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The ramifications of Nick’s time as a member of the undead came quickly in Grimm Season 3 Episode 2, as everyone he cares about is now completely swept along in the cover up.

Finding Nick

Nick’s time Grimm Smashing has come to end, but his hangover as a zombie is far from over.

Showing the ability to go in and out of actual death in his sleep – complete with the grey face and heart stoppage – I’m curious to see how this new ability of his is incorporated into Grimm Season 3.

The bigger issue is what Nick did as a zombie: killing a man. Nick wants to turn himself in and I can understand that if it was two years prior, but that Nick is long gone. Like Renard explained to Nick, he’s in two worlds now.

As much as Nick wants to abide by the morality that drives him as a cop and a human, he’s not that man anymore. What might not go in Portland is perfectly acceptable in the Wesen world.

Nick might not always agree with that line of thinking, but he didn’t have any say in the matter when committing the acts; and he didn’t have much of a say after being cured since Renard, Rosalee and Juliette put themselves in the line of fire to cover Nick’s trail. Even so, what Nick did isn’t quite murder. Going by the tape, it’s far more likely that it’s self-defense or manslaughter.

I’m having difficulty believing Eric is dead, but with his plan to bring the Grimm back to Europe foiled, I suppose it might be better that he is dead. With Renard’s mother calling him so they can talk, I’m starting to wonder if Renard is next in line to head up the family. I don’t recall Renard having any other full brothers or sisters, so it’s likely he’s up next.

If that does happen, it puts Renard in a precarious position. He’s been attempting to get back at his family and keep the Grimm away from them - and he’s now done both.

Along the way, Renard’s protecting of Nick and his friends has ended up dragging him along for the ride and Renard does seem fond of everyone. So if he were to join the family and become its new king, then that leaves him with potentially trying to bring back the Grimm.

This idea also brings back memories of “Three Coins in a Fuschbau” when Renard, driven by the coins, saw himself as a leader. He dreams of being a leader, so what is he willing to do to get it?

Adalind continued her journey to get her powers back, and this week she got to sew the flowers she picked into Frau Pech’s corpse.

Could this ritual get any grosser? Sewing the corpse up, biting the bloody thread,and then Adalind rubbing those flower guts all over her pregnant self?!?

If I were Adalind, I would be wiping my hands on my pants and yelling “nope!” as I hauled it out of there and back to Portland. Why is Adalind so hell bent on getting her powers back? What is so wrong with being human? I hope Grimm Season 3 begins to answer those questions.


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Ok I am I wrong for being happy that Nick hit Juliette? I know I am but I did enjoy it. Sorry guys can't stand her!


I also think The Captain's mom sounded like Stefania! I really like Stefania and I hope they keep her around. I also don't think Eric is dead. I hope he is not because they wasted a very good actor by wasting so much time last year on boring Juliette. I still can't stand Juliette. I hope this doesn't mean The Captain is the baby's father! But if The Captain is the father and Stepfania is the grandmother that would explain who she is so hell bent on getting her hands on the baby. Poor baby just a pawn! I really like Adalind and I am glad they have her a regular now. Less Juliette more Adalind! Why does it look like Nick is shooting Monroe next week!


Good episode. I wasn't suprized to find out Nick killed someone and it makes since that he did it in self defense because even thought he was a zombie he had more control than others did and I don't think he would ever let himself kill someone even though it wouldn't necessarily be his fault. Nick being dead while he was alssep but then waking up and being completely normal is interesting and I can't wait to find out more about that. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


I just read that east coast will start late because of live football and will be rerun. Can this be possible??? Going to back and reread. First I've seen of this. Hope it is not true!!


I remember a while back, when we were still unsure of how Hank and Juliette would ever fit in on the show, there was one episode where the review was titled, "The One Where No One Was Useless." I think that certainly applies to this episode! I enjoyed this episode. It's great seeing how cohesive a unit Team Grimm has become. Even though we still don't know Renard's full agenda, it's clear that whatever his agenda is, he cares about these guys and REALLY wants them on his side. As for Nick, he likely would have been acquitted of the killing, but honestly, what would they say in court? Although, I find it strange that Nick didn't leave any fingerprints or DNA on the scene; he's a cop and his identifiers would be on file... There's no way Eric Renard is dead. He probably saw that coming. I also don't trust the Captain's is he the only ally that's still alive? Also - Adalind...again, EWWWW. Almost lost my dinner. On that note, did anyone else think that Cap's mom sounded exactly like Stefania? My only complaint about this episode was the lighting. The fight scenes looked SOOO amazingly choreographed and badass, I wish we would have been able to see it better. That barn was so dark!


I really liked the episode. I had feared that the show as going to go a different direction during the premiere. I like the case of the week format with a longer arc only getting a few minutes an episode. My only problem with Nick's guilt is that they are playing it like he has never killed a man before. Granted he could remember those deaths and he knows it was the only option, but still.

@ neb8fan

While I agree, the prior killings that Nick did were when he was wearing his Grimm hat and going after the monsters. This case was one where HE was the monster and he kill a normal human. Even as a Zombie he maintained enough control that he did not attack anyone but only defended himself if attacked. IOW: This killing was self defense.


So is this this storyline going to play out through the rest of the season?
If so how LONG and how WELL are they going to stick to their story to protect nick? Besides it showed in the final scene nick was already starting to crack. When is SGT.Wu going to know about all of this he's still in the DARK....Come on! As for Adalind her storyline is boring and it's a drag!!!! I'm OVER IT!.


I don't think Rosalee and Juliette lied to the detectives at all. Split hairs, certainly, but they didn't lie outright. As for Nick, he's not culpable in any way for the bar fight incident - first, he didn't start the fight (and seemed to only go after people who were attacking him), and second, he was under the influence of a powerful drug that had been administered to him without his consent! And they have the entire Portland PD to testify as to the zombie-drug's effects. They can't prosecute Nick for the death any more than they could prosecute any of the other victims. The true guilty party is already dead.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

This show continues to be top-notch brilliance mix of macabre and awesome


The pacing is seriously hurting this series.

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Grimm Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Nick: Well, how did I look?
Juliette: You looked dead.

I don’t know how you handle family issues, but I hope you’re not going to let him get away with this.