Hawaii Five-0 Review: In Deep

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It was about time we headed back to the Islands, wasn't it?

And Hawaii Five-O Season 4 Episode 7 was a decent episode to return to  for our weekly reviews. Emphasis on the word decent since regular viewers know there wasn’t much movement forward with the bigger arcs of the season.

The case of the week for McGarrett, Danny and Chin Ho involved an undercover ATF agent who got murdered in the opening, but we also got Catherine Rollins helping out 5-0 to get some information to hopefully get the still on-the-run Kono (who was unfortunately not seen in the episode) back in the fold.

The episode balanced the darker moments of the crimes at hand with a cute subplot involving McGarrett’s wayward sister Mary showing up with a baby that she’s adopted.

Steve, of course, had a lot of misgivings about his kooky sister having a child, but he’s the one who ended up taking care of her when Mary got salmonella poisoning.

Five-O Babysits

Off and on in the episode, we saw our macho guys go all Three Men And A Baby, taking turns minding the kid while also pursuing their latest case.

However, while there were some cute moments – like Danny telling a story about a handsome prince (himself) and an ogre (McGarrett) he is battling and Chin Ho emerging with baby puke all over his nice white shirt – things didn’t get as manic as I thought they might.

The best fight of the week surprisingly involved Rollins, who got to kick some major ass in a bathroom fight scene. But, for me, it only made me wonder why there wasn’t more fire and heat between she and McGarrett.

They’re supposed to be in love but when you have Alex O’Loughlin in a towel and there’s no heat between the two characters, that’s what you a call a huge missed opportunity to get a few moments of sexy time in an otherwise un-sexy episode.

One relationship I am loving on the show is Chi McBride’s Captain Grover... with pretty much everyone. He doesn’t hide his disapproval of the 5-0 team’s tactics and while we see him barking at McGarrett, I liked that he tried earlier in the episode to chat up Chin Ho, who he seems to have more respect for since Chin was formerly a cop.

Wisely, Chin wasn’t buying what Grover was selling but only showed that our 5-0 team is a solid one even if Kono isn’t around at the moment.

So what goes on with the cast of the week, you ask? We find out that the murdered undercover ATF agent, Matt Hutchins (who Chin knew back in the Academy) could have gotten too deep into the assignment or maybe he was dirty. The crew gets some intel on Matt from the woman who transcribed his undercover reports and she informs the guys that she thought Matt could’ve been brought out of the undercover mission much earlier but, for whatever reason, was not.


There are lots of guest stars coming up on the show – Nick Jonas next week and Carol Burnett for a Thanksgiving episode – and this one is a bit of letdown in the form of  Daryl Hannah. The actress, best known for her mermaid role in Splash, was only in one scene, sported a strange southern accent to flirt with Danny and was mostly a throw away role that anybody could have played.

Back to the case: through some minor twists and turns involving staking out the zoo, the gang uncovers that the transcriber and her boyfriend/thief are the guilty parties in the murder and the case is solved. We get a video of now-cleared (but still dead) Matt talking to his wife/son about why he’s undercover and the sacrifices he’s made but, honestly, the sentiment was a little forced since we never got to know Matt or see him with his family.

In the closing moments, Mary is recovered and seems to be more into being a mom to her baby and lets the guys off the hook from babysitting - but then we get a dose of our season arc as Rollins enters and has secured a lead on where Adam and Kono may be.

She then moves to give Steve the badge back now that the undercover job is over and he tells her to keep it, saying “Welcome to 5-0.”

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you missing Grace Park’s presence on the show? 


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Agree, need some more McGarrett time, especially in a towel! I liked the episode, thought it was cute with Mary's baby.
Not quite sure how it's going to work the Catherine part of 5-O. There could be problems in the future.


I didn't make it past the opening scene! As much as I would've enjoyed seeing the guys with a baby, the first few minutes were just too ridiculous. How many times are we going to have to watch the same Steve/Catherine debate about what a tough girl she is?? He's worried about her, but she can handle it, blah blah. The fight scene was over the top, a female intel officer (who has recently been shot) taking out a career gangster while barely getting a scratch. And of course, Steve handing her the badge was too much. I knew she'd become 5-0 at some point, and that is the point I quit watching. I thought they learned their lesson about adding new team members with the Laurie debacle. Let alone someone's 'girlfriend'!


Jim, thanks for bringing back reviews! I miss Kono! This episode made me think that Kono's entrance and integration into the 5-0 team was much more organic than Cat. I am a fan of Cat and have cheered all of her past fight scenes. But this one (although awesome) seemed more "navy seal Cat" and not "GI Cat" and I paused from the scene unfolding to think that. Regardless, it was a great action packed episode layered with exceedingly cute "3 men and a baby". It was wonderful seeing cutie Fong back and on top of his game. And very good that Steve acknowledge that he was missed. I agree about Daryl Hannah's scene...it was good to see her on screen :)
So much to like in this episode and the lighter side was magic. Danno's fairy tale story to baby was really about Steve commandeering his new car was hilarious as was all of the baby moments! The peas and sun cap was adorable. And a shirtless Steve was clearly a bonus.


Not missing Grace because I know she's returning & I feel we need graciously to grant her family time. Lenkov himself was kind enough to create an interesting B story for her RL maternity leave. So kudos. And hallelujah y'all finally returned to 5-0! Thanks, Jim! A great episode to come back to. I enjoyed the crime du jour but even more enjoyed the interplay between all the characters. I love how 5-0 often deviates from prescribed partnerships and mixes up the pairings and they rocked it last night. McG, in particular, had an awesome scene w/ everybody by the end! Very fun. Plus dang! How cute were they all w/that baby?

Sarah silva

So happy to have the H50 Reviewer back! Missed you Jim!
Steve plus Baby equals HOTNESS!
I have not seen this episode yet so I will read the recap and comment on it later!


I actually love Steve and Katherine, they seems to be in sync and after all they have been together for a long time. I say welcome to the team Katherine. She is a better actress than Grace Park. And the sub plot with Kono and Adam adds to the series.


Loved the episode.the catherine fight scene was verry good.Loved how each of the guys took care of the baby lol.am suspecting there's gonna be a war btwn 5 O and the swat chief,can't wait!
I've wanted cath to be part of the team since last season,the girl can hold her own in a fight.And even if Grace park returns,there's nothing wrong with having two girls on the team.they could even be partners.imagine kono and catherine in a fight with other people,they'll kick ass.


Grace has been out because she had a baby. We have been promised she will return soon. They actually filmed some in Canada where she lives because she couldn't fly yet. Kono will be back it's just Grace's real life had to come first of course.


Good episode for sure. Catherine's fight scene was very cool and she looked good doing it. Giving her the badge did bring me down a little as I'm afraid we've lost Kono. I'd like to think she'll be back and team up with Catherine to be the undercover duo of the century. It's just that I've watched every episode since the beginning and not having Kono in the mix is just not the same. She's an integral part of the team and I miss seeing her...

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