Elementary Review: No Matter What

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It has been a bit since Sherlock and Joan have had a truly creepy suspect with which to deal.

And while the writing behind Lucas Bundsch in Elementary Season 2 Episode 9 was supposed to give him that quiet kind of calm-creepy presences. I found Troy Garity's performance of Bundsch lacking.

I could never tell if Bundsch was really playing cat and mouse with Joan and Sherlock or if he was actually supposed to be innocent. Garity’s mostly flat and mild speech didn’t convey "controlled calm," it came across more like “bored actor” to me. Never a true evil smile, or a knowing grin, always just the same "blah" look.

Maybe I’ve just gotten spoiled with Jonny Lee Miller's in-depth and heartfelt portrayal as Sherlock. Take the conversation with Joan at the end of the episode about his true nature and that he is not a nice man. His body language, facial expression and general presence all conveyed the message as much as his words did.

A Frustrating Case

Also, on the flip side from Garity’s seemingly lackluster performance, I really enjoyed Captain Gregson’s discussion about how good Sherlock was with Detective Coventry. It was great to see Gregson take pride in the work that he and Watson do and while he says he sticks his neck out, we never really get to see it first hand.

Speaking of Detective Coventry, Chris Bauer has been playing Andy Bellefleur, a stubborn, hard-nosed, yet kind of lazy town sheriff for the last six years on True Blood... was he really the best choice to play a stubborn hard-nosed, yet kind of lazy police detective?

Don’t get me wrong, he did a great job at the role, in some ways it may have been too good. I found myself yell things like "Jeez Andy, what were you thinking?" at the TV. Who knows, with True Blood wrapping up next season, maybe Bauer will become a recurring character here and I’ll start to remember the right now.

In the end, Sherlock and Joan turned out to be correct: Bundsch was a serial killer and was keeping the women prisoner in his sound studio before killing them. Though we did get a pleasant surprise when they found Kathy Spalding alive and reunited her with her husband.

Elementary Season 2 returns with a new installment on December 5.


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I also found Garity's performance refreshing. I actually doubted they would find anything at his studio ;-)


I actually liked Garity's performance tonight because of the flatness of it. I sort of enjoyed that he never gave on that Sherlock and Joan were right, it let us keep doubt as viewers. I was honestly wondering up until the end if it was really him or not, which I liked as the whole "you and I both know it's me but you can't prove it" dance has been done a lot. To me it was refreshing. And maybe it's just me, but I was a little thrown by Sherlock and Joan's discussion about him at the end. It's not that I disagree with what he said, it was just that it almost seemed to toss all his character growth since the start of the show. He has grown so much and come so far all while still remaining true to himself and while being able to maintain and use his skills, and what he said about making an effort with Joan makes it all seem like an act(for lack of a better word). More than that, it felt uncomfortable and... I don't know, just off. But again, maybe it's me.

@ Allie

I don't think the conversation at the end was weird. He's only nice to Watson and makes exceptions for her. I actually like that he let her know so she can save her energy getting upset. He's only had growth where she was involved.

@ Allie

The conversation at the end did feel a little weird. It was well delivered (as always) but you're right, it seemed that this case has picked open a wound of some sort.

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Lucas: I like your place.
Sherlock: The walls are a bit thin; they will never hold back our blood curdling screams. But, we call it home.

I’m curious, did you come here to hoping to scare us. Or are you just being a good predator.