Chicago Fire Review: Hidden Heroes

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It’s been a long few weeks for Chicago Fire Fanatics, as The Voice took over this time slot and caused us to wait weeks and weeks for Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 6.

But at least it came back hot.

Severide To the Rescue

There are a lot of moving pieces to get through, but let’s start with the big one: Kelly and Nathan.

When the steel beam came crashing down on Kelly and Nathan, I honestly thought Nathan would be a goner... but Kelly never gives up. He kept working and trying to figure out a way to get out, and in the final moment, he was able to jump start it and heroically get the bulldozer up.

Honestly, who needs Benny as chief now? Kelly is continually showing strong leadership, compassion and ingenuity to spare. Maybe some promotions need to start happening within the firehouse instead of going outside of it.

With Boden's resignation official on paper, every call he went was filled with a sense of finality. Boden doesn't want any call to go wrong, he wants every call to be handled properly. The state may view him as a bad chief, but there's no way Boden will leave his house any other way than on top of the job.

After Kelly and Shay saw Nathan wheeled down in more or less in good shape after his traumatic event, the question of having a baby together began to come around again. Kelly is great with kids and he would make one great father. The sins of his father might give him pause, especially since Benny hasn’t been home in weeks according to his wife, but those past sins and Kelly’s first hand experience with them give him the insight he needs to not repeat them.

Shay, while not partaking in as much risky behavior as the few previous episodes, is still seeing Devon and Devon is nothing but bad news. She’s a jerk to the woman on the ride along and she seems like nothing but a user. Honestly, I was expecting her to take some free samples of the drugs in the rig. The quicker Shay dumps her the better.

The Arthur situation is at its conclusion and it’s good to see him gone. His constant threats and damage to Molly’s grew tiring, but he did go down in a blaze of glory. Not only did he confess to torching Game Day after they didn’t pay, he tried to do the same with Molly’s.

The entire point of Arthur, though, was to get Jesse Lee Soffer over to Chicago PD (which has undergone a few casting changes). With Arthur injuring him, he basically gets whatever job he wanted and he chose to go with Antonio to Intelligence.

Dawson did break up with Jay and it’s hard to find any fault in her decision. The worry and silence one would experience from a partner that is constantly undercover would end up working against the relationship. Plus, with Isabella telling Casey that Heather’s likely to get bumped to minimum security (and maybe getting out early) that means Casey is going to need someone to lean on again when the boys go back with their mom.

Mouch’s morality is what ends up costing him Union President. He’s unwilling to air Sullivan’s dirty laundry, and Sullivan completely deserved to be exposed after telling all of Station 51’s secrets. Maybe Sullivan’s child support issues will be what ultimately pull him out of the president job, but at least Mouch can say he stuck to his word.

Lastly, the final moments of this episode featured Casey and Heather’s younger boy looking at all the medals and all of them coming across his father’s medal:

It’s okay to cry here, I have.


Chicago Fire Season 2 hasn’t shown Darden’s family in the aftermath of his death, but with Heather’s behavior the kids might not have had the chance to properly grieve for their father.

Casey has been able to work through his grief over Darden, and probably did so right in front of that medal; watching the little guy mourn for his father is a powerful scene and one that continues to prove why Chicago Fire is nearly flawless in the stories it tells.


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I totally agree with Dee's comments. The first thing you learn in First Aid 101 is never remove an impaled object until you can get definitive care.
I couldn't figure out why no one seemed to be looking for a kid who had been missing for nearly 24 hours anyway?
I guess we all leave our phones sometimes, but it doesn't seem like many people go running in an urban area without a phone, especially a firefighter who should know better.
That said, I generally like the acting and story lines on this show, just have to look past the medical and firefighting inconsistencies,


I tried to go back to the beginning and see if Nathan'a mom and Benny's wife were the same person, but couldn't get the video to play, only audio. I thought the two women were the same, and that would have Kelly saving his brother.. well, half-brother. I figured if Beth had to re-introduce herself and say Benny has been gone for a long time, it was an odd scene to insert into the show, but it made sense at the end... Were they the same woman?


I love this show and it keeps getting better. I can't wait for the next episode...doesn't it look like Boden dies? I hope not! I want him to stay on as I enjoy his character.

Sarah silva

I love this show!
I really like Kelly and I liked him even more after this episode. He was fantastic with Nathan and he kept calm the whole time, I know that comes with being a firefighter but I am sure there are some out there that would have not handled it as well as he did. I am glad that Shay found him but I wonder how she knew where to look. I guess they have gone running together in the past.
Shay is still on a bit of a spiral and the girl she is hooking up with is bad news.
I am glad that they tied up the Arthur storyline and that he admitted to setting Game Day on fire so that Herrmann, Otis and Dawson will no longer be suspected of setting the fire.
I know that Jesse Lee Sofer is heading to Chicago PD but there really is not reason that Jay and Dawson could not have continued on with there relationship as they both could cross over on to the others show,
However it is another step to get Casey and Dawson together and I really do not want that!
I really like that Griffen Darden has warmed up to Casey and everything the last few episodes. That kid has been through a lot and Casey is the prefect person to be there for the Darden boys. I loved the end when Casey to Griffen to see his dad's badge and told him it was okay to cry there as he has done so himself. The one thing I kept wondering was, where was Griffen's brother.
Personally I do not think that Station 17 was really ever going to close down and that was a story that was told to Boden to get him to leave the Fire Station. I think that Benny and Gail were working together to get him out for a long time.
Did I miss a scene where Shay and Kelly talked about having a baby or do we assume it is something that will be explored again?


I did not think it was a good episode JMO. Kelly should have had his phone with him first of all he is a firefighter who should know he needs to be reached at all times. he should have know not to pull the wire or whatever from the boys arm knowing most likely it would possibly cause more damage certainly bleeding and he had no medical supplies or anyone to help. I'm not a medical professional but just watching tv medical shows they tell people not to just pull a penetrating object from someone without medical personnel at the ready to be able to stop the bleeding. Why did he not leave and try to go find help before he got trapped in the vehicle? I could see buildings around was there not any place he could have been able to run to that would have had a phone he could have used to call for help? yes it was very dramatic and we're supposed to see kelly as a hero and he did save the boys life but barely but IMO it was written just for that to make Kelly the BIG hero but I don't think he acted appropriately for a professional "rescuer" who is trained for emergency situations. I can see an untrained civilian in that situation making those choices but not a firefighter. if he had not pulled the metal from the boy he might have had enough time to go for help because there would not have been so much bleeding.

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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

It’s okay to cry here, I have.


Jeff: A firefighter needs 3 things to thrive: water, common sense, and balls.