Grimm Review: A Message From M

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There are some episodes of Grimm that tell so much procedural story it sometimes grows boring rather than compelling.

Thankfully, Grimm Season 3 Episode 4 focused on a captivating tale with some very exciting serial elements layered throughout.

Aquatic Wesen

The case involving the Nyads was rather fascinating, as they're given a decently rich culture for a procedural story with staunch traditionalists and a younger generation trying to bend the long set in stone rules; plus, the series has never really dipped its toes in the Wesen waters, so it’s fun to see Grimm Season 3 branch out of its mostly sea level stories to tell something a little more aquatic.

A big reason why the procedural element was so well done this week was that the witnesses took an integral part in propelling the action forward; it was not an endless cycle of interrogations and evidence grabs until a conviction was made.

Jake ended up being a big driver of the story, attempting to go through the motions of what happened and his later reconnecting with Ellie, and Sarah and Anna as the conduits for the Nyad culture.

And Jake and Ellie were cute together too.

The Nyad culture is very much a mirror of Nick and his position in the Wesen world. Nick is up against a Wesen universe that is very much full of staunch traditionalists who see him in the light of ancestors’ behavior, and he is very much breaking and bending the rules of the Grimms who came before him as he goes.

The Nyads staying within their own culture is another parallel, as Nick shares a lot of Grimm knowledge and knowhow with Hank, Monroe, Rosalee and Juliette.

One final observation on the case: Nick saving Ellie. I’m starting to wonder if Nick’s zombification comes into play when he’s nearing death. As he is saving Ellie and slowly turning grey, it’s not until he’s back out of the water and breathing normally that his color returns. The same type of incident happened when he was sleeping.

If my WebMD searching has taught me anything, it’s that both of these events have the same effect on the heart: slowing it down. This ties in to the doctor saying that Nick is in great shape... aside from his very slow heart rate, so it’s possible that Nick is bringing his heart rate to such a number that he’s actually entering a death-like state; except that his time as a zombie is preventing him from a “real” death.

Monroe and Rosalee are now officially unpacked and living together. They are truly adorable together, and the progression of their relationship feels natural. It’s not incredibly slow, and they’re not jumping into anything head first without seeing where the other is first.

Finally, there’s a letter from M:

Haven’t been able to spend the money. Royal assassination causing much turmoil. No longer safe… Must leave now, love you, M.


Mama Grimm, I have missed you! I’m sad you couldn’t get rid of the coins that caused havoc all over Portland, but I’m hoping you’re coming back to visit Portland. It feels like seasons ago, but it was just last year that Mama Burkhardt came to visit Portland.

Of course Juliette has no knowledge of her since those were the coma days of her life, but I’m wondering where she’s going with this. Does she think Nick is seeing someone else?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Is my theory of Nick all washed up? What is Juliette thinking? And, most importantly, on a scale of 10 to awesome how cute are Monroe and Rosalee together?


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I liked this one a lot, but it's unclear to me what will happen to the the deaf Nyad. When they cut off her webbing, she no longer could breathe underwater. Is that permanent, or will it grow back? This show often has pacing issues, where everything is wrapped up way too quickly at the end, and some plot threads are dropped.


I thought this epi was a little slow. Nice to see Michael from Army Wives, hated they cancelled that show. Was just starting to get into the new people. Also nice to see the deaf actress from Switched at Birth. Would love to see her in more shows and more of her on Switched at Birth this Winter season. Still can't stand Juliette. She is wondering who is emailing Nick when just a few weeks ago she was running around gross kissing, slapping and shooting at Nipples Renard...Really? I am so so so glad Cool, Sexy Badass The Captain from season one is back and please no more Nipples Renard from season two. The look on Renard's face when he figured out Adalind was pregnant was great. Monroe and Rosealee are just adorable! It is sad Nick and Juliette have no chemisty together. They should be the adorable couple but they are just plan boring. The Captian and Adalind are sexy together and Nick and Juliette are just plan boring! Am I having a nightmare... was there no Wu this week?


Really loved this episode. I'm kind of hoping we see the naiads (yup, naiads ;p) again somewhere down the line - the dad was a great character, and I'd sort of like to know where Jake and Ellie landed. Er, no pun intended. Current wild theories:
-Gypsy lady (sorry; what's her name again?) is Renard's mum.
-Mama Grimm is Meisner, or connected to Meisner in some way.

@ JK

Yes I think Stephina (sp) is Renard's mom. I wonder if she knows the baby could be her grandchild? I think the baby is Eric's and he is not dead. I am sure the contract that Adalind signed with her hand is going to be trouble for her. Mama Grimm as Meisner interesting! I hope we get to see Mama Grimm soon. She was a character that was wasted last year along with Eric. More Mama Grimm and less Juliette!


Grimm's pacing alone is reason to quit. I like this case though the writing is not good.


If I may indulge my biology nerdism to address Nick's zombification...sorry, I love TV but I love science even more... It appears that the zombie goo has had two effects on Nick. First - it's slowed down his metabolic rate, which as you've already discussed, included a slowed heart rate as well. With a metabolic rate that slow, the body doesn't need nutrients/oxygen delivered to different parts of the body quite as urgently as a normal person, so the heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood around to deliver these things. By itself, that's not a big deal; a lot of endurance athletes have trained their body to have lower resting heart rates than normal folks, likely why Nick's doctor isn't too concerned. The other effect, though, seems to be a paradoxical effect on his sympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that reacts unconsciously to stress (fight or flight). It's supposed to speed up the metabolic rate, speed up the heart rate in a stressful situation. That part of the nervous system is also in play when we wake up, preparing our resting bodies for activity. It works opposite to the parasympathetic nervous system (which keeps us at rest). That's the interesting part of Nick's zombification, I think. His body is now having the opposite reaction to stress and waking up. When Nick was doing the (fabulously shirtless) stress test, his heart rate never went above 30...most normal humans with decent cardiovascular fitness are around 65-70 and would go up into the 100s on a treadmill. And if you listened to the score/music/background while he was underwater saving the mermaid, you could hear his heartbeat. It was SUPER slow. It's also probably why he seems dead while sleeping; his body isn't really in a hurry to wake him up. I think his sympathetic nervous system isn't working like it should; it's maintaining his ridiculously low metabolism all the time, when the opposite should be happening. I think THOSE are the times where he looks all zombie-ish. Again, sorry for the rant...but who else am I gonna discuss this with?! :)

@ Robin Harry

Interesting, thank you for the science! Even though I'm a math guy, I enjoyed it. :D


Fun episode. I always enjoy the procedural episodes of Grimm; it reminds me of the X-Files, a show that was able to balance freak-of-the-week with mythology quite well (at the beginning, anyway). This was a fun case to watch, and how the mermaid without a voice wasn't named Ariel is beyond me...unless Ellie was a nickname for Ariel... REALLY looking forward to the return of Mama Grimm!! I think Juliette knows better at this point to think Nick is cheating. All of the references in the email should point to this being Grimm related as well. Hopefully they don't go down the "what-do-I-do-I-think-he's-cheating-on-me" route. I've just started to like Juliette, please don't give me a reason to dislike her again!! On a scale of 1-10 - Monroe and Rosalee hit a 25 on the cuteness scale!


Good episode. I don't know what's happening with Nick but it seems like his heart rate slows down whenever he needs it to that's why he's in perfect health and why he can hold his breath underwater so long. So M is Nicks mom and it sounds like she's coming back I can't wait to see her again it does feel like it's been forever. Monroe and Rosalee are cute together and I'm glad that they've moved in with each other. Can't wait till the next episode.


This was a fun episode! I can't wait to see Juliette have a little chat with Nick about who's sending him "love notes." The one thing I was waiting to see was for Nick (or Hank) to just get a bucket of water and dump it on the mermaids if they cooperated. That would have been interesting, especially if they had to explain it to Wu!


I enjoyed this episode because it was different from the normal wesen that we encounter. Mermaids are always cool. And I love seeing Luke from Joan of Arcadia. "This ties in to the doctor saying that Nick is in great shape aside from his very slow heart rate" ---I heard metabolic rate, not heart rate. Your theory about Nick doesn't explain the other times that he's "died."

@ Gigi2776

This is the confusing part of the episode. The metabolic rate involves the metabolism and how quickly the body can burn calories for energy. The heart is part of this process since it needs energy to function, but this applies to all organs. Last week the doctor attempts to get Nick's heart rate up but no matter what stresses he places upon Nick his heart rate stays more or less the same, and that's what I was referencing. As far as I remember Nick has "died"four times: Twice while sleeping, once on the couch, and now his deep water dive. All of these "deaths" involve his heart rate, or his resting metabolic rate, to go down.

@ Nick McHatton

Hi, Nick. Thanks for the reply. I don't disagree with any of your anatomical explanation. I only stated that I heard Juliette say something different. However, when I stated that your theory doesn't explain the other times that Nick "died," I was remembering when the homicide detectives were interviewing Juliette, and Nick "died" while listening in on the conversation, nor does it explain the incident while he was talking with Juliette in the living room. At those times, he wasn't in situations that had him near death.

@ Gigi2776

I know you weren't; I love interacting with the Grimm commenters, and I just wanted to give a little more insight into my thinking during the episode. I completely forgot about the detectives having the death effect, so that puts a few nails in my theory's coffin. If you haven't done so already, Robin has a wonderful take on what is happening.

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Grimm Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Haven’t been able to spend the money. Royal assassination causing much turmoil. No longer safe… Must leave now, love you, M.


We have to be honest that is butt ugly.