Castle Review: The Good Guys Win

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Viewers were treated to the continuing saga of Alexis Castle this week.

But, thankfully Castle Season 6 Episode 7, gave fans something to smile about when it came to Rick's only daughter.

When Alexis was told that "sometimes the good guys don't win," I really wondered if that would be her lesson by the end of the hour. And certainly the drama of fighting for a death row inmate with less than three days to live didn't disappoint.

Enlisting Castle Help

Honestly, I thought Frank's brother John was the real killer the moment I saw him, so I was satisfied that the Castle writers turned the tables on me. As much as it's fun to figure out who the killer is, it's always more entertaining to be surprised.

I was even a little disappointed in myself that I didn't figure out it was the officer who harassed them in the cafe during that scene. But I remember thinking that it was completely rational that people in a blue collar town in Pennsylvania wouldn't be happy about an NYC college student second guessing their work.

I'll admit, I was pretty ticked off at Alexis by the end of Castle Season 6, Episode 6. Forcing her father to stand in the hallway and then closing the door on him was not her finest moment. And as "Like Father, Like Daughter" opened, her self righteous anger was still apparent.

As Rick himself asked in this Castle quote

So I insulted her boyfriend. What's the prison sentence on that?

In the mind of a teenager, weeks sounds accurate. The only reason Alexis ended up back at the loft was because she needed something…or maybe she was subconsciously looking for a way to reconnect with her Dad. I'm hoping it was the latter.

Despite her cool exterior, Castle positively lit up when she asked him for help and once again his adoration for his daughter melted my heart.

This episode's slightly different formula was a nice change of pace. A road trip is always fun and I enjoyed watching Rick and Alexis working together to solve the case.

Meeting Frank and Maggie brought out something we don't see in Castle very often. His insecure side.

You should have seen the way these people looked at me, like I'm some kind of savior.

If he failed to prove Frank's innocence not only would the man be put to death, but Castle feared his daughter would never forgive him.

The case highlighted some things about Alexis too. She's incredibly smart, driven and passionate. She's like this strange mix of both Castle and Beckett. But she's also extremely naive.

Alexis kept insisting that Frank was innocent because she knew him. In truth, she'd spent very little time with the man and he could have easily been playing her. She even believed that she was safe going inside Lyle Gomez's home because her father was outside in the car. If Lyle had been the actual killer that situation could have gone horribly wrong very quickly.

But how many of us weren't naive and idealistic at 19 years old? Alexis was portrayed as such a mature kid for many of Castle's early seasons that when she's shown as a typical teenager I have to remind myself that she's acting normal for her age.

What was particularly interesting was who Alexis decided to ask for help…and who she didn't. She went to Ryan and Esposito first. With their prodding she went to her father. But she didn't go to Lanie or Beckett.

Not going to Beckett I understood but her decision about Lanie surprised me. Perhaps it was as simple as she said. She didn't think Lanie could help since it was out of her jurisdiction, but that didn't stop her from asking Ryan and Esposito. Or maybe it was because she knew Beckett and Lanie are close and she wasn't ready for any contact with her future step-mom.

Speaking of Kate and Lanie, it was great to see them sharing some girl talk on Castle Season 6, as Kate expressed her fears about fitting into the close relationship Castle has with his family. Brilliant as ever, Dr. Parish pointed out that no family is perfect and that she possessed the power to make her own history.

Beckett did her absolute best to make sure Castle knew she was there for both him and his daughter no matter what and I was thrilled that Castle recognized her efforts…

Beckett: She's practically family. I care about her too.
Castle: You're pretty great, you know that?

On a lighter note, it was funny but far from shocking that Castle would offer up the plan to get married in outer space. No surprise when Kate shot back sarcastically…

Because when I was a little girl imaging my wedding day, being stuck in a small tin can with a thousand tons of rocket fuel strapped to my ass was exactly what I had in mind.


But as much as I enjoyed both of those scenes, could the writers slip us a Castle kiss every now and again. I'm in this for the romance. I'd like to see a little…make that a lot more of it.

In the end I had but one complaint. As great as it was to watch Kate and Alexis share a hug I desperately wanted to hear their conversation. That would have made the episode truly satisfying.

In life sometimes the good guys don't win but that's why I tune into Castle every week. Because on #HappyCastleMondays, usually the good guys do.


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I have started watching Castle 6 months ago. I watched all the seasons in continuity till the current one.
I like their storylines and I like Castle.
Two things wrong with this episode- They tried to bring emotion with the death row and Alexis's passion ( which i found over the top!) but nothing, infact I like these cases better in the show 'the good wife' .All that Alexis did in the entire episode was throw orders at NYPD- Ryan do this, Espo do that etc etc and at the end she only went to thank Beckett?? Could have been a joint scene with all of them together at nypd!!!! And frankly what did Beckett do actually except interviewing brother and letting castle escape choosing venues.... I mean come on!!! Writers need to give her better approach with Alexis, yes she is dad's would be wife but she isn't alexis's mom!! Because Alexis is Alexis's mom!!!
Infact lately with all the episodes beckett too just passes orders to Ryan and espo, I understand Castle because he has theories and stories as he is a writer and we understand his method, his approach but beckett goes around from one place to another with Castle, acts stupidly and not like a cop infinite times and always looses cell reception, under prepared and without backup
Anyways, just sharing my opinion. Thanks!


I am finding Series 6 highly erratic.
The first two episodes were boring.
We then go the the 12th and the series becomes Castle again which was fantastic. It is going well until this episode which was really boring. fortunately the next one is much better. This has not happened previously and does not bode well for the series.


Heathcliff, sorry that is a cop-out.As it is Our Tony A class made some peritinent points concerning alexis's behaviour.


i don't expect them ripping each others clothes off, but a little touch or look once in awhile. so far the cialis commercials are more romantic than the series.

Tonya b
@ brook

Agreed. I suppose during this show that we need to get our romantic kicks with KY lubricant and Cialis commercials!!!!! If Marlowe calls this season 'romantic' then I would hate to see what his love life is like.


if there are so many things wrong then it should be easy for you to point them out

@ nottrampis

It's pointless to comment to someone who hasn't seen the shows. The vitriolic nature of some of the comments addressed herein seem to imply that at times some forget this is a tv show and these are characters portrayed by rather proficient actors, and not real life.


Hi Everyone, I just wanted to jump in and remind everyone about appropriate board etiquette. We are all fans of the show and are allowed to have differing opinions but bullying, name calling and otherwise disrespecting fellow posters simply ruins the experience for all of the fans on this board. Remember, we are all passionate fans of Castle and are here to further our enjoyment while sharing our opinions. Thank you all for participating. It's a pleasure to share my love of the show with all of you. Christine


It is good to have you back of beautiful headless and throneless horse riding demon!


After reading that Examiner article, I think that the author grew up in a fairy tale land filled with milk and honey. She spoke of Castle being obligated to discuss his engagement to Beckett with his 19 yo daughter and discuss whether she approves or not. I DON'T THINK SO!!! In the real world, a kid goes off to college and lives there during the school year. During summers, some kids come back home to live with parents and to work, and some kids stay at their college and work through summers. It is presumed that they will graduate some day, move away to live on their own and get a real job, and finally leave the parents behind. Only that tiny percentage of spoiled rich kids get an all expense paid trip to Costa Rica for 2 months during their summer vacation from college, and don't have to work a lick. Even spoiled rotten brats shouldn't be living at home with no job and just mooching off of mommy and daddy like little children who have run amuck. But, if they ARE doing that, then they should be treated like the little children that their behavior asks for (and you CANNOT argue that Alexis didn't start the whole fiasco by bringing Pi to her dad's loft without prior notice or permission. No one would have cared a lick if she brought Pi home to HER OWN APARTMENT without first telling her dad.) The point is this, an adult child (yes,19 is an adult) has no right to demand that they give a parent permission to get engaged, no right to demand 'first knowledge' of the engagement, no right to demand ANYTHING from the parent. Alexis will never live under Beckett as 'step mom,' nor will she live under her roof or her rule, and she has no right to demand anything from her dad. She does not have any special rights simply because she is a spoiled rotten brat. And if she has some problem with Beckett, then she needs to discuss it face to face with Beckett, not to take it out on her dad. It makes me sick to my stomach to see these kids, the ones who were raised with golden spoons in their mouths, becoming young adults who feel this strong sense of entitlement and think that the whole world owes them something. Beware miss Alexis, whatever would you do if you woke up one day and found that Pi was holding a knife to your throat? What if he proves to be one of those creeps who preys on naive young rich American girls and he takes her and her family for every penny that they have? Then at the last second, VIOLA, he finds his passport to a non-extradition country!!

@ Tonya B.

Wow, there are so many things wrong with this argument; it would appear you have never had a daughter go off to college, When college is 5 miles from home it is logical she returns periodically. Making other points here is fruitless since you admittedly have boycotted season 6. Please actually WATCH the shows before condemning them further.

Tonya b
@ Heathcliff

It seems nearly pointless to reply to you since your argument that "when college is 5 miles from home it is logical she returns periodically" has nothing whatsoever to do with anything that I commented on. You may need to reread my comment to help you absorb it's meaning. Perhaps you could comment on one of the many things you thought were wrong from things that were actually present in my comment. As far as watching the shows, I have seen clips here and there and read several professional reviews and I learned everything that I needed to know.


Now that Kate and Alexis hugged in the end scene, does that mean Alexis will be a bridesmaid in the wedding? You just know that Marlowe will do that to the fans for criticism of the Alexis arc. Pi will look great in a tux with that mustache.


Healthcliff. Season 3, Episode 1, "A Deadly Affair" Interrogation Room scene "No, I don't sweetheart, but that don't mean it ain't true.'"

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