Chicago Fire Review: Love and Other Things

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The drama sure got hot on Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 8, as people were out for blood, out for love... and out of mind.

Dressing Up For the Party

It’s all out war between Boden and Gail. It’s hard to imagine liking her even less, but I’ve come to accept that I’ll be glad to see her gone sooner rather than later.

She’s a wonderful antagonist, she’s doing exactly what she’s supposed to do, but her actions do not match up with the duties and responsibilities of her job and more of a vendetta. Gail’s had it out for Boden since he dared to question her, and she won’t have that.

Chicago Fire Season 2 has been very good about picking up loose plot threads throughout the series and running with them. The information Isabel gave to Mouch didn’t lose value after losing the election, instead allowing him to really use it to his best advantage.

And Mouch didn’t have to sacrifice his morals or integrity in the process. With a little extra firepower from the union, perhaps Gail is nearing the exit door.

Flacko’s death is the other thread pulled, but it’s not something I’m necessarily excited for. Cruz’s last downward spiral left much to be desired. I found it mostly boring and his actions comically irrational (although the cap on his arc was profound); Cruz hasn’t hit full spiral quite yet.

At least his reaction to Zoya - while over the top - is within his character. He’s been harboring some feelings for her for some time and now he has a chance to explore those. It may not end well, they may be incompatible as people, but Cruz is also trying to occupy his time with Leon back in the gang’s vicinity, so Voight doesn’t sniff around Flacko’s case.

I love how much Chicago PD is woven into the stories this season. It’s great learning about these new characters and they never feel out of place. It only enriches the story and I’m curious if PD will return the favor once it’s on the air.

Dawson and Casey are finally exploring their sizzling chemistry (The universe was so excited about them that “Dawsey” ended up trending on Twitter). I'm ready to see where this goes. Both of them have had some rough patches and they’ve found some momentary respite with each other as friends.

With most of the drama now out of the way they are now free to see where their attraction takes them.

Two More Thoughts:

  • Shay is still falling towards rock bottom. She’s transferring out of 51 and her relationship with Devon ends up being just a relationship of house casing.
  • The ending with Jeff is ambiguous. Did he avoid doing something rash or did he do something rash with the wife’s ex-lover?


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Ronald simkins

I still don't see the romance between Shay and Devon - but whatever cooks your girls books! Sort of an AfterEllen vibe.


It sucks that Voight once again has to play the bad guy. He doesn't want to; but anyone who paid attention last season knows he's been ordered to.
And....seriously, when Casey FINALLY kissed Dawson, I screamed "IT'S ABOUT TIME!!:" at my TV.


Thank you for reviewing. Love, love, love, love, Casey and Dawson, sigh.......all is right with the world if those two can be together. They were meant to be and I'm so happy it is working out. Can only hope they leave them alone for a while to be happy. Please writers, are you listening?

Sarah silva

Yes I forgot to mention Jeff. I would hope he went to the bar rather than doing something rash.

Sarah silva

I knew that Devon was going to steal the helmet, I was not expecting her to steal other things too BUT I guess she wanted it to look like a true robbery but it was so obvious it was her.
I guess she will be back at 51. The guy they had fill in for Shay is super annoying.
I felt bad for Cruz and his brother. I really thought that Voight would be tolerable now BUT he is not. I liked seeing Sophia Bush.
I would like to see Zoya fall in love with Cruz but I do not think she will.
I can not wait until Gail is gone, can not stand her and she needs to be taken down and soon!
I do not like Isabella and she 100% used Mills being black to her advantage.
I will never like Dawson and Casey but I will have to put up with it for the foreseeable future.
I felt bad for Severide, he and Katie both are in need of a family member and it would nice for them to have each other.

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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I’ve been thinking about it, and, the truth is, I don’t know where I’d be without you.


Make no mistake, I’m going to shut down 51, and when I’m done doing that I’m gonna bury you.