Bones: Watch Season 9 Episode 9 Online

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Bones moved to Fridays this week, while Brennan made a move of her own:

In to the jury's box.

As you might expect, the title character needed to gather all the facts in order to consider the fate of a soccer player accused of killing his wife.

And once she did get those facts? Why did the murderer go free? Watch Bones Season 9 Episode 9 now for the answer. We make it easier than ever to do so online:

Just click on the picture below - and enjoy!

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I can't believe the end conversation when booth says he is ying and she is yang. In other episodes she has spoken chinese. She should have corrected him like this "no actually you are yong and I am yeen or at least say you are yang and I am yin not you ying and me yang"


Bones Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Brennan: Beaten, shot, and possibly drowned. This is very interesting.
Camille: You've clearly been bored.

Murder is bad enough, but soccer? That's anti-American.