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When the previews for the next episode rolled as Awkward Season 3 Episode 13 came to a close, only one thought stayed with me:

I really don’t like Jenna right now.

Team Jenna

Again, I’m conflicted. Jenna is discovering herself and discovering what she wants in life. I fully support that and I know her selfishness is coming along for the ride as she continues on this new path.

However, she’s pushing her friends away. She’s not seeing it from there perspective.

Even Colin realizes that the group needs some time to figure out their new place in the mess and dysfunction, but Jenna is so quick to rally support for her new relationship with Colin - to show that everything is good and the group can survive - that she accidentally took herself out of the circle by sending the crazy texts to Ming and Tamara and later unfriending everyone.

Awkward is now split in two: Team Colin and Team Matty.

Colin is the new, tasty gelato flavor that comes along with a new wardrobe and room redecoration, while Matty is the best friend and past love. By the end, it’s clear that no one wants to go to bat for an unknown quantity. Tamara was willing to try it, but after getting run over by Jenna I can’t really blame her for not wanting to give new things a try.

Right now, I’m squarely on Team Matty. I’m excited to watch Matty grow and to watch Matty move on without trying to keep trying to get back with Jenna. He’s given her plenty of chances, and, honestly, the scenes with him and Sadie are adorable. Their friendship is enjoyable to watch.

Austin is back, not that I actually remembered him, and he’s trying to woo Sadie. His reemergence is something that seems completely out of place since Awkward seems to be at least toying with the idea of putting Matty and Sadie together.

But then Austin told Sadie this:

If you ever kill me, I can only hope you’ll keep our murder baby.


Well, it might have been love at first sight. In that moment you can actually see Sadie take notice of him past her verbal bashings.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • I feel you Lacey, I wouldn’t want to breakup with Matty either.
  • Val, while being super creepy with teenagers and board shorts, is still squarely Team Matty.
  • It’s time for Jake to get a story of his own rather than being attached to one of the core three.

What are your thoughts on “Taking Sides?”


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Sad to say, but I feel this show will end in Jenna & Matty not getting back together...they will just be friends. I really like them together but I feel Matty knows he needs to get over Jenna. Jenna screwed up & lost her Prince Charming.


- I like seeing Matty with someone else too. It will help him grow and look past Jenna. But, Sadie and Matty are best left together as friends.
- Either Tamara or Ming need to step up when things get bad for Jenna. Possibly in the near future. After all, they've been friends a long time.
- Jenna's mum and dad are reacting just like normal parents would, cracking down on her. But that's precisely what will drive Jenna farther away. Jenna needs Lacey's love and support the most she's ever done.
- Love how Jake is developing such independence and self-confidence these days, but how he's equally quick to forgive and move on. As my most likeable character on the show, I'd really love for him to get a storyline separate from the group. I'd also like to see Matty as more than Jenna's appendage. We still don't know a whole lot about these two. Jenna's perspective has been much too self-absorbed.


I actually like this direction the show is taking, because they are teenagers. Colin is really cute, but moreover it is typical of the hormonal teenager to go for a guy that is not only easy on the eyes but also very respectful of her and has similar interests (and challenges her, and let's her explore new- albeit dangerous, and possibly illegal-experiences). It's part of growing up. It's hard to forgive Matty right now for saying he was embarrassed by her, so it's not Jenna being selfish, it's only her being selfish if she stayed with Matty. Also she'll make up with her friends, it was very rude of them to bail on her party like that, and it was uncalled for that she got mad at them. But they were both in the wrong, her friends even more than her because even though they don't like it they should have supported her in making her own mistakes. So even though I'm Team Matty for the series, for the season (or however long he sticks around) I'm Team Colin. It's not as if they have to make their life decision of who they are going to be with now. Sure it made sense for Lacey, but that's because there was a baby in the picture ( and that didn't come without it's drama- which would be a great prequel spin off). Jenna is clearly not in the same position. This is a perfect opportunity for character growth. I fully advocate this story line.


I think Matty and Jenna should get back together. For Godsas he got her name tattooed on his leg. Now that is love.

Drea xoxo

team matty just like i was during season 1, 2 and this season. never liked jenna so indifferent to her

@ Katerina's Gladiator

I really liked Jenna's character right up to the final episode last season.The writers new Jenna is too much too fast. Cheating and lying an now we see Colin already reaching for condoms. Hope Matty can grow a pair an trash her. Cant miss an episode just to see her fail hard.


Jena is coming off as a bit of a skank. What happened. IN closing shot of episode 12 she tells Matty that Collin ment nothing. Last nite we see she is really hooking up with Colin and flaunting it. She even tells Matty they need a break knowing she is already headed to Colin s bed. . Cold heartless and oh yes only in high school. ahahah

Spindae 2o

I on the other hand like new Jenna. She knows what she wants and doesn´t has a dilemma about it. The push forward and back pre this season was really a drag, I know she is pushing things but no one else is giving her support. She is all alone in this and everyone is turning their back to her. Sadie was quite funny on the other side, I loved her and Matty´s development. The BlowOut was a usual teenage drama but it´s good it happened. Hidden emotions are always bad.

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Awkward Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

If you ever kill me, I can only hope you’ll keep our murder baby.


Matty: That’s why I think we should get back together. I still love you Jenna. I just don’t understand how we could be the way we were, and then shut it all off. So why not start over?
Jenna: I can’t.
Matty: If I can you can.
Jenna: I can’t.
Matty: Why not?
Jenna: Because I don’t want to. I just need a break.