Castle Round Table: "The Good, The Bad, and The Baby"

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If you wanted to know who at the 12th precinct was the baby whisperer and who was a little apprehensive around infants, all you needed to do was watch Castle Season 6 Episode 10.

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry, Jim Garner, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Glo from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to find out who believed Castle's Thanksgiving family tradition and why Beckett was a bit apprehensive around little Cosmo. 


What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Robin: Again, I'm torn this week. Castle/Beckett's diaper change procedure was fantastic.  However, I could not stop laughing at Esposito chasing the guy down the street while Ryan picked his lottery numbers!

Jim: The Rick/Kate pit-crew style baby change was hands down the winner for me this week. I actually watched it three times I laughed so hard. The look on Castle's face as he was using the baby wipes is priceless!

Chandel: Probably when Castle started holding the baby and then insisted he go get little Cosmo all the essentials. He took to that baby like I've never really seen him take to anything else and I loved every second of it.

Glo: Hands down; the baby scene. When Castle hands Beckett the baby and she holds it with arms locked like it's poison was telling, but by the end of the scene you knew she was feeling more comfortable, because they had handled it together. That face at the end when she is cuddling Cosmo, is priceless. The Espo/Ryan scene when Ryan is buying the lottery ticket while Espo takes down the suspect was a close second. 

Christine: Rick and Kate walking off the elevator completely exhausted after their night with Cosmo. Kate muttering about the coffee not working and Castle saying how he'd forgotten about this part. Then telling Ryan that this was the face of his future. Priceless. 

Castle RT - depreciated -

When the lottery jackpot gets high are you an Esposito or a Ryan?

Robin: I'm definitely an Esposito. The most I'll do is contribute to an office lottery pool.

Jim: I'm with Robin, I'll contribute to an office pool, but I'm not going out of my way to pick up tickets. 

Chandel: I am definitely an Esposito. I might try and buy one ticket once in a blue moon when the jackpot is high, but I don't ever expect too much. 

Glo: Definitely a Ryan, and I may just have bought one recently because the jackpot was high and someone has to win! 

Christine: I guess I'm with you Glo…and Ryan. Dare to dream. No matter how high the odds, you've got to be in it to win it.

Why do you think Beckett was so apprehensive about handling Cosmo?

Robin: I think it's what she said; she's not a baby person.  Babies are cute and cuddly, but they're also fragile and non-communicative (unless you count crying). They can be intimidating.

Jim: Agreed Robin, Kate was more worried about hurting Cosmo I think. Though she was awesome with him after she got over her fear of him. 

Chandel: I think it's like she said: she didn't want to get too attached to a baby she wasn't going to get to build a bond with. I can't say I understand her not wanting to hold such an adorable baby, but I can understand her reasons on a more internal level.

Glo:  Kate is the only child of dedicated professionals. We really don't hear much about an extended family, I think she has had minimal exposure to babies. Compound that with the kind of person she is. She never cut wedding dresses out of magazines, because she has never let herself get attached to something she felt she was never going to have. This is no different.

Christine: I think infants can be intimidating. I've always loved kids but until I had one, babies were a little scary. I think she'll take to it quickly once she has one of her own. 

Were you surprised that Castle and Beckett are on the same page about starting a family?

Robin: Pleasantly surprised. I was expecting that to be another source of relationship anxiety. I was quite happy to see that they already had that discussion.

Jim: I'm more surprised that Rick is up for having another baby with Alexis being full grown. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's too old or anything, but at the same time, by the time they have a baby AND it turns 18 he will be up there a bit. 

Chandel: I can't imagine them having any kids for the simple fact I can't help but consider the age difference between Alexis and her potential little half-sibling. If Alexis wasn't in the picture I might think differently. That said, I would hope they were on the same page about starting a family, can you imagine if they weren't?!

Glo: No, though I think Castle was.  He seemed unsure about her about her feelings. Kate has grown and opened up so much, and I had no doubt she would want "little Castle babies" once she felt comfortable and knew she wasn't going to fail with him as the father.

Christine: Although I would have loved to have heard their first discussion on the topic, I was thrilled they were so obviously on the same page. Castle obviously loves kids. With almost 20 years of added wisdom since Alexis was born and now that he has Kate as his partner, I'm sure these two are going to make awesome parents. 

Did you believe that Castle and his family dressed in costume for Thanksgiving?

Robin: I'll admit, I was fooled. He was pretty convincing.  Really, that wouldn't have been far-fetched for Rick Castle!!

Jim: I totally knew he was yanking Kate's chain. That being said, I did love how well Kate knew Rick, and had a plan to turn the tables on him. I just wish we could have seen him dressed as a pilgrim. 

Chandel: I was actually sold on it. Castle's clan has done crazier things, so I wouldn't think it outside the realm of possibility. I did think it was funny that Beckett bought it---she didn't seem the type to me!

Glo: YES! It wouldn't surprise me, they have laser tag battles, have a life sized Boba Fet in the bathroom, and dress up like Darth Vader and Princess Leia for comic book conventions! Of course it wouldn't surprise me, it's Castle!

Christine: Absolutely. I completely bought it. I even felt bad for Kate when she walked out of the bedroom in that adorable costume…until she one upped Castle with the pilgrim outfit. That's why these two are perfect for one another. 

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I'm more than a little late with my comment. I loved this ep. priceless Kate and Rick. Such sweet development of Kate's character as a future mom. Can't give enough stars to this Castle!


If Alexis is 19, then when she was born Kramer on Seinfeld would just have revealed that his first name was Cosmo. And Rick chose to change his own middle name from Alexander to Edgar, so his name choices are individual.
The leads are colleagues not dating. The few times they have attended together is seems likely that it was for publicity reasons. But Nathan Fillion seems to have broken up with Mikaela Hoover (she may be with James Gunn now) between the Emmies in September and the AMA awards in November, when he was with Christine Ocha again.


1 - Loved the whole episode, but I´ll stay with the diaper change!
2 - A mix of both:)
3 - What she said, she´s not a baby person and is not used to hold them.
4 - A bit, but it was a good surprise!
5 - Yes, having watched Castle since episode 1, it wouldn´t be any surprise!:)


Alexis walking in and finding Martha with the baby and Kate and Rick passed out was priceless. I'm more of a Ryan but just a few dollars. You've got to dream. Like others have said, I think Kate just hasn't been around many infants. Until you get used to them they are intimidating because they're so tiny. I wish we had heard their first baby conversation but I loved that they both wanted kids. Yes! Totally bought it and loved how Kate turned the tables on Castle.


This was one of the best Castle episodes in a long time. Why? Because we got to see Stanathan at their best, and the romance was developed, future was discussed, progress was made on Ryan's baby side etc. etc. This is what a Castle episode should be like: A standard mystery which begins with "Did you notice any changes in your husband's behaviour?" and dovetails into a mystery where you can see the killer from a mile away. But sandwiched in between all that are some of the best character interactions in TV history. And I am glad that AWM still knows how to turn up one. Between all the Alexis angst, and us discussing the balance of the Caskett relationship, we sometimes forget that Castle is one of the most charming shows on TV. And it was nice to be reminded of it for the first time in Season 6. 1) Definitely the diaper change. Stanathan have redefined on-screen TV chemistry, and the twinkle in Stana's eyes when she spoke about Uncle Rick was splendid. There was a lot of discussion on whether these two are an item IRL (not following that really), but they really should be. Arguably one of my favorite Caskett moments in this show's history. 2) Esposito. But lottery is banned in my country anyways. 3) Her explanation was pretty believable IMO. 4) Yeah. Pleasantly surprised is the right word. But it is too early to be talking about all that when even the wedding isn't over yet. But I like that there are these long-term discussions happening, which hopefully bodes well for the future of the show. I think I'll need to be institutionalized without my Castle fix. 5) I absolutely believed him. I was gonna feel sorry for Beckett, but the way she turned the joke on Castle was awesome. BTW, Stana looked ravishing in this episode. The best she's looked all season IMO.


1 - I'm STILL swooning over Castle looking at Kate and saying, "Wanna have a baby? It'll be fun!" That's my favorite and the dumpster scene would be a close second.
2 - I'm with Espo. I've never even purchased a ticket!
3 - I think Kate's had little or no experience with infants and just wasn't comfortable handling him. As she said, it's not that she hates babies.
4 - I was pleased but not surprised. I think we've gotten some hints along the way that both of them would be open to having kids.
5 - I totally believed they dressed up because they're such a theatrical group all the time. Love that Kate got the last word though!


Im more apprehensive that Espo is not a baby person! Looks like Lainie (who loves babies) has a lot to discuss with him. Where did Castle ever get the name Cosmo?? Sure hope they dont name their first boy that!


I would have like more talk on the baby situation.
Beckett has been very good with kids in Series 1 ans 2. Writers forget this like usual or were they saying Beckett did not want to bond the baby if Caskett had it for a substantial time. I would like there to be substantial talk within Caskett but apparent;y Marlowe doesn't believe in deep conversations! Family talk would also been good as well given the circumstances. Good episode but not great but then given the hype it never could be


I thought Alexis' line "How long have I been gone?" was the funniest one in the episode.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Castle: When we do this, let's not do the dead body in the middle of the aisle.
Beckett: OK. Good call.

Beckett: So you guys dress up for Thanksgiving?
Castle: Doesn't everybody?
Beckett: No, I think that's pretty special to you.