Castle Round Table: "Disciple"

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Two doppelgangers for members of the 12th precinct's police family were found murdered this week, as everyone was on high alert murderer was found on Castle Season 6 Episode 9.

Below, TV Fanatics, Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Andrea from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to decide if Esposito and Lanie should become a real couple and where in the world should Caskett honeymoon.

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Why do you think Lanie only wanted to share the news of the tattoo with Kate?

Jim: I don't think it was the tattoo she only wanted to share, but her creeped out feelings over the whole thing. I could understand not wanting to tell everyone until she had a second opinion.

Chandel:  Because it was in kind of an awkward place. Plus, if she was freaking, she wouldn't want it to be public because they might think she's lost it. Kate will always have her back, whether she's crazy or not.

Robin: Partly because of the location of the tattoo, and also because she was really freaked out by the similarities. She needed her best friend, not an audience.

Andrea: I think she needed to confide in her friend, woman to woman. She might of have been a little embarrassed at the location too.

Christine: As much as she likes Castle, I don't think she could have handled any of his crazy theories in the that moment. She needed her best friend.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Were you surprised to hear that Lanie Parish has a two-drink limit?

Jim: Not at all, she likes to be in control and I'm not surprised that it extends to "fun time" too.

Chandel: She talks party girl but I never really saw her as one. So I was kind of surprised at the clubbing incident. That said, a drink limit never crossed my mind.

Robin: Not really. I was more surprised by the fact that she got roofied and it took her that long to mention it to anyone.

Andrea: A little, but Lanie's in the medical field and on call a lot so maybe she wants to be alert and in the right frame of mind when she has to report.

Christine: The way she's talked in the past made me think of her more as a party girl. I was actually happy to hear about her drink limit rule. But the fact that she woke up at home after a night at a club and couldn't remember a thing, then told no one, that was kind of scary.

Do you hope this whole experience helps move Esposito and Lanie into a more exclusive relationship?

Jim: Yes, I was surprised they didn't hug at the end, I was really expecting us to see them closer at the end of the episode.

Chandel: Yes and no. No, because I don't want it to be a textbook near-death-like experience that brings them together. We had Castle and Beckett for that. Then again, I really think they want to be together and I want them to be reminded of that.

Robin: I'm rooting for them to be together, but not this way. I think it would be hard to get closer to someone right after you've seen their murdered doppelganger. 

Andrea: I'd love to see Lanie and Espo become a full fledged couple. It would be fun to watch them take the next step in their relationship and see the reactions of their friends.

Christine: Absolutely. I think they make a great couple. They each have an edge that makes them different from Castle and Beckett or Jenny and Ryan. I really enjoyed their scenes together in this episode and I hope we get to see more of them this season.

Where should Castle and Beckett honeymoon?

Jim: I'm with Rick, New Zealand and Middle Earth exploring sounds awesome! Think about it, he's not only taking her some place new, but it's kind of not in our world.

Chandel: In a secluded cabin in the woods in the wintertime. To me, that screams romantic. Only problem is, that's nowhere near a beach, which Beckett requires.

Robin: I'm more comic book than Tolkien, so I'm not on board with the Middle Earth honeymoon.  I'm sure there's a couple gorgeous Caribbean islands that Castle hasn't visited with the exes, that would fulfill Beckett's sun and sand requirements.  Dominica, maybe?

Andrea: I would love to see Castle and Beckett go to their own Private Island somewhere and have the whole place to themselves! Castle can afford it right? Bora Bora or Figi or Venice Italy might be some others.

Christine: Someplace tropical with their own private stretch of beach sounds lovely. Someplace they can both relax and forget about the world, maybe even collect more seashells for their collection.

At what point did you realize that Jerry Tyson (aka 3XK) was involved?

Jim: Not until Rick said it. It's been so long since the 3XK episodes that I had nearly forgotten about the guy. I realize it would have given away the twist, but a "Previously on Castle" would have helped a ton.

Chandel: I started to get suspicious right before Castle put the pieces together himself. The fact everything was so inexplicable just screamed 3XK return.

Robin: The minute I heard there was a Lanie look-alike, I figured it was him. His last appearance had him using a Castle look-alike, and he did threaten once to disappear and change his face. It made sense.

Andrea: I kind of sensed it by the way Castle was acting, you can always see his mind spinning. But once they said the files were gone I knew.

Christine: I'm with Robin on this one. I suspected 3XK the moment I saw Lanie's doppelganger. I was kind of surprised that it took until the final third of the episode for anyone to mention his name.

What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Jim: I'm a geek, so I loved watching Rick and Kate discuss Hobbits and Middle Earth over breakfast, it actually made me giggle for a bit.

Chandel: Probably when the plastic surgeon denied Rick the praise for his handsome face he was seeking and how personally he took it. Classic Castle right there.

Robin: I'm torn. The vintage jazz song was so incongruous with the look of terror on Castle and Beckett's face at the end; that was a powerful scene.  Also loved when they barged into the empty clinic office and Ryan yelled, "Dammit!". I love angry Ryan.

Andrea: Being a Caskett shipper I'd have to go with the Breakfast scene, but the ending with the song playing and Castle and Beckett staring at each other and realizing 3XK is alive was a close second.

Christine: It's hard to pick just one it was such a great episode but I'm going to go with Esposito interviewing Lanie. She was so distraught and he was walking a line between consoling her and pushing her for information. It really showed their bond and gifted the audience with a whole new range of emotion from Dr. Lanie Parish. We haven't explored nearly enough of this character over the last six season. I hope the show remedies that from here on out.

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4) Iqaluit is lovely in the summer, both days. I've been watching reruns on Space (Canada) and I thought there was even some chemistry between Espo and Beckett. I wonder if they ever had a fling. Oh well, fan fiction.... I love Esplanie- They are two gorgeous people and both have healthier attitudes to work and life than Beckett. I'd love an explanation of why Esposito has apparently never been married. He's older than Castle, after all! (Well, Huertas is older than Fillion. Actually neither actor has ever been married.)


1 - It was way too scary and personal for Lanie to face being teased by Castle.
2 - I'm not surprised about the drink limit but I did think it was hard to believe that she was not alarmed when she had no memory of getting home from a night out earlier.
3 - I'd like to see them get back together but I'm not sure I want it to be based too much on just this shared horrible experience.
4 - I'm all for a little hut above the water in Bora-Bora with a private beach.
5 - Since I'm a spoilerholic, I had that thought in my head from the word go. There had been a lot of speculation in the pre-episode discussion.
6 - I totally agree with Christine. I thought the Lanie / Espo questioning scene was outstanding. We've never gotten to see that kind of depth of emotion from Lanie and Tamala Jones really nailed her performance.


-Considering where the tattoo was located I can understand her not wanting to share with the group. -Sort of. I'd always assumed she was more of a party girl but I'm glad to find out I was wrong. -Yes, yes, yes! I've liked these two since they first started flirting and I hated when they broke up. I don't need to hear wedding bells but I'd like to see more of the two of them together. -My pick is sun, surf, sand, and romance but anywhere will do as long as there's the romance. -I suspected going in but then wondered if I was wrong about half way through. -I'm torn between the fun breakfast scene in the beginning and the scene at the end. They were both great in completely opposite ways.


I am surprised at Marine's comment.
that is the first time I have ever heard someone saying there is chemistry between Espo and Lanie ( and Alexis and Pi for that matter.)
The complaint is always there is no chemistry. One thing I have had done to friends I know who do not watch Castle.
I play scenes of them ( Espo and Lanie) but with no volume. No-one yet has picked them as an item. I have to say I wouldn't like to be acting as a lover in this series when you have the perfection of Caskett!

@ nottrampis

nottrampis - While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I noticed the chemistry between Esposito and Lanie as early as the season 2 premiere when she was dealing with a dead body in a tree. They started flirting and I've been a fan of the couple ever since. Although we do agree on the Caskett romance being steep competition for anyone. :) As for the Castle honeymoon - doesn't everyone deserve a honeymoon? My husband and I lived together when we got married and still went on one and I have wonderful memories of that trip. It's simply a trip to celebrate getting married and for that reason, no matter where you end up, it should be memorable.


1 - She needed her best friend to freak out, ant the tattoo is on a location she wouldn´t want to show to Castle:)
2 - Not really, giving her job.
3 - I liked them in this episode so why not? But honestly I never cared if they were together or not, they are not the reason I watch the show.
4 - Some place they both agree:)
5 - Actually, when I saw the m.o., but never figured how it would turn out...
6 - Hard to pick one because the whole episode was amazing.
But I pick both the opening and ending scenes for the counterpoint one is to the other,,,the 1st is all about hapinness and banter and cuteness; the 2nd is frightening aand powerful!


about Esplanie being exclusive? HELL YES! They're perfect for each other, and I love the way she's exclusive to him, even if they're supposed not to be exclusive. I mean, it's obvious she loves him even if she's cared of something serious, and if she wanted to be serious, Espo would be serious too because you can just see how crazy he still is about her. Too bad we don't see more of them in the show...They're amazing, and Jon and Tamala have a wonderful chemistry. So dear Castle writers, more Esplanie please!


I cannot understand how Lanie would not have had all the bells ringing loudly after the bar incident. That was very strange writing. There is NO chemistry with Espo and Lanie. Let them find some-one else. Why do Caskett need a honeymoon. They are living together and having more sex than I have had hot dinners ( not much cold weather down under). They do not need a honeymoon. I did love castle making up that face for the meal.

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