Grey's Anatomy Review: Saying Sorry

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Callie's crazy, complex life became even more complicated on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 9. At the start of the installment, I was wondering when our favorite orthopedic surgeon would simply catch a break. Quickly, I realized that break wasn't going to happen any time soon.

A Lot On Her Mind

In an extremely intense hour, Callie was put through the wringer as she found herself faced with a malpractice lawsuit. Moreover, she wasn't the only one affected as both Jo and Cristina had to take the stand as well.

With flashbacks, we learned that the plaintiff was a patient and a former Olympian snowboarder. Referred by Cristina four months ago, Callie was the "Ortho goddess" that Travis Reed wanted to help him with a "Peterson hip replacement". Travis willingly chose Callie knowing that she had never performed the surgery before.

Complications during the surgery led to a botched surgery, infection, a revision surgery, a heart surgery, and finally, the loss of both of his legs. It was very tragic, but I strongly believe the jury made the right decision in finding Callie not guilty. She did the best that she could and that was evident. 

I was really glad that Meredith was there when Callie found the letter from the clinical trial. Dated three weeks prior to Travis' surgery, the letter stated that there were five instances of infection after the hip replacement surgeries led to the surgeries being discontinued. Meredith convinced Callie not to confess in court that she found the letter as it could sway the jury's decision. Ultimately, I think this was the right move. 

Side note: I thought the casting was great as every single line was perfectly delivered by Travis and even the lawyers.

Sharing News With Dad

In the midst of the chaos, Callie's father arrived in Seattle to support his daughter. I always love when Callie's dad is around. I'm glad he was there for his Calliope. Also, it was awesome that the other doctors also showed up to also show Callie their support. 

Through the flashbacks, we also learned some surprising details about Calzona's marriage prior to Arizona cheating. From discussing babies to choosing sperm donors, from looking at new homes to first finding out Arizona was actually pregnant, it all felt lighthearted and I nearly forgot about all the recent Calzona drama. Unfortunately, though, we learned that Arizona miscarried.  

While I liked getting a better understanding of what exactly happened to Calzona and maybe reasoning behind why Arizona did what she did, I felt a bit cheated like Callie. I'm a huge fan of flashbacks, but I feel like we missed some major Calzona moments as we only saw glimpses of what happened. 

Other thoughts:

  • The father-daughter duo shared some majorly touching, unforgettable moments. When he confessed to cheating on Callie's mother and explained his reasoning behind mistakes and forgiveness, I knew Callie would immediately want to give Arizona a second chance. Do you think Calzona stand a chance or will Arizona's fling with Leah stand in the way of their happily ever after?
  • Is it crazy that I'm hoping some of the cast members from Private Practice will eventually make an appearance? Besides, doesn't Amelia want to meet her new little nephew?
  • Be sure to return next week to chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table

While Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 8 was likely the weakest installment thus far this season, "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" was solid and featured Callie as the rock star we all know and love.

Seriously, Sara Ramirez was amazing. I also really enjoyed how different this episode was and appreciated the way the Calzona flashbacks added to the storyline. I'm stoked to see what else Shonda and company have up their sleeves for the remainder of Grey's Anatomy Season 10


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I loved the episode, not only did it give me some hope for Calzona, it was a great episode all around. I like that Callie and Meredith have come closer and she was there when she found the letter. I liked the flashbacks was good to see a happy Calzona couple, I miss that. I love Jessica Capshaw and Arizona, did not like that she cheated, but I still believe there is hope. Callie is not innocent in it either, when Mark was alive their "friendship" pissed me off. Granted Callie didn't cheat cause technically Calzona were on a break but still. Yeah Arizona treated Callie like crap after the plane crash and amputation and probably still hasn't dealt with the PTSD but still Arizona was there for Callie after her accident, almost dying, and Callie was there for Arizona, you don't stay through all that because you don't love each other. I know the cheating storyline made a lot of people hate Arizona after Callie took care of her, me included, but I never gave up hope and last night was good to see flashbacks of events that added to the cheating. Not saying she was ok to cheat but hell even Callie's father cheated.

@ Nikki

I think there's a vast difference between how Callie was there for Arizona and how Arizona was there for Callie. Callie was not a whiny bitch but Arizona most definitely was. She had absolutely no sympathy for Callie having to make the decision to chop of her leg for frickin' months. Of course I hope the relationship survives (simply to show on TV what it means to work through problems a marriage/relationship might face) but man it is so difficult to sit through.

@ greyslover

What I find interesting is that it was actually Alex that took Arizona's leg, not Callie. Callie was in charge and it was her decision to do it, but she didn't perform the actual surgery. I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if Arizona somehow found out about this.


A stupid stunt on writers's part to try to turn Arizona more likeable to the public eyes. However, very contrived. On my part Arizona can go to the Hell of cheaters along with Owen. Like him, she'll never be seen in the same light as before. Look at what happen to him after he had cheated on Cristina. He wasn't able to stand as a credible and loved character by the fans again. Now he's a shadow. After all this time we've come to learn that Arizona's cheating on Callie was, her needy ego. Bad Callie, that was all her fault! I've to say that I never expected that the last season Sandra Oh is in, is being so devastatingly wasted the way it has been.

@ Guest

Hm? Which stunt do you mean? I daresay they weren't trying to explain her cheating completely with the miscarriage.


I too want to see Amelia around and in interaction with Zola and Baby Bailey. I'm sad for Callie. She deserves more happiness. The story with Arizona pregnant doesn't fit. It would be surprising that we didn't hear about this at the time it happened. I hope that Meredith and become reconciled. Cristina. I prefer April with Matthew than with Jackson.

@ Catherine

I miss Amelia as well! I'm crossing my fingers she'll pay a visit sometime this season.

@ Christina Tran

I think that Derek and Amelia are closely bound by brain problems. They both saw their father when he was killed with a ball in the brain and both became neurosurgeons. The Unicorn-baby had no brain. I think it could be more developed as it was till now. Amelia had more than one reason to come in Seattle. Besides, we would be happy to see her again. By the way, I like very much how you make the reviews.

@ Catherine

April and Matt belong together.


Amazing episode. Loved all the callbacks. Callie was sad in a bathroom when Arizona walked into her life and lifted her spirits, and Arizona did the same last night with Sofia's picture. Also loved the butterflies reference callback...Remember "She's hot, but she's got butterflies on her scrubcap, help me get over the butterflies" speech to Addison in the hospital church... Arizona was trying to help Callie get over the butterflies again, in the form of rhinestones on the back of her stockings. All these beautiful callbacks for a beautiful couple, that has been through a lot of crap but are pretty evidently still in love, regardless of the crap.

@ mcyummy

Awesome memory!

@ mcyummy

Thanks for the connection...I completely forgot about that.

Spindae 2o

No character on GA pushes my angry buttons like Arizona or Arizon connected stories. I loved the begginig of Calzon it was real and trustful and likeable. But the way they developet her character/relationship awful. First she doesn't want kids, no reason no explanation, she just cave in. Than she pisses of to Africa and Callie forgives her just like that. Than Arizona losses her leg and I thought uhhh good story but she is just a mess. And after the act of saying she doesn't want to loose anything more she does the one thing that makes her lose everything. Really non sense. I like Arizona while working with Alex, Bff-ing with Teddy. But this is just a mess.

@ Spindae 2.0

Totally agree. Arizona just caves waaaaaaaaaaaaay too easily. A really incredibly weak person. So much for sunshine and smiles.


I think Shonda threw the miscarriage in there last-minute, in an attempt to further Arizona's state of mind when she did cheat. That being said, it was a poor attempt, at best. It's going to take a lot more "flashbacks" of thrown-together scenarios to give Arizona a chance in hades of being a beloved cast member again, Shonda. You really smashed the pumpkin this time, and now you're trying to cover your butt. You can't uncross Arizona's legs that easily...keep trying.


Alex is so gay.


I highly doubt it.


It would be a change to have an unattached surgeon at GSH. Let Callie date. Arizonza pregnant! Maybe her one night stand was a reflex reaction, but I'm not sure many miscarriages lead to cheating. I think Shonda wants to rehabilitate Arizona to GA fans who were not happy with her!
It was a kinda shock to see the flashbacks with Mer and Cris getting on!


Am I the only one that is tired of Callie always caving and being a doormat? I used to love this character so much but for the love of God make it stop. A miscarriage is not justification for cheating. Personally I would love to see single Callie, dating women and men. And I love Papa Torres but why was it okay for Callie to end her marriage with George when he cheated but with Arizona they are supposed to make it work???!!!!????

@ Nicole

I'm not entirely sure, but maybe it was okay then but not okay now because there is a child involved this time around. Then again, her dad did she was brought into the world after one mistake and forgiveness was found.

@ Nicole

If I remember correctly, George had an ongoing affair whereas Arizona cheated once. Having said that, Arizona's current fling makes her hard to take. She's newly separated and the cause of the separation. I think Callie will try, as her father suggested but the fling with Leah will probably end it. I'm good with that and would like to see Callie date. I'm also ok if Calzona get back together WAY down the line.

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