The Vampire Diaries Review: Monsters, Mothers and Mr. Hyde

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The Vampire Diaries treated viewers to a trick-filled installment on Halloween night, one filled with multiple storylines, a lot of exposition and at least one mother of a surprise.

Seriously, we all knew Katherine Pierce was one bad motherf-cker... but who would have guessed she truly was one bad mother? F-cker!

Let's start there in this rundown of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 5 ...

Damon as Henry VIII

Points to The Vampire Diaries for remaining true to Katherine's backstory. And no, I'm not just referring to her chopping off of poor Uncle John's fingers.

We were told a long time ago that Katherine gave birth to a girl deemed "illegitimate" and was therefore banished to England, where she met Klaus and Elijah and the rest is globe-trotting, Doppleganger history.

But does anyone really care to see his history resurrected in the form of Nadia? Katherine has never really been a real character. She's been used as plot device again and again, showing up whenever the writers needed to find a convenient way to move the story forward.

And, my goodness, she just won't die! Yes, the show winked at this fact through every reference to Katherine "dodging the diabolical," but seriously. It's time for her to go.

I was hoping Silas would drain her, that he'd come alive via The Cure (so he could die again, ironic) and then Nadia and her Traveling buddies would wage war against him and Damon and Elena and a whole lot of craziness would ensue.

And, yes, I'm quite certain we're still headed in a crazy direction. (Correction: we've met Tessa, haven't we? The crazy quotient has been filled for a couple weeks now.) I just can't bring myself to care about anything involving Katherine.

She's been too misused over the years and the idea of her VERY long-lost child coming back to save her just seems far too wild and random. Even for The Vampire Diaries.

Let's get the other negative out of the way now: Tyler. Talk about random and misused.

The guy is inexplicably away for months (no cell phone service?!? If cell phones can work in his family's underground maze, they can work in Tennessee), shows up, has a ton of sex with Caroline (damn him!) and then leaves because he must go take down Klaus?!?

Yes, this verifies the theory that those werewolf attacks in New Orleans were committed by young Mr. Lockwood and, sure, I'm excited to see him on The Originals. But why even come back? Why not send Caroline a text? Sry. Off 2 kill Klaus. TTY never!

Would that have been cold? Absolutely. Colder than returning, getting his naked swerve on a few times and then walking away for good, though? I don't think so. Low move, Ty. You don't deserve any Beignets in The Big Easy.

So that's 0 for 2 so far. I'm not intrigued by Katherine as a mother nor did it seem worthwhile to bring Tyler back for a mere TVD cameo.

Ah, but then there's Dr. Wes Maxfield. And now we're getting somewhere!

He's experimenting on vampires? He says Jesse is the "perfect candidate?" He warns Elena people are watching her and her friends at Whitmore and they should pack up and leave? He's the guardian of some mysterious student named Aaron? Interesting... fascinating... question-inducing... awesome. I'm all in. Give me a lot more of this (evil? brilliant? helpful? benevolent?) professor, please.

And a lot less of Katherine never dying.

What did everything else think of the latest Vampire Diaries Season 5 installment? Are you blown away and enticed by this Katherine development? Are you missing the old, memory-filled Stefan? Do you wish Hallmark actually made I'm Sorry Kegs?

And were you excited at the return of Elena's diary entries? Or thinking we should all chip in at this point and buy her an iPad? Sound off below.


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I was glad to see Katherine get an actual plot and not just be a plot device


No one seem to be saying anything about the fact that Damon doesn't care about his relationship with Stefan. I mean your brother feels betrayed by you, next thing to do is start breaking his neck?? Nice move Damon!

@ Ramzzzy

right?! i was like: am i the only one who feels thoroughly vindicated to watch stefan snap damon's neck? damon is the shittiest sibling ever.


Katherine is the best character in this season i am so glad that she didn't die.

@ Baraa

right?! i was like: am i the only one who feels thoroughly vindicated to watch stefan snap damon's neck? damon is the shittiest sibling ever.


It was a nice episode, I guess...I don't agree that Katherine should be gone! Actually I find her interesting, much more than Elena, and I was thrilled to find out that Nadia is her daughter! This adds a new layer to Katheine's personality, which I'm curious about. Another thing I'm enjoying is the professor's storyline, it might be a great one.
However, I'm pretty much fed up with the rest... I don't care about "Tessa", I'm tired about Silas, I don't mind wether Bonnie ressurects or dies "for real", Stefan needs to gear up and do something interesting, Damon & (boring) Elena could refreeze a pole with so much ice... Tyler was a jerk towards Caroline, but I'm really happy to see him in The Originals, I was wishing for it!


No I like Katherine now. I couldn't believe that Damon had the balls to kill her, but always love his diabolic master plans that never works. He's so cute planning them.
As for Elena, HOW COULD SHE AGREE WITH THAT??? Is she the super annoying caring for everybody? I kept waiting for her to interrup Damon. She's also a HORRIBLE GIRLFRIEND, to take Damon to a party only to ignore him?
Aaron? another Jeremy season 1, I don't know. Dr. Maxfield? Yes. Katherine as a mother? Don't care.


i really enjoy watching Katherine,i may have hated/despised her in the first few seasons but i've kind of come to love the human Katherine.She brings a lot of fun to the show and i like the whole Katherine has a long lost daughter plot twist and cant wait to see how she is as a mother ,its sure to be a lot of fun.


i am actually glad that Katherine is around and appears more in this season. I simply find it entertaining to watch her. The fact that she has been so used as a plot device kind of ruined her character but she remains as my favorite female character of TVD ....
but bringing back her daughter is a really really dumb move.


I really liked the episode, but I think it would have been a lot more effective if Katherine had actually died. Some of these deaths do have to stick! And she had it coming, really. I will say though, I'm GLAD Caroline and Tyler are done, and I hope he's done with this show permanently. He's useless. I'm pretty sure he came back to be there for when he found out about Bonnie though, because he's not completely heartless. Here's hoping we get to move forward with her and Stefan! I REALLY don't want to be teased about this like we were with her and Klaus. They have great chemistry together, so they may as well give it a shot! I think it would be great. I am intrigued by Dr. Maxfield and can't wait to see where this goes.


I thought it was a great closure for Damon to finally have the guts to kill Katherine. even if she didnt die. It was awsome!

Sarah silva

I really liked this episode.
Damon as always had some great funny lines. Plus Damon looked super sexy in his white shirt and what appeared to be leather pants.
I had a feeling that Nadia was Katherine's daughter. Yes Katherine does not seem to ever die! Damon's reaction to that at the end was priceless! "She takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.
How could Tessa not tell it was Silas? She is a super powerful witch but could not tell the difference? Yes he was pretending to be Stefan but still, she had a feeling it was Silas but then just let it go.
Why bring Tyler back just to have him leave again? I guess it was to put an end to Caroline and Tyler. So that leaves her open for a romance with Jesse or with Stefan.
I am intrigued by Aaron and want to know more about him.
Personally I do miss the old memory filled Stefan.

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Don't piss off the diabolical ones.


The more I have to think about, the less time I have to miss Bonnie.