How I Met Your Mother Review: Game On, Bitch

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At the onset of How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 8, Robin sparkled, showing up to breakfast wearing Loretta Stinson's cherished blouse.

As the subject of scrambled eggs came up, Robin hilariously soiled the blouse with ketchup and syrup, but the moment she referenced her rarely mentioned mother, you could tell she was struggling to find a leg to stand on.

Lily was right, a happy wife makes for a happy life, but could you really fault Barney for loving his mother's cooking? Especially after the way he described the way her eggs made him feel?

Oh my god. I'm eight years old again and life is perfect and I haven't peed my shorts in front of 350 Webelos at the Pine Wood Derby Regionals in Wheeling, West Virginia.


The Lighthouse Date

Robin eventually admitted she was no top chef, but it was Loretta who ended up with egg on her face when she made a gibe about the prospects of Robin cooking for her children some day.  

The flashback to the night Robin told Barney she couldn't have children was a great scene. Was it weird his first impulse was to hug her? No way. It was a touching moment in their relationship, we had not seen before. It also made for nice closure later when Loretta hugged Robin and told her to call her Mom after Barney expressed his reasons for marrying Robin. 

As for the other mother at breakfast, Lily sat down at the table drink in hand, signaling that Linus was back on call. 

Yes I'm in a rotten mood. No I don't want to talk about it. Yes this has booze in it. No it's not my first.


As Lily decimated the hotel's supply of glasses, she thankfully didn't spill a drop on that grey dress, in which she looked amazing. If Marshall could have seen her, he might have said the hell with being a judge just to appease her. Marshall, of course, was not there, but instead spent the night at Ted's mom's house while waiting out a storm.

Finally we heard Marvin cry! It's not that I liked hearing his screams, but all ride long, Marshall and Daphne have been yelling without any regard for or the slightest reaction from the back seat.  

However, Clint snapping his guitar to pieces - inches from the little guy's rear facing car seat - was a bit much for me. Marshall should have gone nuclear right then and dragged the self help stowaway out of the truck.

Back in Farhamton, Ted was fed some bad advice by a good and buzzed Lily. I can't imagine many men would complain about having to carry Anna Camp up a set of stairs, but it was clear she was not right for Ted. Luckily for us, Ted decided he hadn't run out of lighthouses and we were treated to the moment he proposed to the mother.

I have been complaining about the lack of any scenes featuring her in recent weeks, but tonight's final moment made the wait worth it. 

The pace at which we are progressing toward the wedding is still irksome, but there is plenty to look forward to aside from the big ceremony. Top of my list is how Lily will receive Marshall when he finally arrives.


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Three things are good about this episode:
1. Ted Propose to Mother (Finally a scene featuring the mother)
2. Barney's idea for Lambocuzzie (Missed this kind of remarks from Barney most in this season)
3. Barney's mom and Robin made up at the end. Still not the quality HIMYM usually stands for but, I guess this episode is better than the last 2 we got.

Drea xoxo

yes it was too soon but the writers slotted it in because they knew fans like i for instance was getting fed up that the mother hadn't appeared recently and that they are longing out this flipping SERIES!!! hurry up to the wedding! wasn't ted meant to leave and come back and ruin the wedding..... other than that the scene at ending with robin and barney mum was emotional!!! =[ only scene i could stomach and for that plus the mother, this episode warranted 5 stars


I agree, the proposal was handled way too soon. I don't have any connection to her and Ted as a couple yet... That was the second clip we've seen of them together only. That was a wasted emotional moment. The rest of the episode was great. I can't wait until Marshall joins the rest of the gang!


mg, I thought there was definite chemistry in the scene from a few episodes back with both of them in the Inn. The Mother talks about Ted showing off. That scene just felt perfect IMO. This proposal scene was definitely too soon. It felt completely awkward to me. There was very little chemistry, almost none. And for a scene as romantic as that to work, there had to be a ton of chemistry. As I said earlier, this scene had to come towards the end of the season. It definitely came too soon, and the catharsis was definitely stunted as a result.


great episode, it was very touching seeing Robin and Loretta getting closer.
about the mother .. is it just me or there is a lack of chemistry between Ted and her? for some reasons i dont feel any chemistry between them in their scenes


It was certainly an enjoyable episode. One of the best of the season so far. But I agree John Gates that the proposal could've been handled after more backstory. It was still romantic and purely Ted. But right now, we have no emotional involvement into how these two characters grow together, and without that the catharsis simply wasn't as powerful as it could've been.


Loved this episode.
Nuff said.


I enjoyed this episode. I do have a feeling that the text Lili received right before Ted asked her to break her phone was from the Captain cancelling the Rome trip. (Perhaps because he is now broke?)


This episodes was fine, but the ending was completely wasted in my opinion. Giving us the proposal with almost no context of their relationship over the next two years wastes a lot of potential emotional resonance. I would have moved the payoff of this episode to much later in the season. On that note, wasn't Christina Milliotti called a series regular for this season? When are we going to get the flash-forward type episodes that designation implies?


Really good episode. Marshall finally going nuclear and leaving Teds dad and then playing his song for the car ride was great and he was right you'll get use to the song if you listen to it long enough to bad we didn't see him and Daphne singing it like he and Ted did on their road trip. Lilly was great breaking her glass in pretty much every scene. I loved the ending where we saw the mother again and how Ted proposed to her. I really want to see her meet the rest of the gang like she did with Lilly. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Yes I'm in a rotten mood. No I don't want to talk about it. Yes this has booze in it. No it's not my first.


It would be nice, just once, not to have to go stag to Coin-Con.