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Loved the review. Totally agree, there should have been a kiss. The lack of kisses has been bugging me last few episodes. I also have to say I was relieved there was no Alexis/PI.


Loved this whole programme, and especially the ending and give it 9/10 (only because no kiss at the end). The rest of it was a little bit silly in places, but having said that it also gripped me for the whole show. Great twists and turns and didn't see the final twist coming. Great episode and bring on the next few. But please America why do you have to have this awful hiatus thing just because it's the holiday season?

@ SYLVIA2036

It's been my understanding that the hiatus is so the cast and crew could spend the holidays with their families. I could be wrong, though.

@ Lurker

Do you know, quite seriously, I hadn't looked at it that way as I have no interest in religious festivals. My fault - or is it my bad! Thank you.


spot on Maria


I found the week case very good, got me guessing untill the end.
Loved, loved the Linus and elephants banter, the territory banter and the seashells...beautiful! IMO, a very good episode:)


Agree with both. No Alexis made it a god episode.

A good way of showing what happens in a relationship. you win some, you lose some but in the end it was Caskett not Castle not Beckett but Caskett. Is it me or or is Beckett soo much different since her DC failure.

Is Marlowe implying but not admitting she made a mistake with the DC job BUT she has learnt from it.

It certainly looks like it


Perfect story and I agree with the wanted Caskett kiss at the end. Just a kiss, please.


Liked it, the end was as cute as a pail of kittens, I thought Kate leaned up to kiss him at the end but distracted.
Nice gunfight
no Alexis (happy sigh)
Good storyline.
I must admit, I kinda mentally waved by by to Linus before seeing the end just knowing Kate would get her way.
Seashells good recovery.
I don't know if their both alpha's though, as Rick claimed.
Better than previous Eps.

@ David

I agree with David. Kate was about to kiss Castle in the ending scene,but there he goes ,walking away with his phone! I What is wrong with the writers,where is the passion or at least some embracing? Come on Castle,bring Beckett on your side of the bed once in a while!

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