The Originals Photo Preview: Sinners, Saints and Sophie

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SPOILER WARNING: Next week's episode of The Originals is absolutely fantastic.

The installment gives us the full backstory on Devina - Why is she hidden away in the church attic? How did she meet Marcel? What is her connection to Sophie? - and also features a major confrontation between Klaus and Marcel, while revealing a new agenda for Sophie.

Look for Rebekah, Sophie and Hayley to set off on a mission into the woods and for Devina to bond with Elijah.

We've posted a number of photos from "Sinners and Saints" below, along with the official CW preview. Click on each picture to enlarge and don't make any plans for Tuesday night at 8. Trust us.

Marcel Convinces Klaus
Sophie Investigates
Their Own Mission
Growing Concern
Rebekah's Mission
Will Klaus Go?
Marcel's Mission
Sophie's Secret
Hayley's Upset
Secrets From the Past

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The Vampire Diaries is doing okay... it's just that it feels like it constantly spins the storyline in the same circle. The love triangle is getting old. I was a fan of Elena and Stefan but the whole Jerry Springer brother storyline was a bit much. There's plenty of loud fans for Damon and Elena and the show went toward that (I've heard it also happens that way in the books) so.. leave it at that. The back and forth is monotonous. Meanwhile, The Originals. THIS is where it's at. Now, all they need to do is bring Caroline over. Get her enrolled in a University. A scene where she learns Klaus will be a father. Her constant tug of war with loving somebody who kills like it's no big deal. Klaus having to know that she's also one of his weak spots making him more vulnerable to Marcel. Also, I'm not hating the idea of Hayley and Elijah. ;)


Geez I know he has his own show now that is what I said that I miss him. I was just making my point on the Klaus character, You dont have to be so bitchy about it

Ronald simkins

Yeah but he has his own show. So what is your point.


I love the Vampire Diaries but I have to be honest and admit, I miss Klaus!!!! Klaus added a spark on TVD, he was sarcastic and funny at the same time. Joseph Morgan look very handsome with his new haircut

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