Kat Graham Teases Next Vampire Diaries Villain: Who Will It Be?

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Silas is dead and gone, with Stefan having taken out his nemesis on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7.

So, who will rise up and take this ancient witch's place as the show's next villain? Kat Graham offered up an intriguing tease to TV Guide.

Bonnie on TVD

"You're going to be really surprised and elated to see who [it] is," the actress teases. "I'm so ready for him to be the villain."

A-ha! So it's a male, we know that much. Graham added that the evil doer will be "somebody you've seen before," which now really has us thinking...

Stefan is in an odd frame of mind these days. But what about Matt, who is possessed by Gregor? Or Elena's father? Might he be The Augustine vampire?!?

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Its going to be grayson elanas dad julie is going to find a way to bring him back.


Matt for sure we dont know anything about gregor at its time for matt do something.... Aside of complaining about his life

Sarah silva

It will be Matt, well not really Matt but Gregor inside Matt.

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