The Originals Review: The Girl Who Played With Fire

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The war is heating up on The Originals. The witches are growing more and more central to the story with each episode that airs. And witches are integral to a good Klaus story.

If there's one ace the original hybrid loves to have up his sleeve, it's a good witch. 

Stealing Davina, the "Girl in New Orleans," away from his frienemy, Marcel? That just makes her an even better trophy witch. 

Angry Davina

What is it with Klaus and his witches? First, he had the witches who put him in Alaric's body. Then he had Bonnie. Now? He wants Davina. It makes sense that an immortal hybrid would want to align himself with a witch as powerful as Davina, but considering he knows so little about her and how she came to be so powerful, he's wading into dangerous, knee-breaking waters. 

Who is this girl? How did she get so much power? What event happened when she was 10 that caused Marcel to remove her from society and lock her up in a church attic? Did she have something to do with Cami's brother and the massacre at the church?  Or did Marcel make that happen so that he would have a place to stash his witch? Is that why he's so interested in Cami?

So many questions!

In a rather abrupt opening, Klaus revealed the secret of vampires to Cami and compelled her to act as his spy. And then he kept compelling her. He compelled her in ways that made me want to kick him in his hybrid, single-tear-shedding face.

I was just beginning to like the idea of Klaus and Cami and then he had to go and pull stunts like these and wipe her mind over and over again, the worst of which was when he compelled her to forget the reason she's even in New Orleans in the first place. 

Her brother - her twin brother - was responsible for the massacre at the church. She doesn't believe he just snapped with no reason and wants to learn why he committed such horrific acts. Klaus told her to forget. Just like that. Forget it and sleep

There are probably some out there who'll say he's trying to protect her, and maybe he is in some sick and twisted Klaus-logic way, but the compulsion tonight was kind of repulsive. Klaus can be charming. Couldn't he just...draw Cami a pony picture and win her over to his team so she'd act as his spy because she wants to and not because he's using her?

He had her doing things under compulsion that he could've easily gotten her to do without it, like hang out with Davina and pass along a napkin leading her to the church. No compulsion necessary, Klaus!

Klaus' interactions with Davina were some of the best of the night. He knew what to say to make her question her allegiance to Marcel. 

Marcel keeps her trapped in the attic - the attic of the church where the massacre occurred - and tells her it's for her own good. He says he's protecting her. Presumably, he's had her there since she was 10, so it's not something she's ever questioned until Klaus planted the seed of wanting to have it all. Power and freedom.

Using Tim as a way to get to her was classic Klaus. He doesn't care about Tim. He only cares about what Davina can give him. She called his bluff and he didn't back down, eventually throwing the boy she likes over a railing to get her attention. The only compulsion which made sense was erasing Tim's mind after healing him. 

Something tells me Elijah's method for dealing with Davina will be somewhat more effective. He does have the gentler more honorable approach, after all. And he's awake now, finally. 

He wants to stay with Davina instead of returning to Klaus and Rebekah, hoping that by doing so he'll be able to end the war between the witches and the vampires, protect Hayley, and they'll all live happily ever after. Elijah, ever the optimist. 

Hayley's story developed a little more tonight, which is something that's been missing from the previous two episodes. 

When the witches took her to a doctor in the bayou and planned an ambush, Hayley escaped with the help of Rebekah and a mysterious wolf protector who ripped their attackers to shreds. A mysterious wolf protector who can change at any time, full moon or not.

Is Tyler Lockwood in Louisiana?

Maybe this is why he's skipping his first year of college with Caroline. 

Hayley's baby is apparently able to heal her from the inside, a by-product of being the progeny of a hybrid and a werewolf. Watching Klaus swoop in just as she started to faint almost made up for the despicable things he did to Cami's mind. Almost.

What did you think of "Girl in New Orleans?" Were you bothered by all of the compulsion? Is Tyler in Louisiana? Do you want Tyler him to be there?


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I think that somehow Davina channeled all the energie of the deaths that had happened in the church, that's how she got so much power.


Very nice review. But I think Klaus was just being himself. No sewer is too dirty for him to slither into, so I wasn't surprised or upset at what he did to Cami. In fact, I applaud the writers for continuing to portray him as the "conflicted" monster he really is. I love how he's going around and making everyone indebted to him, lol. I hope it's not Tyler doing the wolf protecting... I really don't want that teeny bopper crew coming over to The Originals and messing up what's been an awesome show so far. Please Tyler, stay in Mystic Falls. I liked the Davina parts in this episode as well. She's being pulled in three direction: Klaus, Elijah and Marcel. It will be interesting to see where she ultimately ends up.


Klaus never compelled Caroline....just sayin. Anyways, I'm still not on board with this baby. Especially now that it can "heal"...I can't even finish that sentence without giggling. I like Cami, but I can do without another sob story.

Miranda wicker

@Haley--In my notes, I wondered whether the wolf was Hayley and she was somehow able to shift, but then I remembered that she saw a wolf by the pool last week AND the witch saw the wolf. And we heard the wolf in the distance while Hayley was standing upright. And she wasn't naked when she found her way back to Klaus and Rebekah. So there's definitely a wolf there following her around.


The Originals is still Good but it has it dull moments with Time consuming shots of New Orleans, and Davinas back story with the plot device boy was meh. Everything cami and klaus was great. And wow leah pipes is a real woman and sure cries like one. 4.5/5.
Also TO is still struggling with supporting characters like Sophie, where was she :(


I don't think it was Tyler. I think it may be Hayley's wolf or the wolf part of the baby. She couldn't remember what had happened so I'm guessing she was able to shift to protect herself. One of the perks of having a hybrid baby in your belly.

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