Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our review broke down Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 9, "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word," in detail. Now, TVF's Christina Tran and Steve Marsi, along with Jarrod Mitchell, are back for a Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Christina: Callie had a number of awesome lines. My favorite follows: “I’m so sorry. That makes me human. That does not make me negligent. And if I can’t feel for my patients without getting sued, then I guess I’m just going to keep getting sued because that’s who I am. I won’t apologize for that.”

Jarrod: I'd rather spin this and say that my least favorite quote of the night was "You should get dressed now... And leave." I understand Arizona wants her marriage back, and that her relationship with Leah may not going anywhere, but at least show the girl you've been bedding some respect. Arizona once again loses more points from me.

Steve: I can't choose one in particular, but this was Callie's episode, through and through. Kudos to the writers who wrote her many terrific quotes and to Sara Ramirez who delivered them with such believable urgency.

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The episode was all about Callie and strayed from the usual format. Did you dig it?

Christina: Yes! It honestly was a nice break from all of the relationship drama we’ve seen since this season’s premiere. Furthermore, Sara Ramirez did an awesome job and I enjoyed the medical story mixed with the legal ramifications very much. I’m hoping the writers continue to be brave and try some different things for us longtime, loyal viewers.

Jarrod: Totally with Christina on this one. I like the occasional character-centric episodes and it reminded me a bit of Private Practice's final season with character-centric episodes. I'd really like to see more down the line especially with Cristina, with this being Sandra Oh's final season.

Steve: I think the episode was extremely well done, so it's hard to argue with the format shift at all. If they can execute their vision, I support the writers' efforts to deviate from the standard ensemble format a bit.

What did you think of Daddy Torres’ return?

Christina: Well, I’m a total sucker for father-daughter moments and so I loved it. Life happens, but it’s nice to know the people who love you the most are always there for you when you really are down in the dumps.

Jarrod: Been a fan of his character since day one, so it was great to see him! There's never enough family when moments like these come full front and centre. Now if only we could get Thatcher Grey back on screen this season...

Steve: Hector Elizondo brings gravitas to the character and show, for sure. Callie and her dad have always made for memorable moments and this week was no exception.

What was most surprising about the flashbacks used to show us happier days for Calzona?

Christina: Aside from all the quick tidbits of information we found out, I felt like everything we learned was rushed to catch us up to speed to present day. Finding out that Arizona miscarried was shocking; however, it didn’t soften the blow of her cheating. I used to love Arizona and now I can’t help but think Callie deserves so much better.

Jarrod: The whole thing was a surprise. However, it doesn't change a thing. If it's meant to make me understand why Arizona did what she did it doesn't at all. I'm not saying Callie is exactly perfect, but it seems they just threw it in there to try and build Arizona up and justify her reasons for cheating.

Steve: It definitely felt like a PR attempt from Arizona apologists to justify, or at least lend context to, her actions. I don't know that it did that, however. Between the miscarriage and losing her leg, it's undeniable that she went through a lot. Yet it doesn't wipe away what happened or redeem her in the present day, particularly in light of certain comments Arizona makes.

We’ve seen a variety of different and new pairings bringing some of our doctors closer as friends. So far, which has been your favorite duo?

Christina: Like I mentioned in my review, I was really glad that Mer was there for Callie when she found the letter from the clinical trials. These two moms have grown closer (I mean they did share a kiss recently!) and I’m glad they have each other to lean on during crappy times.

Jarrod: I'll have to agree with Christina on this one, once again. Meredith needs a new BFF and Callie does make the most sense to me. I just hope we don't see one of them leave at the end of this season, because I couldn't handle another loss of friendship this season.

Steve: Having just watched this episode it's hard not to pick Meredith and Callie, but I've enjoyed Grey's Anatomy Season 10 a lot for how they've switched things up overall. In the end I think all the characters have pretty strong chemistry together, which is not a small feat for a cast of this size.


That episode was amazing! Bravo Stacy McKee! Callie finding out Arizona was pregnant and how close they were. Followed by the next scene contrast showing Az wanting to sit by Callie in the board room and the distance between them now. So heartbreaking to watch. Love Meredith and Callie together, always have.


Unfortunately, I think the "key character returning" was nothing more than Ben, Bailey's husband..and/or Callie's dad. I think it was a big build-up to something mediocre. I was looking forward to one of our favorites returning, but "key character" outlines someone important, but not main. I'm fairly certain it was just Ben, and I can go back to wallowing in frustration at the lack of talent this year. OUT with the interns...ugh. I'm not happy with you right now, McKidd.


I feel for Arizona. She literally lost everything for a year. It's not just her best friend, her leg and her baby. I think she lost herself.. and hope in the end. I'm so glad Callie decided to give Arizona the second chance.


I enjoyed that Callie's dad came back. Like Jarrod, I want to see again Thatcher. I miss an evocation of Lexie by Meredith, Thatcher, and, why not, Molly, the sister we saw in season 2 and 3 if I correctly remember. They could come to see the baby, for example. It would be better if they met there Derek's mum and Amelia. It would be dreamy!
I like the pairing of Callie and Meredith, but I miss Meredith with Cristina in good terms


Favorite scene for me was Callie with papa Torres....all of their scenes together. I love, love, love him. Also, the staring down of Arizona at the door. I would love to see him more often.
Love having the Callie centric episode. It was so nice to see more focus on just a few characters rather then the whole cast every week. I find it hard to follow all the story lines every week. I really like seeing what was going on in Callie head through out this episode.
My favourite flashback was of the two of them in the bathroom. You always see how much Arizona really feels for Callie whenever she starts could tell it was taking everything for Arizona not to comfort her, like she always did. Even though I liked seeing the flashbacks to give us some insight as to what happen with Arizona, it was a lazy way for the writers to try and help Arizona's cheating and it just doesn't work for me. I would have liked to see their SL played out for all to see.
I do like the pairing of Callie and Mer, but I like Callie paired with anyone because she can always make the scene work. I also like Arizona with April.
You know I have a strange feeling after that last scene with Arizona and Callie, that, Arizona is going to tell Callie that she does not want to move back in at this point!

Spindae 2o

1.Fav scen? : Callie and Mer finding the letter. I love these 2 together. They are very similiar characters, do you remember the panty thing from the season 3 premier? They have chemistry all along.
2. Callie centric! : It was a nice touch especially we barely see Callie struggling with something cause she was always flawless kickass surgeon. The only thing I missed the follow up was the Mer-Der printer thing. The writers played it safe by not pushing the fight.
3. Daddy Torres? : Never quite liked him. But always liked his sassy quotes here and there.
4. Flashback? : The sperm search thingy was a nice scene. It had some original Calzona flow like pre season 7. The miscarriage I believe was Forced. I mean Arizona said she doesn't want to lose anything anymore and than she does the only thing that can make her lose Everything and eventually did.
5.New Friends? : Besides Mallie having great scenes, I really love April and Arizona and Xtina and Shane.


I understood Arizona more than ever this episode. Callie, once again, shown to disregard Arizona. Missing an ultrasound, wanting a definitive answer on having another kid 5 minutes after a miscarriage. Callie is truly disgusting, and I was hoping she'd lose her medical license even though I knew better. Everyone says Callie deserves better? Arizona does too.

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