The New TV Fanatic: What Do You Think?

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Same terrific content. New look. Fresh features.

As many of you have likely noticed, TV Fanatic has undergone a site transformation. We are still working out many kinks, but the improvements include:

  • Bigger, prettier photos.
  • Threaded Comments.
  • Faster load time.
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There is A LOT more to come. This is a work in progress.

But while we fix various bugs and work to solve occasional issues, we want to hear from you, our loyal TV Fanatics. What about the site do you like best? Where could we improve? What problems have popped up since the relaunch?

Leave a Comment below with your opinion.... or email us at Webmaster@TVFanatic... or send a private message to Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal and/or Co-Founder/Programmer Extraordinaire Eric Hochberger.

Our readers are the lifeblood of our site and we want to make sure you are as happy with the TV Fanatic experience as we are to deliver it on a daily basis. The lines of communication are wide open. Please go ahead and use them!

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Love the new TV Fanatic!!!

@ USA Fan

Thank you!


I think you are going to see a massive increase in comments, and hopefully that will generate into views for you. I really wish the threaded reply had come sooner, but better late than never. :-) I am a software designer, but two quick things I noticed that have not been mentioned in comments (across other pages, not just this one) are permalinks in comments, and emoticons. Permalinks are great, especially when there is a follow-up email, and then it gives you straight the link to the comment. I am sure Eric knows what I mean as I don't think I have expressed it well. Emoticons are fun, so I would love to see that too. Another amazing functionality that you guys should think about are subscribing to a show. So if I enter my email (anonymous), or authenticated user, and they subscribe to a show(s), and you get posts immediately once that content is published regarding that show. Don't hate me, Eric :-) Love the site, and I hope I spend more time here.

@ Pratik

I hope so too! I like the idea of the comment permalink. Do you have an example of another site that does it? Since you're a software designer, I can ask you what I'm trying to figure out:

Do I link to the comment on its own page with the permalink? As in the comment stands alone on that landing page? Or should it take you to the comment within the comment threat / post?

Honestly not sure if emoticons will happen, but maybe with a WYSIWYG editor we could do it.

I love the idea of subscribing to show(s). That fell off my radar but will definitely come back.

Thank you for all the suggestions!!

@ Pratik

I agree with everything except the emoticons. I love the grown-up look of a comment section without smiley faces and frowny faces!


Please make the comments section with the oldest first, right now you have to go to the end of the comments and work back up. It would be much easier to read down! Otherwise I like the new site.

@ Chris1215tine

Problem is this one is a user preference. Maybe we can give you a little sort box like disqus and some of the commenting platforms do?

@ Chris1215tine

Yes, this.


I love it as a web designer

@ Michael

Thanks, Michael. If you have any suggestions I'd love a web designer's second set of eyes!


What have you done to the search box? I used to like it that I only had to write in part of the title and all the relevant shows would come up - now it looks like a google search, not a specific search of the website. Bring back the old search!

@ Sophie

I'll likely set up a poll at some point to see how many users want a site-wide search vs show search. It can definitely come back!


I used to get the reviews and suddenly I don't.I really liked the insights into the shows.Please may I be on the list again? Thank you.

@ Paula Kuiper-Moore

The newsletter will be returning!


I like that we can edit are comment. Sometimes my comments don't post because it says I didn't put a name or email but I don't know why because I'm logged in. I can't stay logged in any more I always get logged out when I got to a new page. Can you put the number of comments we made back on are profile because I always liked seeing how many I've done. Also with the quotes can you put the episode they were said on because now you have no idea which episode the comments are from. When I'm on my profile and I click to view all comments it shows me comments from everyone not all the comments I've made.

@ marissa

We are looking in to the login issues. Please make sure you're using the "remember me" and give the page the full chance to load.

We will bring back the number of comments

Which page are you referring to with the episodes for quotes?

Wow we'll definitely fix the profile comments. Sorry about that!

@ Eric Hochberger

The person of interest quotes. I don't know which episodes which quotes are from anymore.


I hate the part when you scroll down the name of the show in the empty box,the shows automatically do not appear there anymore,you have to type the whole name of the show. What if I dont remember the whole name fo the show? Bring that feature again with of course the shows currently on each network (not the cancelled ones of course)

@ Beastyfan

We can consider bringing back the show search, but many users requested the full site search like we have now. We might have to make a poll!


- Where are the TVF User Rankings???? You should def bring that back!
- The comments section: the profile pictures are too large. Some alignment with the comment might be nice.
- Signing in: the updated site doesn't remember my login even though I tick the remember box; so I gotta log in every time I visit the site (it does however remember my username+password).
- profile pages: bring in more options! for example when choosing your favorite shows, do something with images / banners of the favorited shows on your profile page. I like the connect to social media feature. Okay, that's it. Great design but it can be a lot better. :D

@ Neejan

Rankings: coming back. I can look into a new comment design that features a smaller profile pic aligned to the site. Those login issues will also be investigated. And absolutely we will be adding lots of cool stuff to profiles over the coming year. That was one of the big reasons for this new system!


I LOVE the new site and the comments section. It's much faster, much cleaner, more streamlined. Great job. The only features I miss are:

- line breaks being automatically generated without having to use the html tag

- Commenter "statuses" - I was a regular character!! :-)

@ Robin Harry

Oh wow, I can't believe we forgot about line breaks! I will fix that shortly. Commenter "statuses" will come back and no points will be lost. Just trying to figure out how to do them. We're thinking of replacing it with a badge system..