The Vampire Diaries Review: Garden of (Getting) Even

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Despite what you may have read on Twitter or been told in The CW promo for "Original Sin," the Ripper did not return to The Vampire Diaries tonight. Stefan managed to suppress his blood thirsty past self.

Instead, viewers were introduced to an entirely different kind of dangerous being: a crazy, controlling, paranoid, dream-implanting, spell-binding witch named Qetsiyah. And she was totally awesome.

Janina Gavankar as Tess

Janina Gavankar (always a TV Fanatic favorite) played this character as both vulnerable and violent, dangerous and deranged. She's not a villain. She's not a protagonist. She's simply a woman scorned... who happens to be a very powerful witch, meaning those that cross her don't end up with their faces cut out of photos.

They end up with their one true love's heart cut out of her body.

Qetsiyah was the driving force behind an episode that managed to be both very focused and very scattered. There was no Bonnie, no Jeremy, no Caroline and only sort of a trace of Matt (more on that below). The hour told just one story, but what a bat $hit crazy story it is....

  • Silas was in love with Amara, the first Petrova Doppelganger. He wanted the two of them to live forever, so he pretended to be in love with Qetsiyah in order for her to make them an immortality spell.
  • Then he stole it. He took it with Amara and Qetsiyah created The Cure in retaliation, which she fed to Amara in what we'll affectionately call The Garden of Getting Even.
  • She then tried to force Silas to take it, but he refused... so she locked him away for 2,000 years and watched from The Other Side (which she also created as a barrier for Silas), growing more and more frustrated when he was freed and The Hunters she sent after him failed to do their job.
  • When Bonnie lowered the veil, Qetsiyah escaped and set her sights on Stefan because she could use his mind to get inside Silas' and prevent him from compelling everyone and their grandmother.
  • Which she succeeded in doing this week... and here we are.

It's complicated stuff. All the exposition bogged down the episode a bit, especially when we're talking more doppelgangers, curses, witches, other sides, lowered veils, shadowed selves, mind compulsion and Travelers. Not exactly your everyday fare.

Yes, this is what often makes The Vampire Diaries so great, its total craziness and off-the-wall storytelling. But the momentum train (choo-choo, right, Damon?) is forced to slow down when viewers must hit rewind multiple times just to make sense of everything. So let's cut to the bottom line here:

Qetsiyah - sorry, not calling you Tessa, that's too simple a name for an admittedly complicated creature - is after Katherine to use her blood as The Cure than can finally kill Silas. And Silas is also after Katherine to purportedly drain her blood and rid the world of The Cure once and for all.

Oh, and the universe wants Stefan to end up with Elena. Or at least the doppelganger who looks like Stefan to end up with the doppelganger who looks like Elena. It's an interesting twist. It throws an interesting obstacle into the whole Delena 4 Eva thing.

Damon has taken on werewolves, hybrids, evil professors, mean uncles, angry hunters, blonde cheerleaders and Jeremy. The guy is good. He's tough and he's got charm that could even make Hayley on The Originals smile. But can he defeat destiny? And is destiny really working against him? Let's remember the source of that revelation here: Qetsiyah. She isn't exactly the most stable individual.

But while Qetsiyah was thoroughly entertaining, the destiny issue casts new questions over the show's perpetual love triangle and I appreciate the tight narrative at play here, I did have two major beefs with the installment:

  1. Enough with various characters taking on the personas of other characters already! It was a lazy storytelling crutch for Silas to constantly fool those around him on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 when he magically appeared as their friends or loved ones and it's a lazy storytelling crutch now to have Gregor inhabit Matt's body... especially because we know nothing about Gregor and Nadia. These Travelers have just been dropped in our laps and Katherine spoke for all of us when she screamed: Who are you and what do you want?!?
  2. The amnesia angle is dumb. Stupid. Ridiculous. Awful It's the most tiresome cliche in the soap opera world and it's rather depressing that The Vampire Diaries would actually resort to it here.

What did everyone else think? Where does "Original Sin" rank among craziest episodes in Vampire Diaries history? Are you buying this Damon vs. Destiny thing? Do you find the amnesia development and mind-numbingly lame as I do? Was Caroline off hooking up with Jesse while all this was going on?

And, seriously, how awesome is Qetsiyah?!


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Amora died before Tessa created the other side so she is at peace. tessa then created the other side to trap silas there so he was doomed forever without amora. So silas wants to get rid of the other side, take the cure, and die so he can be with amora in the "real" afterlife. hope that made sense! and the doppelganger thing is more confusing...because Katherine is over 500 years old and stefan in only 150 and Elena is only 18 so technically there should be some more doppelgangers in there...unless tessa is talking about some other ones before them.


I agree with Selia. How many times have we seen Stefan get hurt by this love triangle or in fact, the relationship between Damon and Elena. Maybe it wasn't a great idea for Stefan to have amnesia but to be honest, what would've happened if he didn't? Stefan would've woken up to what he left from in the first place. triangle again. In my opinion, it makes it way more interesting. We are introduced to a new about taking a step back and seeing what will happen.


Sorry Toppie but your answers do not make sense to me It has been said that Silas would be stuck on the Other Side because he was an immortal - well so was Amora before she took the cure. So what is the difference? Tessa said that she watch he two doppoleganger so over and over again over the past 2,000 years. 1) that would mean that they were born at the same time and same place 2) for the past 1,000 years Klaus and the vampires have been looking for the dopplegangers but could only find one?


Sara, yeah why cant she just make another cure hmmm! I can answer the rest of the qns though... amora is not trapped on other side and that qetsiyah's trick for him to end with her.
the doppelgangers are reborn but whole story is not told and hey overlap with other doppelgangers easily, those not mentioned yet but assumed. doesnt have to be exact same time either, just divulsion.
a lot of people dont know about amora incl. witches and originals. original witch may have known and kept it quiet/lied, like so many of her other lies.
there you are. see u next week tvd!!


get rid of the triangle? thats the main story through synopsis and books. i still cant choose between the salvatores lol


Sorry - one more question. If Tessa created the cure the first time, why can't she just do so again? Why does she have to use Katherine?


Like I said - has TVD jumped the shark? They are trying to make this whole thing too convoluted and unbelievable. Btw - if Silas (who is immortal) would be trapped on the other side if he took the cure and then died why would Amora also be trapped on the other side with him? After all - she took the immortality potion and then the cure and then died. Another question - if the two doppolegangers are continually reborn and are supposed to be together then where was Silas' doppoleganger when Katherine was human? Or when Elena was human? Or Amora's doppoleganger when Stefan was human? Isn't the whole point of them being reborn together be - you know, born at the same time? Third question - how will they explain that the Original Witch thought that she created the doppelganger you do the hybrid spell?


I actually like the amnesia twist, I think it'll give a new perspective of Stephan's relationship with, well, everyone, really.


Anytime a show tells me how some couple are "destined" to be with one another or are "fated" I lose interest in that couple. Seriously, I thought we were putting the whole triangle away this season and instead focus on the world of vamps,weres,witches,hunters,ghosts, and humans.


It's odd, I read allot of Stelena fanfiction about Stefan getting amneia. I didn't think they'd actually bring it over to the show.. I really hope he gets his memory back.

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