Confirmed: Joseph Morgan to Return to The Vampire Diaries!

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We don't know when. We don't know why. We don't know how.

But we do know what Joseph Morgan will be returning to Mystic Falls at some point on The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

TV Guide has confirmed the news, though reps from both The CW and Warner Bros. are mum on just what brings The Hybrid back to town.

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It's not hard to guess, though, is it?

Tyler showed up to seek revenge against Klaus on The Originals Season 1 Episode 7, concluding the hour by seemingly making a deal with Marcel.

Prior to that, Tyler split with Caroline.

So what better way for Klaus to both hurt Tyler and satisfy his own desires than by making some kind of move for the beautiful blonde (newly single!) college freshman.

Who can forget, after all, his parting words to Caroline on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale, regarding Tyler?

"He's your first love. I intend to be your last."

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I have to say I am loving the originals and find that as a opposed to when the original family started in Vamp's, I now find I am team Klaus.
Klaus is quiet HOT! I still love Vampire Diaries, though it is frustrating that we are so far behind the US. I am looking forward to seeing where this all goes next and hope the cast will plan a trip to Aus one day.


No.No.NO. Klaroline is end game. He said he'd be her last love. Klayley? Klamille? Ha... No.


No no no no! I have stayed faithful all these years to the vampire diaries but my heart belongs to the originals now, as much as it saddens me to say. TVD is just too childish nowadays there's nothing left and its getting ridiculous! Also I am a massive "klayley" shipper! They need to realise they belong together!

@ kouturekweenx

Lmao! How can anyone call TVD childish when TO has its own Twilight baby? Haha. Klayfail is the worst ship ever. Hayley and her devil spawn have destroyed both Klaus and Elijah, turning them from badass characters into whining, simpering idiots who make stupid decisions in order to make Failey look better. The only thing Hayley belongs with is painful death and a shovel. Even Werewolf swamp extra #4 is too good for Hayella Swan Cullen. Klayley is just another Delena/Stelena triangle waiting to happen though to be fair, shipping a tragedy like Hayley with anyone is bound to end in failure since Hayley is a 2D character and Phoebe can't act. I hope that Nope turns out to be the antichrist so that she can be written off in a holy fire explosion and Hayley can go live with her royal pack of maybe three or four hobos un the bayou and never be seen again. Then the real Rebekah and Kol can come back since the actual Originals wont have their screen time leeched by a Plec's wet dream plot device and Paul Wesley's girlfriend. They can keep Camille for whenever Klaus or Kol get hungry. Then maybe we will actually have a show about the originals and not Hayl-No and Nope. 1000 years of history and they waste it on Diet Bella Swan and her dime store Renesmee.


It's great Klaus is returning. Would like more of the Originals to come back, especially Rebekah & Elijah. Story is good, but they just make the story more interesting than the other characters on their own. Only watched 1 episode of Originals, but I like vampire diaries more. If the Originals was aired more than once a week it might be possible, compared to The Vampire Diaries where new episodes are on Thursdays, then on Sundays for those viewers who might have missed the first.


I think maybe in the Original series Tyler may push Niklaus buttons to far & maybe Klaus goes back to Mystic falls to threaten Tyler with Caroline? Not sure though because Caroline is supposed to die season 5 /: Sadly


He doesn't need caroline?He already have camile.


Nooooooo! The Originals is a Awesome show. Leave TVD with them alone. Bring Karoline to the Originals and all is right with the world. Ian Somerhalder can join the Originals. He can be best friends with Marcel. Leave Stefan, Elena, Catherine, Doppelganger Stefan, and Doppelganger Elena Catherine Whatever the 3rd one. Let them stay on TVD.


Now that Katherine's human again can she be used to make hybrids???


"And yes, we NEED some steamy hot Caroline and Klaus scenes " Omg I agree with that. Klaroline BRING IT ON


YES =) Klaroline will be EPIC

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