Castle Review: The Good Guys Win

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Viewers were treated to the continuing saga of Alexis Castle this week.

But, thankfully Castle Season 6 Episode 7, gave fans something to smile about when it came to Rick's only daughter.

When Alexis was told that "sometimes the good guys don't win," I really wondered if that would be her lesson by the end of the hour. And certainly the drama of fighting for a death row inmate with less than three days to live didn't disappoint.

Enlisting Castle Help

Honestly, I thought Frank's brother John was the real killer the moment I saw him, so I was satisfied that the Castle writers turned the tables on me. As much as it's fun to figure out who the killer is, it's always more entertaining to be surprised.

I was even a little disappointed in myself that I didn't figure out it was the officer who harassed them in the cafe during that scene. But I remember thinking that it was completely rational that people in a blue collar town in Pennsylvania wouldn't be happy about an NYC college student second guessing their work.

I'll admit, I was pretty ticked off at Alexis by the end of Castle Season 6, Episode 6. Forcing her father to stand in the hallway and then closing the door on him was not her finest moment. And as "Like Father, Like Daughter" opened, her self righteous anger was still apparent.

As Rick himself asked in this Castle quote

So I insulted her boyfriend. What's the prison sentence on that?

In the mind of a teenager, weeks sounds accurate. The only reason Alexis ended up back at the loft was because she needed something…or maybe she was subconsciously looking for a way to reconnect with her Dad. I'm hoping it was the latter.

Despite her cool exterior, Castle positively lit up when she asked him for help and once again his adoration for his daughter melted my heart.

This episode's slightly different formula was a nice change of pace. A road trip is always fun and I enjoyed watching Rick and Alexis working together to solve the case.

Meeting Frank and Maggie brought out something we don't see in Castle very often. His insecure side.

You should have seen the way these people looked at me, like I'm some kind of savior.

If he failed to prove Frank's innocence not only would the man be put to death, but Castle feared his daughter would never forgive him.

The case highlighted some things about Alexis too. She's incredibly smart, driven and passionate. She's like this strange mix of both Castle and Beckett. But she's also extremely naive.

Alexis kept insisting that Frank was innocent because she knew him. In truth, she'd spent very little time with the man and he could have easily been playing her. She even believed that she was safe going inside Lyle Gomez's home because her father was outside in the car. If Lyle had been the actual killer that situation could have gone horribly wrong very quickly.

But how many of us weren't naive and idealistic at 19 years old? Alexis was portrayed as such a mature kid for many of Castle's early seasons that when she's shown as a typical teenager I have to remind myself that she's acting normal for her age.

What was particularly interesting was who Alexis decided to ask for help…and who she didn't. She went to Ryan and Esposito first. With their prodding she went to her father. But she didn't go to Lanie or Beckett.

Not going to Beckett I understood but her decision about Lanie surprised me. Perhaps it was as simple as she said. She didn't think Lanie could help since it was out of her jurisdiction, but that didn't stop her from asking Ryan and Esposito. Or maybe it was because she knew Beckett and Lanie are close and she wasn't ready for any contact with her future step-mom.

Speaking of Kate and Lanie, it was great to see them sharing some girl talk on Castle Season 6, as Kate expressed her fears about fitting into the close relationship Castle has with his family. Brilliant as ever, Dr. Parish pointed out that no family is perfect and that she possessed the power to make her own history.

Beckett did her absolute best to make sure Castle knew she was there for both him and his daughter no matter what and I was thrilled that Castle recognized her efforts…

Beckett: She's practically family. I care about her too.
Castle: You're pretty great, you know that?

On a lighter note, it was funny but far from shocking that Castle would offer up the plan to get married in outer space. No surprise when Kate shot back sarcastically…

Because when I was a little girl imaging my wedding day, being stuck in a small tin can with a thousand tons of rocket fuel strapped to my ass was exactly what I had in mind.


But as much as I enjoyed both of those scenes, could the writers slip us a Castle kiss every now and again. I'm in this for the romance. I'd like to see a little…make that a lot more of it.

In the end I had but one complaint. As great as it was to watch Kate and Alexis share a hug I desperately wanted to hear their conversation. That would have made the episode truly satisfying.

In life sometimes the good guys don't win but that's why I tune into Castle every week. Because on #HappyCastleMondays, usually the good guys do.


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Sorry,I get through. Looks like I have to wait 5 min before it posts. Thanks


They wont let me post again!!! I give up


Looks like Pi might be out of the picture for good. Alexis ignored her Dad's questions about Pi on their road trip to Pa. Maybe Alexis doesn't have the guts to tell her Dad that Pi left her. If this happens,wouldn't this be a great time for Alexis to have a nice talk to Beckett about men!


Our roy montgomery, I am tending to think There is something going on with Alexis and Pi. They cannot be that bad at acting. Thus they are not in love so there is something else going on BUt what is it?


nottrampis. Castle endures emotional abuse from his daughter in order to reconnect with her because he loves her. Alexis keeps kicking him down with verbal abuse. She takes advantage of him for her own needs in order to get help on the death row case. Alexis knows that she was wrong with her behavior at the loft, but she just tells him I need your help. She won’t tell him she is sorry about Pi intrusion. Instead, she uses him as a small child would in order to feel better. This episode did nothing except to show her real immaturity. At times, she acted like a mean high school teenager rather than a 19 year old college student. To use 7 episodes to get to this point in their relationship makes no sense at all.

@ Vince

A 19 year old teenager never has life figured out. Show me one who does and I'll show you a fairy tale! This show is supposed to imitate real life and does it very well. It's not a soap or a fairy tale with a happy ending. One of the reasons I like it is because it does present issues in real life, which is never the same for everyone. I know, I've raised 2 kids that are now in their 20's. Both very different in every way. 19 year olds need parenting just like 10 year olds...parents really never stop parenting. The Castle/Alexis bond is very strong. Both have behaved badly and both share blame. They will figure it out, just like in real life!

@ castlefan1212

Sorry, but not all 19 year olds need parenting. I met my wife while we were both in college working on co-op assignments. When we were married, she was 19 years old, I was 21 years old. I raised two children myself. That is real life! My experience is not a fairy tale. My wife never treated her father with such disrespect as portrayed in this pathetic Alexis arc.

@ Vince

Interesting--but did your wife get kidnapped and sent to Paris where she almost died? Did her Dad nearly die 3 times in a year? Did her mother leave her? This is Alexis fate. Not at all typical.


Captain Cook, I share Our roy montgomery's feeling that Alexis took away from some good Castle episodes. Why does Marlowe have so much angst in this series?
It doesn't happen in real life and it ain't good TEEVE so why?

@ nottrampis

Beg to differ, this stuff does happen in real life because I've lived it. Kids from divorced homes struggle with fitting in, merging families, and belonging. It's tough, even at Alexis age when she's had her dad all to herself to figure out how to share and fit in. Since in the US, the divorce rate is 50%+, I'd say this is true to life, unfortunately so!


Nottrampis. I agree, the Examiner analysis was old cobblers. In my opinion, you earn respect from your parents, and Alexis has not. All she has ever done is take, she needs to grow up.


sorry Castlefan1212 but that is a lot of old cobblers.
alexis cane home and without even asking her father just brought in Pi . and then she and he behaved very poorly.
Castle reacts accordingly. and as I say if these two jerks are in love then how come they do not show it!
It is bad acting or is there something going to occur in the future?

@ nottrampis

Think Kate answered a lot of questions over multiple episodes. She clearly stated that was the case. Both Castle and Alexis were at fault period. I'd rather follow a Castle "groupie" than folks who seem to never be happy with anything done on the show. I try to balance good and bad, find entertainment value and if I can't I move on! Well done, Kate Jennings!

@ nottrampis

The author of that Examiner article (Kate Jennings) is a Castle groupie. During the hiatus, she predicted that Kate would say 'Not Yet' to the proposal. She is off the rails on most of her articles. She has an inside track to most of the Castle writers for interviews. I still think that somebody in that writers room had a Pi character in their past life. Her Pi comments in that article pretty much confirm that for me.


Could not have said it any better, very well done with balance AND logic!


Is it me or can anybody else get the roundtable?

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