Covert Affairs Review: Cat and Mouse Chase

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After watching "No. 13 Baby," all I could think about was a cat and mouse chase. The hour felt like a non-stop, circular chase, but instead of the cat chasing the mice, for the most part, it was the other way around.

Henry's the cat and he's after one mouse, Jessica Matthews. And he has all these other mice chasing after him in the hopes that they can finally take down the mean, old killer cat. 

To make the situation even more complicated on Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 13, there was even some mouse after mouse action going on. Okay, I've probably overplayed the cat and mouse theme just a tad, but that's the best way I can explain what's happening on the show. 

Auggie's Ex

I never expected to say this, but I'm getting a little irritated with this Chasing Henry storyline. He's a bad guy, who has done terrible things. He's supported terrorist organizations, blown up a helicopter of people, set David up to take the fall for it, plus been involved in plenty of other nefarious activities.. Those are horrible, horrible acts, but why? What is his end game?

At first, Henry's justification for some of his activities was to set up Arthur and make him pay for Jai's death. Which never really make any sense, since we know and Henry has to know that Arthur wasn't culpable for Jai's death. But, whatever, he's pissed about that.

When he found out Teo's son was involved with a terrorist group he was already funding, he used the connection to his advantage.Teo died and now Arthur is facing trial for helping his "terrorist" son. That was just a small portion of Henry's overall plan.

The best I can decipher at this point is that Henry's been creating threats that he doesn't believe the CIA can solve and then he wants to swoop in and make it right. Basically, he creates the fire, puts it out, and then gains more power within the intelligence arena. In addition, he has rogue allies on his payroll.

With Annie back in Washington, D.C., the story about Sana and her husband, David, was just dropped. I hope that's not the last we hear about them, because they are caught up in this web of deceit and destruction. For now, the investigation shifted to analyzing the laptop  Annie got in Geneva and tracking the money.

With the help of Calder and Auggie, they were able to make significant progress against Henry, but it didn't come without a cost. In many ways, Annie became a reflection of Helen, though she went about going dark in a different way. Auggie knew that Annie was alive and going off the grid.

Since he had that information, it made Auggie's actions disappointing. He betrayed Annie and not just by sleeping with Helen. Though, that's certainly a part of it. Auggie knew he was going to be out of contact with her. He never should have had Helen following Annie. It was reckless. And, it may have been why Helen was killed.

It wasn't clear whether Helen was at the bus station because she was following Annie or Henry. When she was confronted by Henry, she didn't do it as "Jessica Matthews," that false connection just came about and she went with it. And, she made an honorable split second decision. She took the heat off Annie by taking the cover identity.

Though, she probably didn't expect Henry to just shoot her right there at the bus station. He was reckless. Instead of getting information out of her, he just took her out of the picture. Helen's death was tragic, but it won't be in vain. Now, Henry will believe he's gotten rid of his problem, so he won't see Annie coming.

Plus, Calder and Auggie's investigation has proved successful. They have the email that shows that Henry was complicit in taking down the helicopter and they found out the name of his money man. Will that be enough to bring down Henry and save Arthur? 

There are only three episodes left in Covert Affairs season 4, which should be just enough time to get the evidence needed to put Henry away behind bars for the rest of his life ... this time. Of course, if he makes it out alive.


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I miss Season 3. That had a coherent storyline,drama, romance and actual spy stuff - with smaller arcs. This season feels like it's been all about Henry - who is admittedly a great character, but in small doses.
The revenge deal and the excuse that he wants Sana back seems so forced and fake.
I understand why Auggie slept with Helen - it was essentially a pity/old love thing, and Helen knew it as well. I wonder if Annie's going to be OK with that when she comes to know.
Ok, plus, Annie and Auggie are soul mates - but not couple soul mates. They should remain friend soul mates - the characters and the actors really come across as having a deep connection. Unfortunately, their chemistry is lacking as a couple on screen. In real life, they'd make the perfect marriage, but on a show like CA, their relationship seems like dead weight.
Initially, I loved that Annie was a James Bond type operative, meeting handsome men and flirting, every two or three episodes - that was great, fun, different, and something we really need more off.
Killing off Simon was so wrong - just so wrong. They should have killed Ben Mercer.
And finally, please bring back Eyal Lavine. Oded Fehr brings SO much to the screen - after watching him in Seasons 1, 2 and 3 - every episode I watch seems flatter without him in it. I hate that they always say goodbye. Bring Eyal into the CIA. Give Annie and Eyal a real episode together - to me, Anyal is the perfect end game.


I just got all caught up on the show today. This episode was really good and surprising. The surprising part was that Auggie slept with Helen even though he knows Annie's still alive and Helen also knows and she knows how Annie and Auggie feel about each other yet she sill did it any way. I was a little suprized that she was killed and that died keeping Annie's secret. I liked how in the end Annie got off the bus and went to Auggies place and by the looks of the preview she actually talks to Auggie and they decided to do something about Helen's death which should make for an interesting episode so can't wait to see it. Something I keep wondering it when is Joan going to find out Annie is still alive?


I agree. I'm over the Henry storyline. I get that he wanted revenge for jai, but he got that with teo's death and he's trying to get back with sana, but that will never happen. I'm very disappointed in Auggie. How could he sleep with Helen knowing Annie is alive?! I'm glad Helen kept Annie safe and quite literally threw herself under the bus, but I don't think it's her redemption. I thought for a while that she was even working with Henry- when the missiles were missing and when she saw Annie in Geneva. What a plot twist that would have been.


So "barbara," did you really like the episode? I got the feeling that Helen didn't find life worth living without Auggie so he had no issue with assuming Annie's alias and I agree: Henry's time has run out. The story is getting old. I'm sure there are other bad guys out there that the "agency" can kill.

@ Jan

Its only been 1 season


Really approaching 24 in excitement and suspense. I am sorry Helen was killed. I thought they should have gotten back together. She was his wife, and Annie should have found someone else eventually.


Loved this episode. I am glad that Annie is back in DC, and it was really sweet when Annie got on the bus and sat down right next to Auggie and just looked at him. I really wanted for him to say something, but even if he knew it was her I guess he didn't want to endanger her. I wasn't a fan of Helen, and I am disappointed that Auggie slept with her. I got the feeling at the end that Helen sacrificed her own life to save Annie, which was such a noble way to go out. I do hope that they wrap the Henry stuff up before the season finale, as it's getting old now.


This show has gotten stronger every season........ I do think, however, this thing with Henry needs to end with this season and not carry over into the next season..... I do wonder if Auggie will tell Annie that he slept with Helen. But will it matter since Helen is dead? Technically, Auggie and Annie decided to end it BEFORE she went off the grid.


great episode but henry has got to go!!!!! mad at auggie for sleeping with helen wonder if he'll tell annie??? at least she took the heat off annie


great episode but henry has got to go!!!!! mad at auggie for sleeping with helen wonder if he'll tell annie??? at least she took the heat off annie


great episode but henry has got to go!!!!! mad at auggie for sleeping with helen wonder if he'll tell annie??? at least she took the heat off annie

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Ghosts are supposed to be invisible.


You know I saw the look in his eye. It's not a question of if he finds you, it's a question of when.