Covert Affairs Review: Investigations Collide

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The noose is tightening around Henry Wilcox.

With evidence piling up, the investigation into Henry's nefarious activities was ramped up by all those on his trail.

And, by the end of Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 14, those forces combined with a real chance of bringing the evil man down.

Back to New York

It's about the money. Henry didn't have his literal finger on the missile launcher trigger, so the best way to prove his involvement is to link the money for its purchase to him. Annie tracked down Henry's money man, Nelson Smith, a family man and Customs Official. Annie's meeting with Smith didn't go exactly as planned.

Smith had control of the situation after he caused a car accident. He threatened to exposure Annie to Henry, but instead they came to an agreement. Smith was Henry's patsy. It was in his interest to cooperate with Annie. Well, that is as long as Henry doesn't find out. Though, either way, Smith is a loose end and Henry doesn't allow those to stick around.

At the same time, Joan was getting information about Henry's money trail from FBI Agent Vincent Rossabi. That was the break she needed to find the source of Henry's funding. He was stealing money from the CIA and using it to fund his operations.

The two women followed separate leads, but ended up the same place and ran into each other outside the broker's location. Their reunion was a little anti-climatic, yet it was perfect. I loved Joan's reaction, a simple, "You're alive." And, with that they were working together. 

There wasn't any anger or bitterness. Joan was concerned about her well-being and then it was all about the mission and their shared desire to see Henry pay. With Joan's information about the location in Hong Kong, they had actionable intelligence to finally end Henry.

Auggie's anger over Helen's death and his troubled relationship with Annie caused him to act reckless. He decided to take Henry down himself. And, once again, Henry knew what was coming and disappeared. The Auggie-lead raid on Henry's place was a bust and was followed up by Calder's own planned raid.

Henry was gone.

With only two episodes left in Covert Affairs season 4, the end is near. Will the newly combined team of Calder, Annie, and Auggie be able to take advantage of knowing where the money is headed to finally get Henry?

I hope so. I'm just about done caring about him and his actions. He needs to be removed from the picture entirely. Though, the challenges facing the Campbells, Calder, Annie, and Auggie will be far from over once Henry is taken off the spy board. They have all gone rogue against the CIA and will have to deal with the ramifications for that.

No one has ever returned to the CIA after coming in from the cold after going underground unofficially. The only hope for Annie is that Calder, her superior, was aware of the plan and it can be effectively spun. Plus, there could be a humongous shake-up at the CIA in the aftermath of Henry's takedown. How high up has his corruption gone?

And, now that Calder and Joan are on the same page, they will be a force. Joan's apology for hating him and then thanking him for protecting Annie was my favorite moment. Just as with Joan and Annie's reunion, there wasn't any drama. They know the business and realize they are all on the same team.

Now, that team must stop Henry!


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That was an awesome episode!!! Can't wait til next week!!!


I really really liked this episode. With one or two minor bumps I thought Chris did a great job of directing it. He must have been stretched so thin you could almost see through him with the acting and all the preparation that had to be done while he was performing in the earlier episodes. I hope that Braithwaite gets whacked down to janitor. That guy acts just like he is an employee of Henry's. If he had a Lexington Global badge on it wouldn't surprise me at all. I am definitely ready for Henry to be in the ground, ashes in an urn, or confined for life in ADX Florence, the only Federal Supermax, with no hope of parole. I have a suspicion that Corman and Ord have a fascination with Henry that will keep him around. That would not be a good thing. Some evil people need to go away for good.


I agree, there is a mole and I think it's Barber. They made a big deal of Auggie making sure he was gone when he was going to go in and get Henry. Barber kept saying Henry was still in there. It's Barber.


I agree Next season should deal with the ramifications of what has taken place I also think who ever is reveal as the CIA director at the end of this season( please let it be someone from the Burn Notices show) will be the good/bad guy for next season. Let be truthfully here people we can not go back to the standalone bad guy of the week stuff its just WAY to boring and DONE TO DEATH.


Joan is a very intelligent woman. I think she suspected all along that Annie was alive and was underground. That's why their reunion may have seemed "anti-climatic". Auggie acted very reckless indeed. It's obvious Henry has a mole in the CIA that is watching everything and reporting back to him. That's how he made his escape. I DO REALLY HOPE this wraps up in the next two episodes. This CANNOT go on into next season. Next season should deal with the ramifications of what Auggie, Calder, Annie, and Joan have done and Arthur's trial. Well, if they get Henry, then Arthur will be released I'm sure.


Please get rid of Henry this season for the love of God!! I'm so sick of them dragging this out!! He's been around for TOO LONG

@ R

Then why watch the show if it bother you these much

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