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There sure is a lot of people here that seem to miss Kono (me too). I hope PL sees this and gets off his okole and gets her back on as soon as she's able.


I loved that baby. She had personality plus. I'm not a fan of Catherine. I was horrified when Steve let her join 5-0


Great episode. I miss seeing Kono at the beginning even though we only see her for like a minute or 2 I like to know what she and Adam are up to their story is very interesting. Mary adopting a baby I'm not sure what to think I would agree with Steve and I liked how she told him she took care of an old guy for 8 weeks and Steve was like he died and she replied by saying of natural causes. I think she could be a good mother but isn't like hard to adopt a kid I'm kind of surprised she got considering how she is. The scenes with the guys and the baby were funny. Steve letting Catherine keep the badge and asking her to join the team was great and I thought it's about time and I've kinda always considered her apart of the team even if she wasn't actually part of the team I mean she helped them all the time using her naval clearance and also helping them on cases by going out to help take the bad guy down. I can't wait till Kono comes back to the team. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.

@ marissa

I really like Michelle Borth on Hawaii - Five O I hope they don't get rid of her she is really good


THANK YOU Jim for bringing back the 5-0 reviews and please keep them coming !!

Loving the entire season and can't wait for Kono's return.

I enjoy Catherine and Steve very much (especially shirtless Steve) but I'm not sure about having her on the team for good ---- a large conflict there for Steve.

The entire season has been great and the baby scenes were fantastic last night - absolutely love the guys interaction together.


I have a question. I did not watch the first half of the episode. I want to know if the badge Steve gave Catherine was it Konos´s badge? If it was Konos badege I believe Steve is disrespectful like if Kono wont be coming back. And I dont think Steve has spare badges on his desk, does he? I knew Catherine was going to be part of the team at some point once Kono left it was just a matter of time and also after Billy died Catherien was unemployed so it was easy for Steve to hire her.. But still not fond of her becoming part of the team. I mean if she can work good along side Kono I dont mind. But she being Steve gf and also part of the team it may result in confilct of interest and their love relationbship will be now harder than before, it can make them break up or not. But I hate that she believes she is Super woman and she can handle everything. She has to learn to be more humble I only see her asa a delicate lady flaunting her body in a bikini Kono never did that, she di dnot have to be in a bikini to get information, she had otehr ways to get info and she never used her body to do so. I mean iin a bikini.. Besides u earn ur badge, Catherine did not earn the badge it was giver to her by force cause there was no other option than to give her a job.

@ H50fan

It wasn't Kono badge. Steve gave his badge to Catherine when they were in their bedroom.


Jim, it was indeed time to get back to the island and to our weekly review. Thanks for a great one!

The episode had his funny moments for sure Joan was adorable and I loved uncle Steve, uncle Chin and uncle Danny especially the last one Danny is a great storyteller the moment he tells Joan a story in his office about "Handsome Prince, Hairy Ogre and the Black Stallion". I immediately knew who he meant in this story it was hilarious and cute at the same time

No surprise Catherine's now a 5-0. saw that coming from the end of season 3. Cath fight scene was awesome she only had one scratch which I can't say for the guy she fighting with. but her finding everything about Sato on her own without any help from Five-O c'mon. Cath is not Superwoman.

Who in the world will allow Mary to adopt a baby with her background it wouldn't happen in the real world. I love Joan she was adorable but I didn't saw the purpose of this SL in this episode.

I like Captain Grover it's time someone put Steve on his place sometimes his arrogance go's to far.

Oh, and Fong is finally back…

Steve in a towel I can see every week Yum!!!


Finally got time watch, it was a fun ep. Hope to see more of Mary and baby. Great to see Fong back, was wondering why not even a mention before this. Want to see Kono an Catherine team up. I think this is different than Lori, she was forced onto the team while Catherine was already a member of the family. Good season so far and can only get better when Kono returns.


Well, hello there, Jim! So nice to see a new H5-0 review finally up! It's been sorely missed!

This was indeed a fun episode - I loved Three Men and A Baby and especially Danny's fairy tale, but I'm mostly intrigued with the Capt. Grover/McG relationship! Very cool little touch of undermining McG's authority Grover attempted by trying to buddy up to Chin! I would love to see a scene with Grover and Danny sharing longboards and commiserating about dealing with superSEAL! But we know, when all is said and done, Danny will always have Steve's back. Looking forward to more of this dynamic in future eps.
Catherine on the team is just fine with me. Remember in S1 everyone complained about pencil-thin Kono taking down Sang Min's thugs and she hadn't even graduated from the Academy! Catherine has been on active duty in Navy Intel and survived several oversea deployments - why is it hard to imagine she could take down a Yakuza pretty boy? Welcome to the team, Catherine.


Haven't watched yet, but want to thank you for the review. It may be good for Grace with Catherine on the team because she may want a little less role and more time at home at least for awhile.


Thanks so much for the review, been on 5-0 review withdrawals! Love the show, still not sure about Catherine being part of the team but I am starting to like her more. There was a lot going on this episode, had to watch it twice to get it all in.

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