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More than halfway through "For Whom the Bell Tolls" I was moderately bored by this week's The Vampire Diaries. I was ready to rate this episode a solid, mediocre 3. 

Then Jeremy revealed a secret we've known since The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale and everything went to pieces. 

Partying in the Woods

The lives of the group in Mystic Falls was forever altered, the way it has been so many times before. And this time, I found myself crying along with them. 

Starting from the beginning, it was Remembrance Day in Mystic Falls. Because this town doesn't have enough holidays already? As Damon tells it, people used to bury their dead with a string that was attached to a bell above ground for them to ring in case they were actually buried alive. Now, like so many other holidays, everyone uses it as an excuse to drink.

That said, drinking is supposed to curb a vampire's thirst and with the amnesiac Ripper on the loose, curbing hunger was definitely a good thing. It's too bad Elena had to take things one step too far by bringing Stefan down memory lane. Don't get me wrong, it was great that she wanted to help Stefan because he's helped her so many times before, but she fully let her emotions and her memories get the best of her. It was mere minutes before Elena was flirting with Stefan, talking about fond times from their past only to drop the ax on the guy when he kissed her. It's not his fault he felt a romantic vibe, he doesn't remember!

Amnesiac Stefan, as soap opera as the plot may be, has a different perspective than regular Stefan. He sees things simply and he sees them from another angle.

Instead of all the love triangle crap we're so used to, he sees that his ex-girlfriend is now with his brother. And quite frankly, that sucks to be around. I like Damon and Elena together, but I also liked Stefan and Elena together. Bottom line, no matter who you like together, it would suck to see your ex with your sibling and have to hang out with them. He doesn't want to be the guy from the journals and with his memory erased, now seems like the perfect time to hit reset.

I was so glad to get some good old-fashioned Stefan/Caroline scenes again. Even if Stefan wasn't quite himself, I always enjoy their dynamic and their friendship. I also liked that even though he couldn't remember Caroline, he knew he could trust her. Speaking of Caroline, her sexy plot device boyfriend is back! Tyler, where the hell have you been, man?

Stalking witches on The Originals?

So with all of this chaos, who does everyone want to turn to for help? Bonnie. It's been a lot on Jeremy to contain her secret for all of these months and even though he went against her wishes, it was ultimately the right call that everyone knew the truth. Bonnie eventually saw that too. Her funeral scene, particularly when Elena brought in the feathers reminiscent of The Vampire Diaries Season 1, was a total tearjerker. Especially when Bonnie spoke to each of them through Jeremy:

Jeremy: I'm not sure what else to say.
Bonnie: Say that I'm not going anywhere. Say that even though they couldn't see me, I've been there the whole time. | permalink

So the real question now, is Bonnie gone for good? As Damon said in the previews, he wants to kill Silas to bring Bonnie back. Could crazy Qetsiyah help out? Also what's up with Dr. Maxfield and his experiments? Hopefully we'll get more answers regarding that now that Bonnie has demanded the girls return to college!

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I could totally care less about Tyler.... I hope he goes back to the Appalachian Mountains and stays there forever.


I will also say that I'm love Steroline. She's been the only person that he's been able to count on and I look forward to seeing more of that. As for Bonnie's funeral, I didn't expect to cry as much as I did, but it was pretty sad. And I was so happy that Tyler came to support Caroline. She needed him.


As a Stefan fan and a Stelena fan, I was pretty happy with this episode. The walk down memory lane was great and I don't think there's any denying that Elena was feeling something. If anything, this episode felt like the start of their rebuilding. I expect it to be slow and I expect DE to be together for awhile, but I have faith that they'll get there. And as a Stefan fan, I was clapping the entire time Stefan was telling Damon and Elena off. While I love SE, I haven't been a fan of Elena for awhile and the way she and Damon have treated Stefan is pretty bad. They deserved every word that they got. I like that this new Stefan says what the old one should've said a long time ago.


I liked the new Stephan. far less tormented, but still a nice friend for Caroline. I do not care about Tyler...neither should Car...seriously, he disappeared out of fin air and now he is back like that. I honestly liked the way Damon reacted to Bonnie's death news. he was touched.
Elena kind of bores me.
I hope Bonnie is gone for good. they should respect the fact that if someone dies, he/she should not be able to come back! otherwise, Elena could ask for a lot of people back, like she said Alaric, parents, biologcal parents and so on!!!


Great episode Stefan losing his memory and Tyler back
and the saying goodbye to Bonnie scene.

Spindae 2o

@JJA Bonnie must want to be seen by Bonnie. Remember Anna said in S03 that each side needs to pull. And neither Bonnie or Matt are pulling to see each other.
Back to the episode I really liked it. I mean episode started slow but it was funny and emotional. VD doesn't has to be action filled murder killing witches etc etc the best VD was was pre Originals when it was all about emotions. I mean not that is bad now just it was more simple to follow it all.
Matt going all psycho Gregory is great. I didn't know Matt Zoering could act this well.
Stefan and Elena were really amazing their chemistry was perfect. I really fall all in love with them again. I just wanted them to kiss and run away and never come back. And finally we got the answer
Steroline I love them together and honestly he deserves to be happy with C. But that would be to easy for the show. Him saying YOU HAVE ME!, great. But TYler had to come back. :'( My favorite scene was Jer telling Damon the truth. The whole scene was over the top, the writing, the hug, DAMON. DIDN'T SAW JESSIE DYING AT ALL! Nice one !
The funeral was a really nice touch, I honestly teared up.


STEROLINE! Lol best thing about this episode! It was nice for everyone to acknowledge Bonnie's death (finally!).. I swear when Gravity played, the STELENA feels got the best of me even though I dont count myself as a shipper of any sort! The Rememberence moment was also very touching, but what made it positive was Bonnie's individual message to everyone.


I liked this new Stefan, I hope he sticks around.


the only person matt has been able to see was vicki, he is not a real medium like jeremy, my guess its because jeremy was revived by magic


Matt SHOULD be able to see Bonny too !! Back in season 3, Matt "killed" himself so that he could talk to Vicky's ghost. Jeremy gained the ability to talk with ghosts from the season 2 finale, when he was accidentally shot by Sheriff Forbes (NOT because of what Bonnie did in season 4). As a matter of fact, Jeremy had a conversation with the ghost Rose (the vampire who turned Catherine) during season 3. It annoys me that writers can be so careless with the story.

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