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Reunion had more than one meaning on Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 5, as not only did Catherine have her 10-year high school reunion to attend, but Vincent found himself faced with a reunion that was not only unpleasant... but nearly impossible for him to recall.

When a beast showed up in Cat's bedroom only to be thwarted by Cat and her high school friend, he later made it seem as if he was on the prowl for just any old beast. That couldn't be further from the truth.

He had found exactly who he wanted in Catherine and his only mistake was taking too long to kill her.

Vincent on the Street

What could have been written as a stand-alone, throwaway episode instead gave us insight into several characters, including Vincent, Catherine and Gabe. It's not easy to tackle topics like high school reunions with the introduction of a lot of new characters with whom viewers aren't already familiar, but the way this worked out the side characters were barely a distraction and gave us a nice shot into Cat's past.

Who would have guessed she was a track star, or would feel uncomfortable as one of the high school mean girls noted condescendingly that she didn't have a plus one with her? The Cat we have come to know seems so much more confident. It's amazing what 10 years can do for someone.

In a time span just longer than that, Vincent had lost his life to the Muirfield experiments and J.T. lost two friends - or so he thought - to the war in Afghanistan. He was able to help one, but it sure seemed that Zach was a lost cause long before he headed to war.

It's kind of frightening to think that Muirfield didn't do any psychological testing on the participants of their beast program that would have caught the type of vindictive behavior Zach exhibited. He was obviously feeling those throes of jealousy and anger toward Vincent before the experiments, and they only enhanced his anger.

Poor J.T. His skepticism about all things this season has largely been overlooked no matter what topic he has been dealing with, and as he saw the red flags flying all around Zach. Even what little trust he's been able to get back with Vincent didn't prove enough for Vincent to take him at his word to cut the evening short and walk away. 

The constant probing about Gabriella was a trigger for J.T., but Vincent was just happy to have a memory. Little did he know it would be a bad one. He had a short-term affair with a girl Zach broke up with before he went into the service, and Zach remembered it all those years and wanted to kill Cat to call it even.

Talk about crazy!

It did make Vincent think that without Cat's love he might have gone off the rails himself, and we were treated to a nice, romantic moment after the beast fight and killing. It's always a nice way to end a killing, isn't it? With a kiss. Despite his lack of memories, they're practically back where they were last year with regard to their relationship, because it took them so long to find their groove in the first place.

I'm happy with where they are and where they're heading.

The worst part of it was the very short-term usage of hunky Blair Redford. The poor guy can't catch a break. He was canceled from The Lying Game, sent to war on Switched at Birth and his return from war was no picnic on Beauty and the Beast. Let's find him a longer-term gig!

In other news, Gabe was going out of his way, per usual, to assist Cat. This time he was helping her find her birth father, but running into all kinds of red tape. When "Agent" Reynolds dropped by to ask how Cat was after the beast attack (which should have had some bells ringing), Gabe even asked him for his help. 

Later, after Tess got Gabe to admit he had feelings for Cat in a rather adorable way, Gabe and Cat discovered a familiar face in the background of her high school graduation photo - Agent Reynolds. Cat had discovered her birth father.

That didn't take too long. Right now Vincent talks to Condor through a voice disguise. He's never seen his face as far as we know. Cat's not going to let her news sit. How long until the three all meet up? If we're to take a guess using these Beauty and the Beast spoilers, we might have a stressful holiday season wondering what will happen in the New Year. 


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I didn't really enjoy this episode much. We seem to be falling into the same pattern: find another beast, kill it, kiss and that's it. I didn't really think much of the extra information, I don't feel like it added much. I feel like we starting all over again, like there's something missing. My favourite moment (besides the kiss, those two are always very, very good) was the meeting in the corridor between Gabe and Vincent. There was so much unsaid at that moment. Loved it!


Good episode, enjoyed it. I am somewhat confused as to Catherine's age. Seems to me we have backtracked, but then again I am regarding V as well. I loved the fact that V realizes what C sacrifices for him and their relationship.


Maybe it’s just me but I was really put off by this week’s episode. I found the beast-of-the-week plot extremely juvenile, even though I enjoyed watching Zach as a character. But the whole Vincent-stole-my-girl-and-I’ll-steal-his thing made me yawn. If at all they wanted to bring out Vincent’s past, they could’ve used another method instead of a vengeful army buddy. It didn’t make much sense to me and I found it really hard to connect with.
I liked Cat’s story this week, her need for some girl time and an insight into the girl she used to be 10 years ago. But I do feel that the way she found out about her father wasn’t intense enough. I was hoping for more. But it was the last scene so I guess I’ll give it till next week to see the build up on their confrontation.
Till I have hints otherwise, I see no reason to doubt Gabe’s intentions right now. Unless proven wrong later, I’d like to think Gabe is genuine and I actually find his schoolboy crush on Cat pretty cute though I wouldn’t really like a love traingle involving Gabe because viewers know him far too well for that. I actually thought we’d probably get one of Cat’s ex at her reunion.
All in all, I think for the first time since Alex’s arc I’m feeling let down by the writers on VinCat front. Despite his amnesia, the epic quality of VinCat’s love was so evident in the premiere of season 2, but each week it’s been diminishing even though V’s memory and trust for Cat is coming back. I think they don’t show enough affection towards each other for two people who’re so in love with each other. Fine, V doesn’t remember the love part even now but he does feel that intense attraction to Cat. Somehow it doesn’t translate on screen. It’s left for us to interpret because of what we saw in season 1. And it isn’t even just this episode, I think this is been a built up in me because somewhere I’m still peeved about how quickly they moved away from the shove issue.


Love this show! Looking forward to next week, though would like to see more of passion between Vincent and Cat which looked so real in season 1. Hope we are getting there


Blair Redford was indeed great in this role, and while he deserves a longer stint somewhere, I wasn't unhappy to see Zach die. I think it's entirely possible he could've felt jealousy and anger before Muirfield, but kept in under control and never acted on it. But once he became a beast it grew exponentially and he lost his ability to control it. Vincent himself said to Zach that Muirfield fueled their rage with the experiments. It's sad for Zach though, because if it hadn't become a beast he never would've killed Gabriella or attacked Cat and needed to be killed by Vincent. Another awesome episode and great review!

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