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Beauty and the Beast Review: The Best Non-Thanksgiving Ever

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Wow! There was so much information finally let loose on Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 7, including some scenes between J.T. and Tess that paid off for those who have sat by waiting patiently.

For once, it's difficult to determine exactly what the highlight of the night was - and there was one hell of a cliffhanger to drag us into next week (even if the outcome of it isn't too difficult to determine).

Cat's Family Thanksgiving

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" was probably my favorite Beauty and the Beast Season 2 episode. It had all of the elements I enjoy.

There was romance between Cat and Vincent, very funny moments as they tried to determine when and how to incorporate their code words about her father into casual conversation (they didn't), great beast scenes and Tess and J.T. finally had moments together that were better than I could have imagined.

I was glad that Vincent didn't hold onto his anger about everyone barging into his business with his handler for too long because he really needed the help. Before he even knew Gabe's theory that he was the last beast to be killed on his own hit list, he noticed in a pane of glass that his supposed last job was wired to blow before he entered.

He was still leery when he was told he was his own target.

By the time he got on the phone with his handler (and excuse me for calling his handler Condor all these weeks. Y'all should have knocked me upside the 'puter screen and told me VINCENT was Condor! Oops!) in an attempt to allow J.T. to capture his voice for decryption, he was so angry he threatened his life. 

I'm not exactly sure why Cat thought it might be a good idea to get her dad involved when they realized the FBI was the intermediary. Ordinarily she would have immediately thought the convergence of his reentrance into her life and Vincent's missions too coincidental, but she's blinded by her dad's recent death and the discovery of Bob. 

The scenes of Cat and Vincent torn between being a boyfriend and girlfriend and a beast and detective and how to work it all into the conversation with Bob were a lot of fun. The two of them trying to say pumpkin with no purpose whatsoever alerted Bob because - duh - he's not an idiot. I laughed out loud when Vincent choked on his non-pumpkin cookie saying it went down the wrong pipe. That was about the end of the good times.

Bob was pretty surprised to learn how many people his daughter had rallying around her. I think his response was genuine. To learn the former ADA was outing himself because of his commitment to his daughter stunned him. Unfortunately, Gabe brought along Tori and sparks flew between the beasts.

And the threat Vincent made against his intermediary earlier almost came true. 

Bob's veiled threats were ridiculous. I was rooting for Vincent to rip his throat out... or at least for Cat to pull her gun on the bastard and tell him to shut his trap. He doesn't know her or her friends, and to insinuate he has any clue what they are all about with so little information should have sent rockets off to the entire group.

Instead Cat stumbled upon a beastly moment of hormonal passion and thought Vincent could have stopped himself.

To think that he would be not be able to stop himself from holding an ax against her father's throat but he would be able to stop himself from kissing the first female beast he has come across (and likely a purebred - if such a thing exists), seems a stretch. Then she quoted her dad saying at some point enough is enough. Ouch!

Meanwhile, back at the "lair." Tess and J.T. were prepared to spend Thanksgiving separately, until this happened: 

Tess: It's just, I dread this holiday so much. It's the part where my family grills me about my single status and there are no gifts to offset the humiliation.
J.T.: Then don't go. Tell them you're working, which you are. We can boycott the holidays together.
Tess: Just you and me?
J.T.: And some beer and some pizza and some creepy guy's voice.
Tess: Can we start drinking now?
J.T.: Absolutely. This is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever! Non-Thanksgiving.

Their whole conversation was written for fans. Tess talked about being unfeminine and J.T. told her how he felt the first time he saw her and they eventually kissed. Kissed!! To relive the final moments of that saga, check out the Beauty and the Beast quotes section.

Suffice it to say that I've known it would work, and it did. It did and it will and the nobody need ever know thing? I disagree.

The ending of the hour was literal bells ringing - the indication that Vincent's handler/intermediary at the FBI was Bob, Cat's dad, to whom she had spilled everything and to whom she just let Vincent and Tori ride off toward in various ways. He was the man responsible for everything up until that point. 

Vincent was at Tori's, where he was standing on a tripwire. KABOOM! At least one beast will make it out alive. 

I know everybody is worried that Tori would come between Cat and Vincent and put a strain on their relationship, but outside of the animal instincts, I kind of liked her. The idea of a born beast who was female was intriguing. If she died in the blast, I'll be let down. Mostly because it's the easy way out and takes Vincent being forced to deal with his issues out of the equation and then because I liked her.

What did you think of this jam packed episode and about that little somethin' somethin' we got from Tess and J.T.? 


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ok after watching the first 2 episodes of this season over again for probably the 10th time; i have a theory. the fbi removed vincent's scar so that he would be harder to find


Overall, in most ways- this is my favorite episode this season thus far. It certainely makes me wonder what is coming next. I find myself conflicted over the Torie storyline. On the one hand, it is intriguing to explore what Torie will go through as a female beast. Yet, I find this storyline to be gratuitous. I see no real long term reason for having this storyline other than to show Vincent and Catherine what they could expect should they ever decide to have some little beasties running around. I am a devoted fan of the show and am quite happy to see the show take off this season. No one loves Vincat more than me.... but I think for the time being that Gabe and Cat develop a closer connection. I think that it is time that Vincent start to remember how deeply he FELT about Cat. One of the most emotionally wrought scenes was the subway scene after Evan dies- when Vincent said he couldn't live without her. This is what is missing so far.... time to start to redevelop this part of the relationship. So bring on jealous Vincent..... especially since I think that Torie will manipulate and use Vincent to her advantage once she start to "feel her oats". And sperm donor daddy must die... and die badly. :)


i just read an article on twitter by brad kern; the ep of batb where he talks about vin/cat and what is happening now. what was the best news for me was he said they were setting up the pace of the show for 5 seasons or more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is awesome news beasties!!


This is the result of last Monday episode. It just draw 680.000 viewers and that is very low this may be the current prediction: On the Bubble/ Likely to be cancelled I read. Something is wrong this season. Tess is really doing nothing so far she is not the bold woman she was in S1 now she is just there like an assistant to Gabe. Where is the strong bold Tess I knew in S1? She is gone. JT also has been neglected a bit. The main case teh show this season has is Vincent as a beast , his memory loss and that is all tehre is to it so far. There has not been different cases of the week like last season, now is only Vin/Cat/Gabe/Murfield case of the week. I think that is what is damaging the show.


i love this show and am so glad to have a tess/jt moment! i think vincent kissed tori because catherine could see. of course i want them together but i'm enjoying the journey lol! i watch this show and tweet when it's on and then i watch it several times a week online like i can single handedly get the ratings up! we need a renewal :)


So this was the best episode of the season so far and Mondays ratings were awful I read. Something is wrong with the stories, the writers or characters or I dont know why that people are not watching and is not paying off in the ratings since the season started. If this pattern continues of bad ratings dont get surprised if the show gets cancelled before the season ends/

@ Bad ratings again

I'm going to blame Canada.


I of the best reviews I've read so far. I don't get the Tori hate either. If Vincent and Catherine are solid, they will survive this. If they relationship can't withstand Tori's presence then perhaps they weren't 'destined' at all and just a temporary romance. I definitely feel that Tori's presence will challenge Vincent to become a much better version of himself so overall, her presence is a win.

@ LL2

Sorry for the horrible grammar. Typing too fast.


Amd I agree, it is the best episode this far. On the other hand, each episode has been better than the previous this season. We are going to be exhausted when we reach episode 22..... How many countries have bought season 2? And how many have started airing them? And where it is aired, do we know anything about ratings? Seems like very important information in regards to how likely a renewal is.


I'm convinced Vincent kissed Tori just for Catherine to see it. He heard her heartbeat just before he said " I can't". Turn the volume up, we know how Catherines heartbeat sounds. He had to break her heart, in order for him to leave him. As for "why didn't anyone see that?" How come Gabe hasn't made the connection to Reynolds already? He gave himself away with Zach. He told Gabe and Tess that he would take care of Zach. And still they don't understand? None of them are normally stupid, they should have cracked it then. And a lot of people are pissed with VIncent, but in all honesty, most of the bad things that happens to him, happens because of Catherines ideas....

@ Irene Larsson

I can't understand all the hostility toward are right..Catherine has put him in harms way and that is why he was captured...memory erased...and personality changed. She should have never introduced him to Gabe who was creepy in S1 and even creepier in S2...and still she trusts him. And then she makes Vincent meet her father who is a FBI agent...he does it for her because he loves her. Everything that happened to Vincent was her fault because he loves her so much. She is clearly not a victim here...Vincent is the victim...always was...and no sympathy for him from the fans.

@ Irene Larsson

What do you mean he gave himself away with Zach? Who did? Vincent? They sensed each other since they were both beasts and knew each other since childhood. I'm confused.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Very True...Catherine has outed Vincent with creepy Gabe when he wanted to kill Vincent which caused V to be captured and turned. Now she outed Vincent with her father even though his instincts tell V not to do something ..he always does it for her and he always loses. He is and was always the victim and sometimes even Cat exploits him...The kiss was a mistake but ...really...didn't the circumstance Cat put him in cause the whole thing.
And what about creepy Gabe sniffing around Cat all the time...she should put a stop to that but she don't. She is clearly to blame for a lot of what happens to Vincent

@ Carissa Pavlica

Reynolds told Gabe that he would take care of Zach. How come Gabe didn't react to that? He knew Zach was a beast. Why should Reynolds so quickly take care of him?

@ Irene Larsson

Who the f*ck is Zach??

@ Winter

Zach was Vincents old army bud, who was also a beast, and tried to kill Vincent in episode 5.


This was the best episode this season so far. LOVED the kiss between Tess and JT. I never thought Joe was good enough for her and JT is her perfect match. Catherine is driving me crazy with all the wishy washy nonsence. She spent 3 months searching for Vincent to the point her friends thought she was loosing it but every time he blinks she's ready to through him under the bus. She needs to make up her mind. Is she committed to him or not. By the way. Why didn't Bob seem to remember that Gabe used ti be a beast? He's the one who told the guy to kill him and who killed his girlfriend Tyler. They need to watch for that stuff. LOVE BATB and LOVED this episode. Can't wait for next week.

@ Patricia

Vincents old army bud, who turned out to be a beast wanting to kill Vincent in episode 5

@ Irene+Larsson

Sorry, wrong thread :)

@ Patricia

I'm so glad you mentioned this about Gabe & Reynolds. I've been saying all season when will it come out that Reynolds came back to the states to get Gabe & killed Tyler. Also Tess must have forgotten that she saw Reynolds picture on Thomas Chandlers IPad as see had no reaction when she met him this season. I love the direction of the show this season (though I could use a lot more VinCat moments) but we can't forget some important details from S1. Especially were Gabe is concerned.