Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review: Trust the System

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to get better and better - and "The Hub" was certainly no exception.

Coulson kept insisting that Skye trust the system but as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 7 progressed it became clear that trust was a tenuous thing no matter what your clearance level.

Level 8

Speaking of clearance levels, Skye barely made a level one. That bracelet on her wrist was more like a leash keeping her from wandering too far around the Hub. But no one could say Skye wasn't determined as she got Simmons to help her hack into system operations.

I'm betting she won't be doing that again any time soon. Simmons really wasn't cut out for pushing the boundaries, as she explained to Skye in this Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. quote

I like following the rules and doing what's expected of me. It makes me feel nice.


On the other hand, Fitz was ready to jump right in to his field assignment. Perhaps it was the aftermath of watching his best friend nearly die. It was obviously on his mind as he told Simmons…

Don't do anything rash while I'm gone, like jump out of an airplane.


He's apparently still shaken up by the incident. And Simmons making him his favorite sandwich for the road was just adorable.

If I had one complaint, it was that I wished they'd stop mentioning the prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sandwich with just a hint of pesto aioli. My mouth was watering for that sandwich by the end of the episode and there was nothing in my fridge that came any where close to replicating it.

I'll also admit that before tonight, I saw Fitz as the weak link on the team and on the show. I just wasn't connecting with his character. This episode changed that.

He really stepped up during the mission. Getting the TV back on at the bar was a brilliant way to make friends and through all of the danger and escapades he never flinched. Well, maybe when Ward threw out his sandwich but I really couldn't blame him for that.

Fitz even managed to throw a few verbal jabs at the impenetrable Agent Ward as being the guy who always throws the last punch and swoops in to save the girl. I liked that Ward not only picked up on it, he addressed the underlying reason for Fitz's feelings directly…

I know you would have jumped out of the plane to save Simmons, and she knows that too.


In the end, these two made one heck of a team, something I never would have expected which made it all the more fun.

There was plenty going on with the rest of the SHIELD team. Coulson had to deal with all sorts of unexpected truths.

First off, the Hub was about to abandon his people on their mission and purposefully kept that information from Coulson. Did they not trust him because they thought he was too close to his agents to make the difficult choice or because of what he'd been through since he died.

When he tried to pull up his own case file for Tahiti and found he wasn't given clearance, that was yet another blow. How do you trust a system that doesn't trust you?

And what about Skye's parents? Obviously Coulson knew more than he told Skye. Were the pictures of the dead woman that May was looking at actually pictures of Skye's mother? And if Skye's parents are connected to SHIELD, who are they and why was she abandoned as a child?

There were so many questions in tonight's episode yet it was wrapped up in a whole lot of fun. That's what's making Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D my favorite new show this season.


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Stan Lee's comic writing style was always lazy and shallow story/plot wise, but it didnt suck as badly as this empty juvenile rubbish.
I can only assume the target audience age is 6-11 yr olds.
It doesnt even stand up to sci-fi comedy shows like 3rd rock or red dwarf.
Complete pants only saveable by writer team change.


Love this show! And I don't hate Skye, but I'm really glad they're finally shifting so much focus from her character... I'm much more interested in all the other characters on the show. And I agree with everyone else, Fitz and Simmons have been really great the last two episodes. They bring a lot of comedy to the show. I am pretty interested in all these secrets that are being kept though. It will be fun to see what comes out.


I enjoyed last night's ep, but would offer this suggestion: more May, less Skye. And the mystery of Skye's parents does nothing for me...


It seems like it's improving in some aspects but it seems like it's plateaued.


Well...that was awesome! By far the best episode. Fitz's character was just so, SO amazingly well written this time, and the actor did such a good job - he even made Ward seem less wooden. That pairing was brilliant. Skye and Simmons - not so much. Skye's character still bugs me, mostly because of how abrasive she gets when she wants her way. But I loved Coulson laying the smackdown on her. As usual, I loved everything Coulson. From the way he caught himself saying "it's a magical place", to his standoff with the agent in charge, to his "conversation" with May, to his smackdown and later father-figure moment with Skye...Clark Gregg is the master of understated. Awesome episode, great review :-)


love this show … even those who love to play by the rules ("trust the system") joyfully gang up to break the rules … the bus can fly vertically as well … :D … and tahiti is losing its magic … happy, happy, happy … cannot wait for the next episode …

@ braaf_hond

and the avengers' reference for this week was : hawkeye and the black widow … do they have a "full collection" now ? :D


i like last nights show. i am so glad the past 2 weeks were about fitz and simmons they mine 2 favs on this show. like coulson and mays talk while she was working out and fitz tying to get the cart though the door.
sorry just don't care about sky or her past to me she is the weak link on this show


I was just laughing at the scene with Fitz trying to get the cart through the door. That was pretty damn funny!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Well, this was BRILLIANT. Easily the best episode of this show yet. - They are clearly building up to the SHIELD we see in Winter Soldier trailer - Coulson's fantasies about it(or is it programming? Considering "Trust The System" phrase he kept repeating) most likely will keep falling apart. Till we get a firefly situation of group of Rogue Agents dealing with weird stuff in the world and trying to solve mysteries about themselves
- I am 100% convinced that Skye is Jessica Drew now. Missing parents, involvement with badguys for some time, working in SHIELD, etc. That's pretty much the only thing that makes sense and I am excited for this plotline. Mainly because if she is Jessica Drew - she can be either hero or a villain or both in this case.
- I LOVE the team-building that has been going on this episode. Pretty much every character got their comfort zones challenged. - The end was just chilling. Clark Greg is REALLY good at playing a conflicted and lost version of Coulson - his face during the phone call was VERY telling. Also he HIMSELF caught on onto the "Its a magical place" and how weird that phrase is. Very poetic and whedonesque karma in the fact that the man who enjoyed telling others how stuff is classified, gets painfully denied info on HIMSELF in exact same fashion. All around brilliant episode.

@ Invested In Your Future

It was indeed an all around brilliant episode. - Saffron Burrows as Victoria Hand was spot on. Good from her first lines till she left the Ops room - and she had called it. They didn’t have the assets for an extraction team but Coulson’s team wouldn’t need one because they would function as their own extraction team something Victoria clearly knew evident by the little smile on her face. I do hope she returns.
Trust the System is not just a slogan/ command for as dirty as the system appears/is it works. - I was partial to Skye from the get go because she was the rookie and the best choice, IMHO, for an introduction to SHIELD and her at times 'challenging' attitude but am really enjoying that they are shifting away from her to the others on the team.
Her being Jessica Drew makes sense to me as well and be a perfect fit for the direction this series now seems to be taking and I do think Jessica is one of the more interesting Marvel character’s because of her backstory, not to mention that whole Secret Invasion surprise. - The man IS too smart for his own good. Fury’s comment in the Avengers movie about him losing his one good eye is becoming more evident. "It's a magical place." It will be interesting to see Coulson deal with the ‘reveal’ they have coming. Clark Greg has been one of my favorite actors for some time now and as Agent Coulson he is just is incredible to watch. - Fitz/Ward especially Fitz really delivered I would say they all did! This episode (and F.Z.Z.T.), really placed this series on my must watch list, aside from it being Marvel.

@ Invested In Your Future

EXACTLY. How much will the guy who says, "Trust the system," actually trust the system now that he's seen how expendable Level 8's & above consider his team...and possibly himself.


I really liked this episode. I wasn't as interested in the actual mission but what everyone else was doing. Simmons isn't good at breaking the rules but she is very funny when she does I was laughing the whole time when she was talking to that one agent and her shooting him was the funniest part of it. Skye had the file right there on her parents but she didn't open it because she knew she didn't have enough time to look at it and find out what was going on with Fitz and Ward and she chose the boys over getting answers which I think was very big of her. At the end when Coulson talked to Skye he told her the the truth but he didn't tell her the whole truth which I think will come back to bite him. I think that Skye will find the file and see that Couldon didn't tell her the whole truth and she'll be mad at him. May also know the truth about Skye and it looks like she and Coulson are going to look in to it further. I'm very interested in Skye's story even more than I was before. I feel like we wouln't find out more until near the end though. Coulson talking to May while she did tai chi was funny. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.

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