kirkland would not kill Lennon if he needed him to ID RJ; ergo he either already knows who RJ is and has his own plans for him or he is RJ and needs to protect his identity from public disclosure - which is what the hypnosis intended to do. I like him being RJ as the simpler option and a less messy plot.


@Rationalgal, I liked that part about Jane, very interesting.


@Rationalgal, I was wondering where you were. Glad you're jumping in.

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Lisbon: You were right about the phone traces. Red John hooked me like a fish.
Jane: Well, at least he threw you back.

He took Partridge's blood, put it on your face, made his mark.