The Mentalist Round Table: "The Red Tattoo"

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The Mentalist presented Patrick Jane with his latest clue to Red John's identity this Sunday. It was "The Red Tattoo."

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Mentalist fans Kate and Katie as they decide if Ray Haffner has serial killer potential and why Cho is so unlucky in love.

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Ray Haffner. Creepy jerk or Red John? And who is your top suspect now?

Kate: Honestly, I have no idea who Red John is at this point and give huge kudos to Bruno Heller and the writers for this. For me it is fruitless to guess as they could make any one of them Red John. I would really rather have an aha moment at the Big Reveal. Having said that, Haffner remains a credible Red John and is in my top 3 with Bertram and Stiles. He is certainly confident and menacing enough. And Reed Diamond? Fantastic in this episode.

Katie: Ray Haffner is definitely a creepy jerk, but I'm not sure he has what it takes to lead the people. I have a strong feeling that he is working for Red John, but I don't think he is Red John. My new suspect is Bret Stiles, just because he has a cult and has what it takes to get people to believe and follow insane things.

Christine: I love the actor, Reed Diamond and Haffner's been at the top of my list for a while, but after this episode he just felt like a creepy jerk.  Suddenly I'm liking Reede Smith as Red John. Something about the way he sneered at Kirkland and told him that Tiger, Tiger even let a low level guy like him in made him sound like a plausible suspect to me.

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Would you like to see Cho have a real love interest?

Kate: Our man Cho has been unlucky in love so I would not deny him finding someone. However, my interest in characters' love lives lies elsewhere. You know who I am talking about Bruno & Co. As an aside, I thought Cho was remarkably unfazed by the revelation that Kira was playing him. What a guy.

Katie: Of course! I was really bummed that the girl had come just to plant a bug. Cho needs a lady in his life! I think he is secretly jealous of the happiness Rigsby has with Van Pelt, because he wants to feel that happiness too!

Christine: The guy just can't catch a break when it comes to romance. I hated that Kira was just using him to get information yet I was still hoping she could be a real love interest at some point. Cho really could use a personal life and although I don't want it to take over the show I'd love to see a little time devoted to it.

How should Jane get the men on the list to remove their shirts?

Kate: Well, we've all seen the preview for next week so it looks like that cat is out of the proverbial bag and Jane is willing to go to extremes to get the suspects to bare arms. It would be less sensational, but I wonder why he wouldn't simply bring all suspects in to the CBI and ask them to roll up their sleeves. Anyone who refuses would likely be the guy. Don't know the civil liberties/reasonable and probable grounds rules around that.

Katie: He should get them to take off their shirts in some sort of trick. I mean if he outright asked them to take them off, Red John would suspect something. It ought to be interesting to see how he does it.

Christine: Group sauna? Beach vacation? Free massages?  So many ways to go, most very funny. In reality I can't even imagine how this will all play out.

Visualize has played such a pivotal role in the Red John story. Do you think the CBI should send someone in undercover and if so who?
I really don't have a sense where Visualize fits into the larger story and I don't know what CBI would hope to accomplish by sending someone in undercover now. Events are moving too quickly, they have bigger (Red John) fish to fry and putting someone on the inside at Visualize at this point would not pay off for a long time, so I would say no. (Maybe someone is there already ... ).

Katie: Visualize is creepy. They've been around for so long, I think that it makes sense that Red John will come from Visualize. It may be bad though, to send someone in. I feel like every time the team tries to one up Red John, it comes back and bites them in the butt.

Christine: I was really hoping they'd send Grace in on an undercover mission to infiltrate the cult. It could make quite a compelling story?

What was your favorite scene from this episode of The Mentalist Season 6?
There were so many great scenes: Jane and Cho ("the plot thickens”), the Lisbon-Van Pelt-Haffner exchange at the hotel, Cho (priceless) and Rigsby in the park, the dash to Kira Tinsley's house (inTENSE, but I have to go with Jane and Haffner verbally sparring as they left the crime scene. Haffner's comeuppance line followed by “you're a worse psychic than you were a cop" did it for me. But, hey, what was that hand on Jane's shoulder action by Haffner? Creepy.

Katie: My favorite scenes were the creepy encounters Lisbon kept having with Haffner. I really felt like they allowed us a better look into Haffner's character.

Christine: I loved Jane and Haffner's verbal sparring. It's like Haffner just kept looking for a way to rattle Jane but he never let it happen. I do look forward to seeing more of these two together in the future.

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I think that J.J. Laroche is Red John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm just going to put it out there. Could Cho be Red John? His name is John Cho (isn't it?) and he's 'red' being an ethnic / Chinese type slur? And he talks of a nasty past - hence perhaps some gang tatt? Just interested to see what anyone else thinks...

@ fudgefase

his name is Kimball Cho and I don't think he's Chinese but Korean in the show, even if the actor playing Cho is chinese

@ fudgefase

The title of the next episode 'the great red dragon' could also have oriental connections...


Had this video been posted already? It's a one minute clip from tonight's episode

Ed sipes

I can't see what possible connection could be made with this but Kirkland was reported to have been shot six times. However, Smith fired seven times. It just strikes me as odd that an error that glaring wouldn't be explained away somehow.

@ Ed Sipes

Makes me think Kirkland is still out there somewhere. The false information was intentional, they wouldn't miss that since it was the prior episode. It was a subtle hint. Maybe Kirkland is Red John and pretended to be after Red John for his twin's "death" to throw people off. Then had his death staged and had a bullet
Proof vest on then swapped out with his brother's dead body or maybe that was his twin in the back in the first place. There have been two kirklands shown. One with a mustache/goatee and one cleanly shaven. I think this is important.


Correction on previous comment: It's Stiles alone OR Stiles & Michael Kirkland. Can't be Bob Kirkland given how much he wanted to find and kill RJ. If Stiles alone he has minions kill to prove their loyalty, so we get a variety of RJ descriptions. If Stiles & MK, MK did Stiles' killing, developed regrets, would not allow brother Bob to be killed, switched places (A Tale of Two Cities), leaving Bob as Jane's very useful insider of RJ operations. One question: Did all those who saw RJ face to face actually see the REAL RJ or a minion and believe he's RJ? Would bring into question Lorelei's comment re the handshake.

@ rationalgal

well Stiles make so much sense as RJ but again he's...old but who knows maybe we have been deceived all this time , because you don;t know who to trust anymore.Rosalind...she's not being mentioned lately she I guess we can forget her description of RJ..


Basic RJ facts: He has to have ready access to money, power, gullible recruits, political influence, ability to give minions new lives, etc. Eliminates McCallister, Smith, Partridge, probably Haffner. Best bets are Stiles, Bertram, Kirkland. Stiles is for sure either RJ or RJ's enabler due to being blackmailed re his killing of Farragut. Bertram left TM for "Unforgettable" a while back but returned when it was cancelled so was unreliable to be cast as RJ. Kirkland is still out there as himself or his brother. So it's Stiles OR Stiles & B or M Kirkland. Work from that.


One last thing...sorry! Bret styles is working the Mojo on Van Pelt lets not forget! Maybe he cares about Red John or is under his spell as well and he now has enormous resources! But there is something going on there! Ever agency has been infiltrated perhaps Janes team is been stocked and they are working on Van Pelt to give the upper hand! Remember the suspect trace was defected!


One more thing Bret Styles may have taught Red John how to mind control and unwittingly created a monster! He may wish to help! But this where he learned everything!


I believe all involment is tied to V group! But I think the killer is Bob Kirklands twin brother Michael! He could pass himself off as homeland security and gain access to every drop of information he needed! He could have been the one handshake to Patrick that Loreli mentioned! He is right age, coloration,(the arm we saw when talking to blind girl) intelligence(identical twins), unknown whereabouts, tue to poem with symmetry-(twins) and lamb and lion(sociopath-lawinforcement), although Bob succumb to his genetic calling in the end,and strength! I think it would allow all suspect to be
Marked off the list for a real twisted ending that is logically feasible!
He could have been taken in by V group and started killing young at the barn! It set everything in motion! I believe hypnotism is part if the Tyger- Tyger group! It is how Red John controls his counterparts that he infiltrated in law inforcement by using the word Tyger Tyger ! From the poem that means so much to Red John! The reason Jane us still alive is he is so much like RJ he is his only formidable opponent and that's what makes this game fun...his only advantage is his being undetected. He can play cat and mouse with Janes life!
I hope I am correct... If not it would have made a great plot! That could be continued... Because RJ could have a child? Perhaps a girl? There you go... My verbose attempt at solving this case!


1) Meh..... 2) threaten to kill them 3) they can't send the immediate team because they are known at Visualize. 4) Jane and Haffner at the elevator.

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