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I wonder why no one cares about what happens to the world? And how may this apocalypse be stopped? I am not suggesting making a Resident-Evil-like series, but you gotta give these people some hope. I am fine with the whole character-build-up thing and as many say, it is just all about humanity. But I thought what keeps humanity is hope, that you don't just live for being miserably alive for another day, you fight and you seek answers, you try to build a new world with no treats, fears and harms to your children. I can not see this series is going to get very far without these. You just run and relocate, meet new characters who are too mysterious to be trusted and many will die eventually. Sure you can do that for 1, 2 maybe 3 seasons if you are lucky, but look at what happens to LOST and Stargate Universe, both ends with "You are just being stuck in the middle of nowhere". I love the show, but I think it is time for a purpose instead of dragging forward (I start to see why this is call Walking Dead, the whole story is just like one...)


I would have rated season one 87 out of 100.

Last season I would have given 80.

This season's episodes I would rate 75, 70, and 65.

In three short episodes I went from very involved and intrigued to bored. BORED!

It all feels like manufactured manipulations. Characters EXPLAINING what they are doing or feeling and why. It's no longer compelling and does not feel 'real' or 'true'. The suspension of disbelief is gone. We can see the wires behind the scenes, the strings of the puppetmasters.

Too bad, I was such an exceptional show.


New faces should not automatically mean walker food. It's boring to see them appear only to be offed. Let's keep some please.


Good episode

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