Grey's Anatomy Review: Nothing's Wrong

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While last week's Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 9 was intense and kept me on the edge of my seat, "Somebody that I Used to Know" fell more on the lighthearted side of things.

Lots of Attention

Although I'm a huge fan of character-centric episodes, I was glad things were back to normal with drama at the hospital and especially in our favorite doctors' personal lives. Basically, it felt like classic Grey's. A whole lot happened and it all made for yet another memorable Thursday night.   

I laughed a ton, as there were quite a few hilarious lines and even started to miss Cristina already as she delivered some of the funniest ones. Be sure to check out the Grey's Anatomy quotes section to rehash some of her awesome quips.

A major OMG moment was when Shane stood up to Meredith for Cristina. I was totally surprised that Cristina didn't have a single word to say. To me, Shane was out of line and Cristina should have done the talking. I found it hard to believe that she didn't open her mouth once after everything that Meredith had said. 

In the final scene, it was obvious that Derek was over the besties' drama. As he rolled his eyes, I also found myself tired of both of them using the interns as their lackeys, their lack of communication and how immature they both could be at times.

Tensions Mount

Seriously, Meredith should have just gone to the board when push came to shove.

Also, maybe Cristina should just realize that she cannot "walk on water" every single time. All in all, I get that the gap between these two is as wide open as can be, but it would certainly be a shame not seeing them make up before Cristina makes her exit at the end of the season.

Calzona fans were probably jumping for joy as the two are going to give it another shot. This was after Callie found out that Arizona was with Leah while they were separated and also followed Arizona saying that she's tired of Callie always playing the victim. I used to really love Arizona and I just don't care for her anymore. Callie deserves so much better. 

Meanwhile, I am really glad Ben is back whether Bailey likes it or not. Something is definitely up with her and it's a good thing that he confided in Derek. I also thought that McDreamy did the right thing in letting Owen know about Bailey's issue. She shouldn't be operating, and I'm worried about her. Is it really just OCD?

Elsewhere, it's hard to believe that the Mapril wedding is going to happen as there was certainly still some spark with Japril. However, Jackson was convincing when he told Stephanie that he and April were over but it would always be awkward.

Other thoughts:

  • I was disappointed when Cristina kissed Shane. I'm hoping nothing else happens between these two moving forward. News flash to the writers: not every intern ought to be with their mentor.
  • I really thought we were going to get to catch at least one scene of the planned Thanksgiving dinner. Call me crazy, but I was curious to see if Emma and Owen were going to be able to pull off making dinner.
  • Fun fact: Debbie Allen, who plays Catherine Avery, directed this installment.
  • Don't forget to return next week to chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, I thought Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 10 was strong and had a bit of everything from the serious stuff to the crazy drama.

Also, it honestly made me ready for Thanksgiving. This was mainly thanks to Richard's mentions of stuffing, biscuits and everything else. Thanks a lot, Richard! 


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I felt Meredith to be petty and childish this episode and then whining that her best friend was a "mean girl"? Really??? I get it, she's upset because Christina called her out on not being able to be a good doctor and mother but that was after she proved that doing both was a struggle when she first came back and then the following week she was a crappy doctor to Alex's patient so maybe there is some truth to that statement. I'm over Arizona. I never liked her, I always found her "I'm perfect" routine exhausting. Can we have Callie not defined by the person by the person she is with? Just because her father and mother made it work doesn't mean that she needs to give Arizona another chance. While Shane's outburst was uncalled for, it was nice to see SOMEONE on Yang's side.


April and Jackson, want them back. they have sparks and fire. I've been watching grey's and lately it is becoming really annoying. first i can't forgive the death of Mark and Lexie, next at least Jackson and April were interesting to watch, but ...
I love the original cast and characters, they are amazing and i love their friendship, looking this friendships being broken is not good because this show was about them. I can't watch Meredith being "ordinary" and can't stand Christina being so mean to her and vice versa


That was such an ADORABLE and light-hearted episode! It was AWESOME!!!!
LOVE STACKSON they were super cute together!!! I love the way that Jackson stood by Stephanie!!! LOVE JOLEX they are super adorable together!!! These are my 2 ABSOLUTE FAVORITE couples NOW!!! April treated Jackson like dirt again and then she said but I still want my friend back. Callie seriously she NEEDS to keep Arizona on the couch, she definitely deserves someone better than Arizona. Please come to your senses and move on. Poor Bailey with the OCD. Loved Webber and thanksgiving with the residents. The way they all wanted to spend it with him, awwww. And KFC thanksgiving rocks!!! That is what I want for thanksgiving some KFC turkey! =D Super episode can't wait until the next one. =D


I have been watching this series from when it first aired and fell in love. I've actually I guess have watched it twice from the begging. I'm an ER nurse so I can relate to the hospital drama.
What I really want to say that some of the comments here are ridiculous. These are people that are characters on a television series. The aren't your friends, family, co workers. They aren't REAL. You saying things like
" MerCris are never going to get over their fallout if that happens.
The male intern was way out of line, he's allowed to talk to an attending like that! The kiss from Cris will be read by him as approval for his behavior "
Look I love these characters and show. im a huge fan. but you people seem a little"OCD" to be honest. Maybe I just don't understand why you can't just love the show and characters for the amazing acting, plot and directing and everything else that goes into this fantastic show without going overboard. There is a difference between loving a show and acting like your part of a life that is made up. Get your own life. It's kinda pathetic

@ mosbornern

I think that you are being a little harsh in referring to fans of the show who may criticize the actions of fictional characters as "pathetic." I see nothing wrong with viewing a fictional situation, be it in a movie, TV show, play or book, and judging the behavior of the characters portrayed, regardless of their fictional status. Often, people feel an emotional connection with what these characters are doing. It triggers feelings they have had are are having about real life experiences. For example, when Callie went through the agony of finding out her wife had been unfaithful, I imagine their were many viewers suffering right along with her who had exprerienced the same kind of gut wrenching emotional pain afer finding out they have been cheated on. And it also probably brought up memories of the anger they felt as well for the "Arizona-like person that caused all that anguish. So to be angry at Arizona for what she did was natural and it certainly wasn't pathetic. Haven't you ever laughed or cried or became sad or angry watching a movie based on events that were unreal? If no, then I pity you. And don't think for a minute that everyone associated with GA doesn't want the fans of the show to have an emotional attachment to the stories and characters. It's often what makes a show successful and keeps it on the air. To simply admire the technical skills and abilities of these artistic people and not be so moved by their performances that you feel rage, sadness, joy, etc. at what they are doing would probably make them feel as if they had failed.


I do like that Calzona is trying to get back together but they do need to realize they need help and Arizona needs help with her PTSD she hasn't fully dealt with. I did kind of feel bad for Leah. I am over the Twisted sisters fighting. Both of them are acting like babies and both need to apologize to each other. Christina needs to realize she's not a god and can't walk on water every time there's a tricky surgery, but Meridith also needs to give and realize that while what Christina said a few episodes back that started the riff, while it was harsh, it's true to a point, she is a good surgeon but she's split focus with being a mom. I fel bad for Bailey, I have OCD, granted it's nothing like that, mostly organization and cleanliness but it's OCD nontheless, but we know Bailey is going thorugh it from the MRSA outbreak, at least that's where it started, with the lengthy surgery to make sure everything is ok and has spiraled to this. I am glad Ben is back and is there to help whethr she takes it or not.


Shane yelling at Meredith? Really? This from the guy who is afraid of his own shadow. Did not ring true at all….and Cristina letting him? And Meredith taking it? Everyone out of character…hopefully this will play out later on.
Do not like Emma and Owen. Do not like Callie and Arizona back together…Arizona needs to find another job…preferably on the East coast. Do not like Stephanie period…never mind Stephanie and Jackson!! Need to see more of Jo and Alex. Bailey needs to let her hubby help her through this.


I really hope Mer doesn't get over what Shane said, and punish him like he so deserves. A resident can't talk to an attending/board member like that. I can't stand Cristina anymore. Meredith’s grant got the machine in the first place. If there was no printer what was she going to do? She's only using it to be the hero, since this was never done before. Meredith could use the funding, since she's not letting her do the study. But she doesn't care of course. So done with her.


I feel it is almost a certainty that Mer will loose her funding due to Cris repeatedly needing to redo her reprinting.MerCris are never going to get over their fallout if that happens.
The male intern was way out of line, he's allowed to talk to an attending like that! The kiss from Cris will be read by him as approval for his behaviour. 10x12 is bound to end up with them getting together.
I'm amazed that Owen seems oblivious to the dispute over the printer with Cris and Mer. Ben and Bailey are now over the honeymoon stage of their marriage. Arizona seems to be still in denial that she was the one who caused her marriage breakup. Not sure Calazona can get back to where they were before in their marriage


Excuse me, but there's no such thing as 'just OCD.' It's one of the most serious debilitating diseases known to man. It completely takes over your life if left untreated and even with treatment it's really hard. In best case scenarios, medication makes the obsessions and compulsions 40-50 percent easier to control. And the behavioral cognitive therapy everyone preaches about does not work for every type of OCD.
Two weeks ago when Bailey began showing signs of OCD, I was annoyed. The symptoms came so suddenly and they were so stereotypical of 'TV OCD' (which is actually Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder - the need to be in control of everything and have everything just so). OCD has little to do with being neat. It is about having pervasive obsessive thoughts which cause anxiety, and the only way to relieve that anxiety is to perform compulsions. And a compulsion can be any behavior, it doesn't have to even be ritualistic. Basically if you have a behavior that doesn't bring any benefit or joy to your life but you find that you HAVE to do it, you may have OCD. It's very, very similar to addiction and the two often overlap.
I was much more pleased this episode when we got to see how much it was invading Bailey's life and I was also relieved to see that it wasn't resolved easily (sorry Ben, but 'a few days to figure this out' isn't going to cut it. This is going to take months and possibly years for her to learn to manage it. And it will never go away).
OCD is a terrifying disorder and watching both Bailey and Ben struggle broke my heart. So yes, I think it's 'just OCD.' Any weird camera work from a couple weeks ago was Grey's attempt to portray the overwhelming anxiety that accompanies OCD. From the flashes in the beginning of the episode, we can see that the whole thousands of staph infection tests was the start . Like PTSD, many times OCD can be triggered later in life by a traumatic event, as long as the person is already predisposed to the disorder. And I think Bailey, who had just the slightest hint of OCPD even before her staph crisis last season, was probably predisposed. Perfectionists are at the greatest risk for OCD.
I suggest you do some research before you post things so lightly. You have many readers on this site and this was the perfect opportunity to commend the show for portraying the disease well, which nearly no television show does (I'm looking at you , Glee ). Instead you cast your doubts, saying it looked too serious to be OCD.
Consider this: before psychologists learned that psychoanalysis just didn't work on OCD patients. (Cognitive behavioral therapy and /or medication are the only way), it was the most common disorders you found in mental asylums. Not schizophrenia. OCD.
In summation, there's no such thing as 'just OCD'. It is just as scary and in many cases just as life-threatening as something purely physiological like a brain tumor.


If Shonda Rhimes hooks up Ross with Christina, I'm done. I'm still mad that there hasn't been any repercussion for Ross killing Mousey!

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