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It's they're, not there. As in They are even letting ... etc.

And I for one will be glad when the RJ shtick is done with. They've milked that cow dry, and then some.


Thanks creamy,

I forgot to mention when Lisbon says, "Try the cake." Very funny.

And although Jane and Lisbon have had casual physical contact before, there was something about the scene where he helped her with her jacket and moved her hair that just felt more intimate to me. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but that's my opinion. I feel like they're getting closer, bit by bit.


I am so happy that CBI made a new rule about sex between cowroker maybe now the Jane and Lisbon shipper will die and we can get our show back


great review Christine!indeed it was a lot of fun.Lived that line:@Excuse me, thank you try the cake!' Lisbon's sarcasm is superb!!!We got the whole menu:We even had shots, and a brave Jane throwing away the knife with his foot, but ended up being taken hostage and of course Lisbon is close to get shot...
Pigeons again...I loved how Jane and Lisbon tried to make Mcallister climb up that ladder and how Wayne ruined all...was too funny.
And I am very very sure we had another similar scene:where Jane was dressing Lisbon with her Jacket.I have seen it before, just don't remember exactly in what ep.But this scene was original as he really played with her hair...cuute!Remember when he was looking at her watch at her wrist and holding her hand for that...Lisbon is so used with this ;))))

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