Castle Picture Preview: "The Good, The Bad, and The Baby"

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This week Rick and Kate took on Linus the Lion in Castle Season 6 Episode 8 but in two weeks they'll take on a must bigger challengeā€¦a baby boy.

Not only will Castle and Beckett have to find a killer, they'll have to do it while babysitting.

Can they find a murderer, the infant's parents, and figure out how a baby might play into their future as husband and wife?

We'll have to wait until Castle Season 6, Episode 10 to find out but here's a peek into "The Good, The Bad, and The Baby.

Cooing Over the Baby
Bringing Baby
Saving Baby
Next To a Dead Man
The Priest & the Baby
Parking Spot
Part of the Crime Scene
Esposito Makes a Call
Check Out That Jacket
Baby Makes 3?
A Surprising Guest
A Life Changing Murder

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Castle's brother and grandfather?
Kate's sister, dad and cousin?
Ryan's mom, sister and uncle?
Espsitio's dad, brother and love interest?
Martha's mom and dad?


Can't wait


Castle Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Castle: When we do this, let's not do the dead body in the middle of the aisle.
Beckett: OK. Good call.

Beckett: So you guys dress up for Thanksgiving?
Castle: Doesn't everybody?
Beckett: No, I think that's pretty special to you.