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I hate to say it, but I think the move to Fridays is most definitely a nail in the Bones coffin. I know there are those who'll keep hope alive that this series will withstand yet another season, but really, the end is nigh. It's time to prepare.

Do we really want more PSAs and gross-out moments with stewed humans and bacon-flavored sexual lubricants? Do we need more of Brennan's flailing about in a biker bar while proclaiming it a mating ritual? 

No, no we don't. But that's what Bones Season 9 Episode 10 gave us. And then some.

Brennan's Bachelorette Party

I'm not even really going to touch on the murder of the week because if I do, I'll be forced to relive every can of beef stew I've ever consumed in my 30+ years of life and while that number isn't astronomically high, it's high enough that I really don't want to consider the possibility that human meat--or horse meat--could've been hidden inside or I'll fall into a spiral of disgust, both with myself and the food industry. 

I've read The Jungle, thank you very much.

This case just...ugh. The bacon-flavored lube? Really? I feel an anti-bacon rant bubbling up and I love bacon. But enough's enough. It's time to put that pig out to pasture and stop with it already.

While Oliver and Daisy worked the case the sexual tension between the two of them mounted. They'll be the next on-screen pairing and it'll somehow throw Sweets into a tailspin that Daisy's moving on while he's playing Three's Company with his hot psychiatrist roommates. It's all so forced and yet, I kind of like Oliver if only because, instead of coddling Daisy, he puts her in her place.

[to Daisy] Your need for attention is exhausting.



Daisy: You should have seen this, Oliver, but you were expending too much effort trying to undermine me.
Oliver: I assure you that takes no effort whatsoever.

Knocking her down a peg or two somehow makes her more bearable. But just slightly. She's still my least-favorite squint for all the reasons Oliver articulated and then some, but hey, there's someone for everybody, right?

Even all the bikers in the biker bar with their biker girls.

The idea of Angela taking Brennan out for a bachelorette party had the potential to be hilarious and funny, and for a time it was.

Watching the girls walk into the biker bar thinking it was a country-western bar and dressed accordingly and then deciding to stick around anyway and make the most of it was great. Then they started drinking and winning money and doing whatever it was Cam did with her drink and having a great time.

And then Brennan started dancing. Unless she's dancing with Booth, she just shouldn't dance.

The moment when an all-out bar fight erupted and it was the five of them against all the other people in the bar was the moment I checked out on that scene. It wasn't funny. It wasn't even hyperbolically humorous. It was just ridiculous.

What was not ridiculous was watching Booth care for a very drunk Brennan when she came stumbling home. 

He's a man in love and it shows.

Everything about Booth screams "happily married man!" I like it. I also like that, for the time being, Brennan remains relatively unchanged by the fact that they're married aside from feeling a little extra weight on her left hand. That fits with the character who eschewed marriage in the first place. 

The one thing that left me most confused was Angela and Booth's mending of the fences. Didn't they do that already?

Didn't Angela forgive him for the whole calling-off-the-wedding-because-Pelant-is-psychotic thing back when she, oh, I don't know, threw them a wedding?

Maybe tonight was about Booth forgiving Angela, in which case, they shouldn't have shown her apologizing again. But I get the feeling that this was still Angela who had the problem with Booth based solely on her Jealous Judy face in Brennan's office. 

Angela has been pushing these two together for how many seasons now and she's suddenly indignant that she would fall below Booth in terms of order of importance in Brennan's life? Excuse me, what?

I just didn't understand that at all and I really, truly hope they're moving past it. They hugged it out. Let's bury the hatchet, you two.

What did you think of Bones Season 9 Episode 10? Did this case make you rethink everything you've ever eaten? Are you rooting for an Oliver/Daisy hookup? Did you also think Angela forgave Booth a few episodes ago?


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What?! I think that besides the marriage episode that was the best of the season!


WOW! Your review is ridiculous! This ep was the second best of this season! Just this, bye.


The "nail in the coffin" remark is thoroughly unwarranted. Would the same have been said if Bones were aired another day of the week?
This episode was quirky, gross, funny and had very tender moments. And no, there had been no Angela/Booth apology scene previous to this. Angela threw the wedding for her "bestie", not as an apology to Booth.


Watching Emily do "out-of-character" Brennan scenes is priceless. And the scene when Booth helps his wife into the house after he had to pull strings to keep Bones and her gal-pals from getting busted one of my all-time faves. While the crime of the week was one of the more gory I think the writers have ever depicted, that is what the Bones formula is all about. It is still endearing to watch this couple continue to navigate their many differences, while combining their talents and passions in the pursuit of justice. As Booth has said in "Fury in the Jury", what's "ying" without "yang"? Kudos to all concerned with this episode. I could not restrain my loud laughter in the bar fight scene. It was hilarious! And that is why I watch TV - to be entertained. And Bones continues to do that with every episode. It is a series that on one level does not take itself too seriously, but yet delivers enough drama and plot development in its own way to keep the stories intriguing.


i love the fight scene. Its hard to see girls fight on tv,
Poor Hodgins, the bacon was so good, and so treacherous.


I loved the bar fight scene. I don't care what the reason for it was, it was nice to see Bones kicking some ass for once after several seasons of her acting like a helpless victim whenever a killer is within 20 feet of her (with Pelant it was particularly bad) despite being trained in martial arts and marksmanship.


i keep reading reviews for the bones episodes here n on other sites n hav noticed that your reviews are always negatively tinged no matter what. you go on saying that Bones is gona end, but i guarantee you, there is gona b a season with all due respect, just STOP.... if u cant review it without being biased, then dont review it at all, coz urs is the only review thats so negative n its getting us all down n depressed.

Bonnie rexeus

you should not skip the show as Caroline is in it quit often, also this kind of episode hasn't happened before. everyone needs to remember that there are 25 writers the director,producers,the shows creater, and usually Kathy Reichs there and they sit down and disguss what the episode should be about and how to captivate the fans and keep them interested that can't be all that easy. I respect other peoples opinions but when they give them they should expect to get some sort of feedback good or bad in return. So try and watch it more often iam sure you will be please as to how many times Caroline is in it

Sue ann
@ ☠ Bonnie Rexeus ☠

I usually get the DVD's from the library when each season is over, and watch them then, or not. I have missed huge parts since the end of season 5. But I do tend to skim and look for Caroline and Hodgins. I think he is a big treat, too.

Bonnie rexeus
@ Sue Ann

you can also watch it online. Fox puts each episode up. hulu has it

Bonnie rexeus

Who are you to tell me to Chill Out?! I say it the way it is if you don't like it don't read it. and come up with something better then Chill Out that sounds like a 5 year old... #GrowUp

Bonnie rexeus

Brennen is who she is, I think the way she is adds to her Character, I love when her and Booth have their little squables and when she embarasses him by her directness, but we also have seen the soft and caring side of Brennen so she isn't the cold fish everyone thinks she is. She has changed since the first episode but I do hope they let her keep some of how she is as I feel that will do the show more harm then good,she is needed to make things more interesting by complicating things with her look at life thru the eyes of a scientist where as Booth is needed as he looks thru life with a different point of view and belief, i think or should i say I know Bones will survive this friday move now that people actually know it has now happened. Fox did this poorly, and yes there have been and will probably be more episodes which will rate a little lower then others but I think Bones is one of the best shows on Tv today. I learn something new each episode and it has helped me to finally make my move and follow my dream of becoming a forensic anthropologist specializing in crime scene investigating. I Love Bones and canät wait to see this episode which I will watch now and my sister has just dropped it off for me :)

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Bones Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Angela: There's this country-western bar outside of town. It's got this bull that we can ride, and there's line dancing, and there's these hot guys in chaps, and some of them aren't even gay.
Brennan: I do like horses so I will feel very comfortable there.

Booth: Are you saying he came in a can?
Brennan: Most definitely.
Caroline: This is why I only buy free-range.