The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: You're Allowed to Be Happy!

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Next week on The Vampire Diaries, Damon and Elena attend the Whitmore Historical Ball dressed as Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. Only one of them seems to be in a festive mood, however.

Still reeling from the events of last night's episode (follow the link for our Vampire Diaries review), Elena can't get past what happened to Bonnie or the fact that she didn't find out sooner.

Damon encourages her to let it go and have fun, but that's not happening. If anything, she's determined not to let history repeat itself. Check out the scene from "Monster's Ball" below ...

According to the official synopsis, Elena is touched by a sad, secretive student named Aaron (Shaun Sipos), and she also shares a dance with Dr. Maxfield, who has a disturbing message.

Sounds like a lot of interesting dancing and more to come on this Halloween installment, as The Vampire Diaries promo that aired last night certainly hinted at. And that's not all.

Meanwhile, Caroline’s own night at the Ball takes her from happiness to heartbreak, Nadia reveals her surprising history to Katherine, and Damon tries to make a deal with Silas.

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I'm a brotherly love shipper. That means Stefan/Damon. Haven't liked Elena with either Stefan nor Damon. I don't like what she brings out in either one of them.


Please writers don't go one step forward (erasing Stefan's memory) and two steps back, by bringing back the super annoying, whining, guilty Elena. She was going so well.


Um.... @figen - you need to do your research before you put your foot in your mouth. They didn't make damon & elena happen because the actors were dating. It's from the books the show is based on. Granted, the books really are the worst sort of teen drivel... But they did a good job of pulling the "best" elements from them and leaving the utter crap. Besides, I honestly think both of them have done an amazing job as a couple ON the show since their break up. They are completely believable and fun to watch. Who knows which couple is endgame. But it would be awfully boring if they were together the entire run of the show. I prefer Damon but then I like reformed bad guys for my tv show couples. Sue me, I like my fictional characters flawed and redeemed.


its getting ridiculus,its suppose to be Alena and Stefan.and their epic love WHO fight for has started with their story now its turned out something else.Well i am congratulate them they have created a monster from a good soul(Stefan)and from demon(Damon) to someone WHO deserve all.just because they were dating in their real life.what a Professional screen writer.i believe they lost magic of the story and now they are lost too.

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