The Mentalist Review: Protect Your Dream

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So far, The Mentalist season 6 has taunted viewers with a tense thriller of a mystery. Each week is filled with edge of your seat expectation as we're teased with more clues to the diabolical serial killer's identity. 

"Wedding in Red" not only continued the trend, but added a little fun and romance into the mix. What more could you ask for?

A Walk Down the Aisle

Grace playing with Benjamin in the opening scene was quite a telling moment. It clearly showed that she was all in when it came to not only being a part of Wayne's life, but of also being a family. And her intentions when she brought up the change in CBI policy were far from subtle. There even letting agents get married. If Wayne didn't get the hint from that conversation, I'm not sure what more she could have done.

Of course Wayne tried to talk to Cho about the marriage issue and I couldn't help but laugh out loud when Cho asked him, You knock her up too? That line would have sounded horrible coming from anyone else, but with Cho's deadpan delivery I found it hysterical.

The moment Lisbon mentioned they were going to need a distraction at the wedding reception it was obvious what Wayne had in mind. And I thought it was sweet that his hands were actually shaking as he held out the ring. Even Lisbon was almost brought to tears.

My one question was about Grace's wedding dress. Did she pick that out when she was going to marry Craig or do I have that wrong? If so, isn't it a little weird to wear a dress you picked out to marry someone else? 

But I'm more than willing to let that go because their private wedding ceremony was simple yet beautiful. The newlyweds couldn't have looked more in love. I thought Jane standing in the doorway was a bit odd but he appeared truly moved by his friends' happiness. It was a whole level of romance we don't normally get to see on The Mentalist.

As for the murder of the week, I really felt sorry for Larry. He was just a regular guy and no one in his family understood him. Then he ended up getting murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time... or maybe it was karma for trying to steal the priest's wine.

Along with Jane, we all got to know Sheriff McAllister a little bit better. In the spirit of all great mysteries, the more I found out about him, the more questions I had. 

McAllister and Jane had some great chemistry. They seemed to both enjoy this game of cat and mouse and did it with a great deal of humor. I couldn't help but chuckle at the two of them debating what the murder victim might have delivered. Pizza, Mexican or ribs?

One of the most telling conversations was when McAllister found Jane out at Bella Vista. Jane mentioned how quiet the Sheriff had approached and he explained that he'd spent years hunting. Jane then asks in this The Mentalist quote...

Jane: What do you hunt?
McAllister: Anything with a face. Game's game right? | permalink

Was that simply an off the cuff response or was the mention of "a face" in reference to Red John's signature face? Hopefully the answer to that question will be revealed in the near future.

Just because McAllister got over his apparent fear of heights may have meant nothing in the scheme of things. Red John could have a fear of heights and McAllister isn't him or McAllister is the serial killer and he was toying with Patrick all along. Perhaps the fear of heights was something he made up to throw them off the trail. 

With Red John, anything is possible. 

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of shipper moments for those of us hoping that Jane and Lisbon's relationship turns romantic sometime in the future. (All non-shippers feel free to skip the next paragraph.)

Who else noticed that Jane helped Lisbon on with her jacket, lifted her hair and handed her her purse as they left the CBI? Those were all simple but intimate gestures that we haven't really seen before. And I couldn't help but wonder just what Jane was thinking when he told Lisbon don't tempt me after declaring…

I swear I could marry you off in a minute. | permalink

Was he jokingly saying he'd marry her off to Ron or was there more to that comment?

Overall, this was a wonderfully fun episode that not only gave us more insight into a possible Red John suspect, but added touches of romance and lightness to the mix.


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Hi @creamy. Glad you enjoyed that post. I didn't originate that it but I "reblogged" and commented on it from whoever posted it on my "dashboard" or timeline, if it's the one I'm thinking of -- there were a couple about Lisbon last night. I thought it was really good, went straight to my heart. My blog is pretty much a running collection of TM news, commentary and pictures. Some originate with me, most, like most of Tumblr, do not. It's a lot of shared information. I talk with those not on Tumblr through my Ask, Tell, Rattle the Suggestion Box link that's on the right. You'll be Anonymous, you can stay that way if you like, or you can say who you are in the body of your text. When I answer, what you've said and my response appear on my blog. Just the way Tumblr works, but lots of people who aren't on it talk to me that way.


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@Entwife: your post on Tumblr about Lisbon's feelings is great, I have no idea how to comment there so I do it here:)It is so true, Jane is such a jerk sometimes , playing with her, and I have the feeling that in the future we'll get the same game, as Jane is unpredictable and wild and even if he loves her....he can;t help hurting her..


@Entwife and Rationalgal, I think you are both right. You are examining the poem from two different angels. Red John behavior has done both. so if we loop it all together we can unequivocally known that Red John is just CRAAAZZY!


I hope that after RJ is out of the way and maybe Jane and Lisbon get closer, they'll start using their first name, otherwise it will be kind of...don't know..and I wouldn't want to miss Jane calling her Terezzza :)


It's official!!! I hypnotised Bruno heller and he told me who red john is. Its Reede Smith!!! Get this his FBI partner is the skinny one who helped Jane in season 2 finale and is the one that tasered Lisbon after killing partridge. He didn't harm Lisbon though because he, Gabe Mancini, has a thing for Lisbon. However, Reede Smith is the one that does all the other killings. He just has His FBI partner help him so he can appear places so he'll have an alibi and attention isn't drawn. Gabe helps him because Smith would kill him and his family if he wouldn't and he has no proof to show Smith is Red John. Your welcome. Oh by the way. Spoiler alert.


Cont'd-----> RJ, as god in this scenario, turning PJ into a murderous tiger (the real game), PJ recognizing who "made" him, and the last question in the poem answered. And of course, PJ realizing his true nature and coming to his creator as the ultimate minion. Not an equal. Creator and created could never be equal. The created, in recognizing the creator, in this scenario would be worshipful and adoring, at least in RJ's narcissistic fantasies. It's another level of symmetry and mirroring to me. Just my take.


@rationalgal To me, the whole point of Tyger, Tyger is whether the god who made the lamb could also make the tiger; is god responsible for both, and what does that mean. Blake's first question is: What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry? And his last question is: Did he who made the Lamb make thee? Everything in between fills in and leads to that final question. RJ might say that god made him (RJ, a tiger), too. And that he was serving his purpose. I'm not trying to speak to the entirety of what RJ has going on about Tyger, Tyger-- just a facet. I believe his game with PJ is seeking to make another tiger out of PJ. Thus a narcissistic fantasy would be fulfilled. Cont'd----->


@rationalgal....this sounds good and intense....Well as far as people talk on Tumblr and on twitter, seems like Jane leaves somewhere in an South America village, and all these based on some photos from a little boy's account...well.all these are supposedly happening in My blue I really do hope he doesn't hide there to hide from the police....hope not..well it's all speculations so...let's wait and see..

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