Castle Round Table: "A Murder Is Forever"

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A Murder Is Forever and a diamond turned out to be anything but a girl's best friend on Castle Season 6 Episode 8.

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, and Christine Orlando are joined by LeaAnn from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th as they decide which detective is more masculine and whether they missed a Caskett kiss.


It's been several episodes with no Caskett kiss. Has it bothered you?

Jim: Not at all, I don't need tons of PDA to know they love each other.

Chandel:  No, I just appreciate their relationship. They have plenty of affection for each other, besides, we spent so many seasons watching them express their feelings in ways that didn't involve kissing that I don't really notice it!

LeaAnn: No, while I love Kate’s and Rick’s “great love story” and all Caskett kisses, I also have complete faith in show runner Andrew Marlowe and team and their weekly, 42-43 minutes of story-telling time and pace. They continually surprise me with their creativity and unexpected story development—for example, I did not worry at all about the proposal but knew that I’d be happily surprised.

Christine: I want kissing!  Come on. These two people are in love. They're engaged. What's wrong with a smooch every now and then?  And I don't think the occasional love scene would be inappropriate on a 10pm show. It just found it distracting when it looked like Kate was going to kiss Castle at the very end and he turned away.  I'm sure lots of kissing followed but this is TV. I want to see some of it.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Do you find clowns creepy?

Jim: Yes, totally creepy!

Chandel: In certain circumstances, the one presented in this episode is a prime example.

LeaAnn:  In general, I do not find clowns creepy; but these killer clowns were creepy and frightening--due, I believe, to the mix of the usually happy, amusing childhood example of joy with murderous criminal intent.

Christine: I watched the movie Poltergeist as a kid. I've never looked at a clown the same way again.

Which is your favorite Caskett symbol of romance and why? Seashells, coffee, cherries, etc.

Jim: The key, when Rick gave Kate the key to the apartment in DC.

Chandel:  Definitely coffee. It was there from day one and it's been a primary marker of their feelings for one another. If Castle didn't bring coffee, we knew something was up. Coffee has had a language of its own in this show that only Castle and Beckett know and I have always loved seeing that.

LeaAnn:  I’d have to select coffee as my favorite Caskett symbol of romance! I cannot resist the concept of coffee as Caskett's, “Hello, my love,” good morning kiss!!! This one thing that I do with ice cubes is quite exciting as well—but coffee wins for me as romance symbol!

Christine: Yeah, I've got to go with coffee. It's been a barometer for their relationship since the beginning but seashells may hold a new place in my heart after this episode.  

Who is more comfortable in their masculinity? Ryan or Esposito?

Jim:  Ryan, he wears sweater-vest and pink. That takes some comfort.

Chandel:  Neither one of them. They both have had their moments where they've expressed some less than masculine tendencies.

LeaAnn:  Truthfully, I find each comfortable in his masculinity—in fact, all characters superbly written—realistic and organic! Ryan and Espo are very different individuals with apparently quite different backgrounds! After all, Ryan has sisters and recognizes mauve, while Espo ate classified for breakfast during his military special-forces service.

Christine:  I believe they both are, in their own unique ways but sometimes it appears that Ryan feels less inclined to prove his masculinity where Esposito's is more overt. But together these two are the perfect team. Some day, far in the future when this show eventually ends I hope these boys get their own spinoff.

We're up to episode 8. Have you had a favorite episode of Castle Season 6?

Jim:  Yes! "Time Will Tell" the time traveller episode.

Chandel: I have not had a favorite episode this season. I have mostly enjoyed coming along for the ride, but I am sure I will have one by the end of the season.

LeaAnn:  I love them all; but I adored Castle Season 6 Episode 6, "Number One Fan"  From Kate’s awakening Rick for his advice and support, to pointing out that she could not sleep in waiting for a call to shape her day, through the family “parade” through Castle's bedroom, and Kate’s gently admonishing Rick to be safe while adjusting his “WRITER” vest. The “I’m/we’re back,” precinct kiss was awesomesauce; and every actor mined every layer and nuance - drama and comedy!!!

Christine:  My favorite so far might still be "Valkyrie," Castle Season 6 Episode 1. I loved the proposal scene and Castle surprising Beckett at her apartment in D.C. I want to see a lot more of that kind of romance this season.

What was your favorite "A Murder Is Forever" scene?

Jim: I'm a sucker for romantic gestures, so the seashell scene at the episode.

Chandel:  When Castle proposed a plausible theory for their case. Both Castle and Beckett seemed shocked that Castle was capable of doing so. The moment entertained me.  

LeaAnn:  Now, I’m in trouble! So much banter, love, and relationship development to relish—I mean, “our lair now” and “home” from Kate!!! Rick is sensitive to Kate’s being awake, due to potentially POUNCING Linus; Kate doesn’t like the elephants if Rick doesn’t - his describing elephants with “family values” and “good with money.” Rick can give up his identity and totem, “his story” for the seashells he kept from their first, Hampton’s walk, "our story"!!!

Christine:  Yeah, that final scene was really sweet. I liked that Kate immediately knew where the shells had come from and how Castle admitted it was time to fill the loft with things that reminded them of "their story."  I couldn't help but smile at that.

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The writers have shown that Castle is a brilliant person. However, there are too many times he appears as a buffoon! The writers did not have to show him as they portrayed him as a jealous school boy when Beckett protected Eric. They could have done a better script. The writers need to show a stronger man in Castle. Though they did show Castle' s concern for Beckett when he ran into crime scene.


I'd like to meet Alexis' other grandparents sometime. Meredith's parents were mentioned in passing once.


Christine, I so agree about there needing to be more kisses. I want to see them, not imagine them.


1. I'm totally cool with the way their affection is expressed. I actually think that's better than PDA. Don't need more kisses at all. 2. Depends on the clown. 3. Gotta go with something different - the handshake. That handshake they shared when their relationship was still secret at the precinct...that was powerful. 4. Probably this week's. "Get A Clue" was kinda ruined with the Alexis storyline. 5. I'm a sucker for an action scene, so I'll have to go with the shootout between Ryan/Espo and the clown guys.


More kisses definitely. The key? Castle was saying something to Beckett which was without foundation. He wrote a few books at the old haunt and then 20 at his loft and finished one at the Hamptons. He didn't know he could write anywhere. He simply couldn't tell Beckett she made the wrong decision and was stupid! I liked the shells. This series has been up and down. the first two were boring because they weren't Castle and the alexis episode was boring because it was well Alexis and the others were good. The time traveller was the best though. I would like the old self confident Castle back please not the wimp who apologizes for everything and anything when it is clearly other people's fault.


1 - Not at all! I love them as a couple and enjoy every kiss and all we get, but that´s not the reason I watch the show and don´t need it to know they love each other. If there´s a kiss, great...if not, great too!
2 - Sometimes, like this one, very!
3 - Coffee, definetly! We could measure how their relationship was by the presence or lack of it:)
4 - Both, I guess...
5 - My absolute favs are Valkyrie and Number One Fan - the latter has the edge, for me, because all the cast was there (we even saw Gates give some credit to Castle´s theories):)
6 - The ending scene! It was beautiful, romantic, and I loved to see how the gesture got to Kate when she immediately recognised the shells:)


Castle's brother and cousin?
Kate's dad, brother and uncle?
Ryan's mother in law, dad and brother?
Espositio's sister and love interest?
Laine's sister and love interest?
Martha's mom, brother, ex father in law and love interest?

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Castle Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Castle: You see, I'm honoring you by inviting you into my territory and Linus is part of that territory.
Beckett: And if you want to be invited into my territory again, you should probably rethink that.

Beckett: There's been a murder.
Castle: Yeah, of Linus' feelings.