Agents of SHIELD Review: Not What I Bargained For

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When I first started watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I assumed it would be a fun action show. I figured the stories would run the gamut from super hero to sci-fi and it's delivered on all of those. But what I didn't expect was how quickly I'd grow to care about these characters.

The Team Looks Horrified

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 6 practically had me in tears. I certainly never bargain on that.

The case of the week was pretty darn cool. Of all the things that can happen on a kids' camping trip, finding your dead Scout Master floating several feet above the ground and crackling with an electrostatic field has to rate pretty high on the spooky meter.

I would have guessed some evil genius was trying to harness the power of lightening or some new high-tech weapon had gone awry but the truth was much better.

Once again, the show circled back to its origins and referenced the alien attack on New York during the Avengers movie. That these volunteer firefighters grabbed a Chitauri alien mask as a souvenir made perfect sense. Too bad they had to die for their keepsake.

In the midst of the story there were lots of insights into what happened to Agent Coulson, but no real answers.

He was the last to leave the final firefighter when they knew the man was about to die and Coulson tried to give him what comfort he could in this Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D quote...

I've been where you are right now so please believe me when I tell you you don't have to be afraid.


Then he went on to describe what he recalled from being dead, so we now know that he remembers the experience.

But Coulson knew something wasn't right. He's not the same, and he went so far as to ask for a full physical exam to figure out what was wrong.

Is it as simple as May made it out to be?

You died. There's no way you can go through a trauma like that and not come out of it changed.


That explanation made perfect sense and the man certainly had the massive scars to prove what he went through. But is there more to this story? I'd almost guarantee it.

Watching Simmons struggle to find a cure for the alien virus was more painful than I expected and it affected the entire team. Fitz wouldn't leave her side, even when it meant standing with his nose pressed up against the glass of quarantine. Then the moment he thought his presence could make a difference, he went in.

These two were inseparable. They're best friends. The squabble like brother and sister and yet at the end of the episode I was left wondering if Fitz wanted something more.

Fitz's screams as Jemma jumped from the plain were excruciating. He would have done anything to save her, but for this mission, they needed Grant Ward.

Everyone's impersonations of Ward were very cute but it wasn't until he confided his feelings to Skye that we really understood how protective he was over his team…

I wanted it to be a person. Some super powered psychopath. Someone I could hurt. Someone I could punish. That I could do. What I can't do is protect you guys from stuff I can't even see or understand.


Because in the end, every member of this team is a hero and no less so to one another. And that's what keeps me tuning in for more of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


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This is the first time I really felt like I was watching a drama, and I loved it. I felt really invested in Simmons, and Fitz for that matter. Their pain was felt, and really well excecuted. I loved it. I was scared for her. I think it was just a nice change of pace to have the show not solely focusing on Skye for once. This episode really made me care about Fitz and Simmons a lot more as characters. And it looks like next week that Fitz may have his time to shine. I'm eager to find out what else there is to know about Agent Coulson. There has to be more to it! This was the best episode of the season so far, in my opinion. It had everything. Loved it!


Skipped some episodes in-between, but I'm glad I tuned into this one!
The conversation between Coulson and May was absolutely the BEST part of the show! It started off funny, then worked its way into such a touching and serious moment! Might be just me, but I also felt like they had some amazing chemistry!
All Fitz and Simmons scenes came a close second. Still could care less about Skye.


I enjoyed this episode more than most of the preceding stories we've seen. By now we all know about Coulson's ill-fated Avengers debacle. The writers shifted away from Skye (who I happen to like) but delivered a strong turn for the entire team as an ensemble. It's the first time they've functioned as a team of agents -- and especially as actors.


best episode so far … :D … we don't know yet why / how coulson survived … but the question of what happened to may is getting bigger … because apparently she knows how weird / strange / difficult / confusing it can be for coulson …

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I find it borderline hilarious that the best episode of this show has most likely lowest review rating here. Oh well Anyway. Maybe it was my memories for Angel The Series and what happened to Amy Acker's character there, but this episode was incredibly tense for me and I feared for Simmons life since the very start when the body fell down(I was like "Uh oh that's not good"). And then the serum on rats did not work and my heart sank. And then it was revealed that it did work and yet she still jumped because she did not know and oh gods. Also I LOVE THE FACT That while they are still dealing with Coulson mystery of his death and physical ramifications of it, Whedon family does not forget the PSYCHOLOGICAL ramifications - I mean, even if nothing was truly weird about his survival(hint: it is weird), the man died. He was dead. That leaves a scar on your mentality and far too many shows (*cough*tvd*cough*) seem to ignore the fact that even if person "gets better" from being dead, that does not always apply to his/her mental state. This has to have been the most emotionally taxing episode of this show yet. Also this show is REALLY lucky to have caught the actress who plays Simmons. She really shone this week as did C.Greg's Coulson.

@ Invested In Your Future

Completely agree! Our family ping ponged btw laughing hilariously at the visual of floating rats, and fear for Jemma. She is such an adorable, brainy sweetheart, the "Willow" of the bunch, that having anything happen to her just makes us choke. That dichotomy of silly humor & emotional angst within seconds is such a hallmark of Whedon productions. They're doing a great job w/this series IMO.


I've liked every episode (except the second) to a greater or lesser extent, but Ep 6 ("F.Z.Z.T.") was fantastic! There was more solid characterization, character development and *heart* in this one ep than in the previous five put together, combined with a good story, neat special effects and plenty of action. Oh, and a cameo from Titus Welliver as Agent "I've got a stick up my ass" Blake doesn't hurt, either :) I was already sold on the series, but this episode really sealed the deal for me! Looking forward to what will hopefully be a long and successful run!


I really liked this episode. The characters are all great and I love them all. I was worried about Simmons but part of me new she wouldn't die because its way to soon to kill off a main character. Watching Fits and Simmons together was great I love their chemistry and they would make a cure couple if they were decided to get together but if they don't then I would be fine with that to because they are great friends. Ward jumping out of the plane to get Simmons was awesome and that's one of things he can protect them from since he was upset that he could protect them from things he can't see and understand. Can't till the next episode it looks really good.

Kitanishi h mcdonald
@ marissa

"she wouldn't die because its way to soon to kill off a main character" Not in the Whedon show. In Angel The Series, first lead character bit the dust within first 7 episodes.


I'm sorry, but what have you people been watching??? This series is great. It, along with the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, is helping to take the geek out of comics and sci-fi and introduce it to the mainstream viewing public. There will be (and are) teething problems, I admit, but in general the series is very watchable and I hope that it will continue for many seasons to come. It can (and hopefully will) be used as a bridging tool between MCU movies (like Star Trek of old) and I for one will continue to watch week in and week out!!!

Deola maleek

I totally agree with you...part of the problem I think is that we all expected a lot from the show...and rightly so,I mean it's been mediocre so far. but this episode was a step forward.
and that Skye character just pisses me off!!


I still don't understand why Hawkeye an BlackWideo can't be on the show

@ Michael

For a number of reasons: Johanssen and Renner are too spendy for a TV series' budget, and Marvel has plans for the characters that don't include getting involved with a small branch of alien tech retrieval experts / budding superhero/villain wranglers. What would you expect a pair of master assassins to do in the context of the show?

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