Castle Review: The Good Guys Win

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Viewers were treated to the continuing saga of Alexis Castle this week.

But, thankfully Castle Season 6 Episode 7, gave fans something to smile about when it came to Rick's only daughter.

When Alexis was told that "sometimes the good guys don't win," I really wondered if that would be her lesson by the end of the hour. And certainly the drama of fighting for a death row inmate with less than three days to live didn't disappoint.

Enlisting Castle Help

Honestly, I thought Frank's brother John was the real killer the moment I saw him, so I was satisfied that the Castle writers turned the tables on me. As much as it's fun to figure out who the killer is, it's always more entertaining to be surprised.

I was even a little disappointed in myself that I didn't figure out it was the officer who harassed them in the cafe during that scene. But I remember thinking that it was completely rational that people in a blue collar town in Pennsylvania wouldn't be happy about an NYC college student second guessing their work.

I'll admit, I was pretty ticked off at Alexis by the end of Castle Season 6, Episode 6. Forcing her father to stand in the hallway and then closing the door on him was not her finest moment. And as "Like Father, Like Daughter" opened, her self righteous anger was still apparent.

As Rick himself asked in this Castle quote

So I insulted her boyfriend. What's the prison sentence on that?

In the mind of a teenager, weeks sounds accurate. The only reason Alexis ended up back at the loft was because she needed something…or maybe she was subconsciously looking for a way to reconnect with her Dad. I'm hoping it was the latter.

Despite her cool exterior, Castle positively lit up when she asked him for help and once again his adoration for his daughter melted my heart.

This episode's slightly different formula was a nice change of pace. A road trip is always fun and I enjoyed watching Rick and Alexis working together to solve the case.

Meeting Frank and Maggie brought out something we don't see in Castle very often. His insecure side.

You should have seen the way these people looked at me, like I'm some kind of savior.

If he failed to prove Frank's innocence not only would the man be put to death, but Castle feared his daughter would never forgive him.

The case highlighted some things about Alexis too. She's incredibly smart, driven and passionate. She's like this strange mix of both Castle and Beckett. But she's also extremely naive.

Alexis kept insisting that Frank was innocent because she knew him. In truth, she'd spent very little time with the man and he could have easily been playing her. She even believed that she was safe going inside Lyle Gomez's home because her father was outside in the car. If Lyle had been the actual killer that situation could have gone horribly wrong very quickly.

But how many of us weren't naive and idealistic at 19 years old? Alexis was portrayed as such a mature kid for many of Castle's early seasons that when she's shown as a typical teenager I have to remind myself that she's acting normal for her age.

What was particularly interesting was who Alexis decided to ask for help…and who she didn't. She went to Ryan and Esposito first. With their prodding she went to her father. But she didn't go to Lanie or Beckett.

Not going to Beckett I understood but her decision about Lanie surprised me. Perhaps it was as simple as she said. She didn't think Lanie could help since it was out of her jurisdiction, but that didn't stop her from asking Ryan and Esposito. Or maybe it was because she knew Beckett and Lanie are close and she wasn't ready for any contact with her future step-mom.

Speaking of Kate and Lanie, it was great to see them sharing some girl talk on Castle Season 6, as Kate expressed her fears about fitting into the close relationship Castle has with his family. Brilliant as ever, Dr. Parish pointed out that no family is perfect and that she possessed the power to make her own history.

Beckett did her absolute best to make sure Castle knew she was there for both him and his daughter no matter what and I was thrilled that Castle recognized her efforts…

Beckett: She's practically family. I care about her too.
Castle: You're pretty great, you know that?

On a lighter note, it was funny but far from shocking that Castle would offer up the plan to get married in outer space. No surprise when Kate shot back sarcastically…

Because when I was a little girl imaging my wedding day, being stuck in a small tin can with a thousand tons of rocket fuel strapped to my ass was exactly what I had in mind.


But as much as I enjoyed both of those scenes, could the writers slip us a Castle kiss every now and again. I'm in this for the romance. I'd like to see a little…make that a lot more of it.

In the end I had but one complaint. As great as it was to watch Kate and Alexis share a hug I desperately wanted to hear their conversation. That would have made the episode truly satisfying.

In life sometimes the good guys don't win but that's why I tune into Castle every week. Because on #HappyCastleMondays, usually the good guys do.


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I suspect, as Castle would put, it this is an episode for hardcore Marlowe groupies. Just like the final arc of series 5


Ladies and Gentlemen, We can have different opinions. That is life.Indeed it is the beauty of life. some of us, possibly most of us, have been appalled by Alexis's behaviour ever since she came back from Costa rica. We still have no explanation for it. Castle is always the fall guy when anything goes wrong.
That is wrong. If you enjoy Molly Quinn as an actress then this was your episode.
I am afraid she doesn't cut the mustard with me. The first two episodes this season which was mainly Beckett wee boring and that was the stunningly beautiful Beckett. What happens when the episode revolves around the very average looking Alexis and Castle isn't his normal fun self.


yeah I guessed it was the policeman too - I've worked with small town cops and they always think they know who did it or pounce on the first piece of evidence that identifies a suspect; and the cops are usually right. they want their preconceived ideas of the people in their community to be right - that's why the story worked so well for me.
Alexis' feelings were hurt by Castle's attitude toward Pi - justified though they may be - and she expected more from her Magical Daddy, and I understand that and I am not a parent - so why are alla y'all hating on Alexis?


knew it was the policeman as soon as his scene ended, was a bit to douchey tbh.


Youre right, the good guys can never win. these comments are ridiculous. It was a great epiosde adnd Alexis is amazin still. If you no longer like, dont watch and no need to wqaste your time commenting. Losers

@ nia

Marlowe won't accept feedback in order to learn from it and grow the series; Have you ever watched a Castle episode you didn't like? Just curious


You didn't need to hear the dialog in the last scene between Kate and Alexis. Our imagination filled in what we wanted to hear far better than the 15 seconds of air time they could have devoted to this scene. The hug said it all and Castle's look of happiness.

@ Tycho

exactly right tycho - my brain told me what they were saying; and the look on Rick's face sealed the deal


I didn't care for the episode. I picked out the real killer as soon as I saw him. To me there wasn't any twist and turns, just predictable writing. I DO NOT like Alexis. Please send her away. Maybe, if we would see her connecting to Beckett, I would feel different. I don't understand their "relationship" or why she feels badly towards her. Again, it was nice they hugged at the end, but without hearing the conversation, it was weak and I still don't get what brought all of this on in Alexis character. Does the MQ not want any scenes with Stana? Is their a rift on the set? Now, I don't believe that is so, but why on earth are the writers keeping the actors/characters apart? Please give me a good Step Mom, Step Daughter bonding moment.


Agree with your statements Uk#1 and Balaji that castle is ALWAYS made to be at fault,marlowe is getting redundant with this same story line.Go back to the last 3 eps. of last season were rick was made to be in the wrong and kate being disrespectful,mean and unapologetic ,alexis character here mirrors closely to that in the last few eps.I hope this is enough of rick playing the fall guy to these self centered women,yet might just be marlowe's MO,Take the 6 main characters in the series who is the only one who is made to be at fault or walked over time and time again over the years? There is only one,and i won't mention ricks name !


I totally enjoyed the "case of the week". It was an excellent plot, with appropriate twists in the "who done it?" aspect, and it was great to seem Castle and his daughter pair up on something they both could strive for - justice.
The lack of romance in the past several episodes has been discouraging. As I mentioned on FB, the "extraordinary" parts of the "Caskett" relationship have seemingly been relegated to the "mundane". This should be the most enjoyable phase of their relationship thus far. They are left to trading quips about the upcoming nuptials, and we are being deprived of those saucy moments we have come to expect when this couple is together. It is one thing to keep it professional "in the workplace". Except for their cute bedroom banter in "Number One Fan", the last few episodes have been devoid of romance. And not even a peck on the cheek! Is this the writers' concept of what a committed relationship means? Where's the magic, the mystery, the allure?


And you know something about Alexis, yesterday I was watching Castle Season 2 reruns, and it was the exact episode David mentions where Castle runs a background check on the Violin player. It was no longer cute or mature, which was the reaction I had when I watched it originally. It irritated the bleep out of me. The writers have basically destroyed the Alexis character for fans. I cannot even watch older episodes because of what she has grown up to become. That's the sad part of the whole fiasco for me.

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