The Tomorrow People Review: Playing Doubles

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A flashback, a fake out and a double cross make "Girl, Interrupted" one packed episode of The Tomorrow People.

Viewers learned of Cara’s past and the situation she was in when her powers emerged – and I never would’ve guessed how hard of a life she’s had since that night. And then her father abandons her without one care in the world?!? Awful.

As Stephen

I did like the beautiful symmetry to Cara’s origin story. The girl who could read lips, but couldn’t hear, is now able to hear her surroundings and the thoughts of those around her. She retains her relative anonymity but gains an entirely new life. The new life can’t erase the memories and heartache of her old one, but at least Cara can redefine what is important to her.

Much like John, she cares about her family – The Tomorrow People – and she definitely cares about Stephen. Cara’s experience with that jerk of a teenager and her father was the night she shed most of her humanity. But Stephen isn’t willing to just stay underground and hide; his outlook resonates with Cara.

Stephen: It's not about playing God it's about being human. | permalink

Stephen putting it all on the line for Cara and stopping time was pretty extraordinary. I don’t want his ability to become a plot crutch, but it does make for good Jedekiah foolery. I’m curious if this act of company “obedience” changes Jedekiah’s opinion of Stephen at all; Jedekiah’s still using Stephen, there’s no ambiguity there... yet his guard might lower if he thinks Stephen is a good Ultra man.

Astrid’s confrontation with Stephen at the end left much to be desired. Stephen was trying to tell her about what was going on with him and what he could do, and she completely brushed him off, thinking he was crazy. How short is her attention span? This is her best friend and she’s not even willing to think back a few days?

It’s interesting, Stephen is continually pushing to retain his humanity, but the more he finds himself embroiled in this world, the less humanity wants to do with him. Jedekiah is using him as a map to The Tomorrow People and Astrid is all of a sudden going to search for answers that Stephen was willing to give her, without any input from Stephen.

What did you think of the episode? Is The Tomorrow People Season 1 still holding your interest? 


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O.K. I'm really trying to watch this show, but it's hard not to pay atention to its logic fails.
1. Why didn't the Tomorrow People teleport when they saw the Ultra peolple?
2. There's no camera in the super modern Ultra place?
3. Cara was released with no interrogation or people following her?
4. Astrid reaction to Stephen's power. He had already told her.
Everything sounded so cartoon story telling to me.
All I could think was, this is a Julie Plec show, what did you want?


Stephens new partner said they caught it on tape that Stephen stopped time... right so:
1) where are all the cameras when Stephen is sneaking around Ultra?
2) there were no cameras in the room with Cara?
3) there are no cameras at the railway crossing?
4) they didnt fit Cara with a tracking device or a tail or anything?!
5) there are no cameras in the train? what world are they living in?!


The episode was really good, but I was also wondering how they would just release Cara back into civilization without examining or interrogating her at all. That seemed a little far-fetched. Especially since he knew about her murder record. I would think he would have released her back to the police or something? Other than that, the episode was great! Cara's backstory was pretty heartbreaking. I hope we get some other intel like this on the other characters, especially John. I'm torn between this inevitable love triangle. I really like John and Stephen! I think the Astrid storyline was pretty stupid. I'm sure she's sensed something was off about him. She knew something was up. Yet she won't let him tell her what's going on? It doesn't make sense. But I'm not really into her character too much to begin with.


I thought this week episode was alright but then I watch Misfits and it demonstrates how boring and dull and unoriginal and predictable Tomorrow people is. I wish they he had injected her with that drug, at least it would have injected some excitement into the episode and show that the writers are willing to change things up a bit. It would have been interesting to see how the tomorrow people treated her without her powers and confront the overt racism/speciesism in the show. Whole and the ending don't make much sense. Surely the evil goons would have interrogated her after they took her powers from her. No powers no defence against Telepaths. They would have rip every last ounce of intelligence out of her before releasing her back onto the streets, with agents following her incase she tries to warn the Tomorrow People.


This was a really good episode. I didn't expect that to be Cara's back story but it was really good and at first I thought her father actually cared about her and I was shocked to find out he didn't and he wanted her gone. What kid of father is that. When Stephen went in to take Cara's powers away I knew he wasn't actually going to do it I thought he might inject her with something else but I didn't know how he was going to do that and I was happy to learn he did it by stopping time. I liked that Cara helped Stephen with Emily and got her to not kill herself it was nice. So Astrid knows about Stephen sort of atleast and she wants answers. I hope Stephen gives her the answers instead of her finding them herself because she could get into some serious trouble that way. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.

Spindae 2o

It was a really good episode. Intense action filled emotional.
At one moment I really thought they stripped Cara´s powers to prove a point and to have a strong plot twist for the next bunch of episodes.. I completely forgot about the Time Stopping. Nice twist.
Cara´s backstory was really well handled. I really liked it. I hope they go back and see were her sister and family is.
2 Things are bugging me:
1. Cara´s age!? They could put Stephen at least into college. A bit 2 big age difference if they want to indicate any kind of relationship.
2. Astrid´s reaction. He wanted to be honest she didn´t believed him. She should´ve toned it down a lot!

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