NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Piece of Cake

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A train car, hazardous materials and a bomb.

Those three things together created a dangerous threat to hundreds of thousands of people in the Los Angeles area on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 7.

A diligent security guard at the train yard lost his life when trespassers not only attacked him, but knocked him out and threw him on the tracks in front of an oncoming train. With his radio still active, the killers spoke one phrase in Arabic and NCIS was called in to investigate. 

Take the Bus

"The Livelong Day" was an investigation heavy episode which focused on identifying and then tracking down the people involved. Nothing ended up as it initially appeared and the team was led astray at times. They ultimately uncovered a conflicting and co-opted plan to cause major destruction and loss of life.

I prefer the episodes that provide insight into one of the NCIS team members and reveals something about them. This hour didn't do that, but I was engrossed in the mystery. As the team was working the investigation, I had no idea where it was headed just like them.

Both Bellamy and Trager set up an elaborate plan that should have worked. If Rome hadn't left the tool with his name on it behind, the plot probably wouldn't have been uncovered in time. And, Rome would have taken the been the scapegoat for a horrible domestic terrorist act.

Rome's decision to commandeer the train with the chemicals was illegal, but he was coming from a genuinely good place. After being fired for whistle-blowing about dangerous shipments, he thought this was the best way to make the situation public.

Trager and Bellamy co-opted his plan for nefarious purposes. They set up a bomb at Bellamy's hotel room, sent a fake bomb to Rome's mother to derail the investigation, planted a IED on Rome's train route, and sabotaged the engine's brakes. It was elaborate, meticulous, and almost successful plan.

Sam defused the bomb without even a second to spare. Until the train stopped, it wasn't clear if we were watching a disaster or a successful rescue unfold.

The humorous moments added to the engaging case made the episode an enjoyable one to watch. Deeks and Kensi were hilarious from the start to the finish of their FRA undercover gig. Deeks' over-the-top, detail-oriented personality was odd to see. It was the opposite of his normal personality, but he pulled it off brilliantly.

His annoying tics were integral to their ability to complete the mission. Though, it's a tough call on the best undercover moment.The two most surprising were the side trip to the bathroom and the dry ice bomb distraction. Between those two situations, it's lucky that the employee didn't notice something was astray. 

They did have several incredible takedowns as well. Kensi's initial jump and tackle of the private investigator, Trager, was well-played. And, his arrest was perfectly timed and served him right. Though, the top moment has to be when Bellamy took the old ladies cane to use as a weapon and even though he was under the agent's control, she Maced him. Ha!

Mercury may have been in retrograde, but they got the job done. The criminals were put away and the residents had no idea how close they came to being blown to smithereens.

As Sam said, "Piece of cake."


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Am I the only person who found Kensi and the train employees conversation in the bathroom about Deeks "Mathew" character not only inappropriate but unnecessary? Deeks played Matthew with obvious Autistic tendencies, and the character saying that Kensi should get "hazard pay" was not only inappropriate but quite frankly, offensive. There's enough bullying in America without it happening on a popular Network television drama.


I really liked this episode. There were a lot of funny moment. Deeks loving trains and knowing a lot a bought them was interesting and kind of surprising. Sam defusing the bomb right before the train got there was a really cool scene. The old lady pepper spraying the guy was funny. Deek's undercover ID was funny and I kind of hope we see it again. Can't wait till the next episode.


Did anyone see the resemblance between Deek's cover at the FRA and how eerily similar he was acting like Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds?. I mean even his cover name was Matthew like the real life Criminal Minds actor Mathew Gray Gubler. All in all a solid episode though the Mercury retrograde joke got old fast


If they haven't brought in Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) for season 2 I'm pretty sure this show wouldn't have lasted very long, Deeks and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) carries this show because Sam and Callen I couldn't care a rat's ass about just to put it bluntly. They are only funny if Deeks is around. And yes Kensi and Deeks scenes with FRA was Comedy gold all they way

@ Jonas

I totally agree. I never developed an attachment to this show or any of the characters until Deeks came in. After that, I got pulled in, but if it weren't for Deeks I wouldn't bother watching. I love Deeks' humor and I love to see him in action, but I also love his backstory, which I truly wish we could see more of.

@ Jonas

Totally agree. I watched the first eps of so 1 but Callen and Sam weren t enough for me to stick with the show. Deeks is what made me love this show. I think Eric is brilliant as Deeks, I m so happy they are finally focusing more on Deeks

@ Jonas

Deeks is very funny, but Callen and Sam have their funny moments, too - and they are integral to the dramatic storyline. All four of them balance the story out well.

@ SG

I hear what you're saying, but the fact remains that Deeks is the one that brought this show to season 5 - And yes both Sam and Callen have their charms but both of them can't hold a candle next to Deeks.


Deeks was SO funny in this episode! He's my favorite character and the main reason I like the LA version. I tried watching when the show first debuted but couldn't get into it. I saw a repeat after Deeks became a regular and have been hooked ever since. Actually, the residents wouldn't really have been "blown to smithereens". The bomb was to cause the train to crash, which would have caused a chemical spill that would create a poisonous gas cloud.

@ Leilani808

Yep, my story is the same: saw some of the early episodes and wasn't impressed then saw an episode with Deeks and now I'm hooked. Loved all the Deeks/Kensi scenes last night. I do enjoy the bromance between Sam and G but that alone wouldn't be enough to keep me coming back each week. It's my Densi fix I'm after. I must say, ECO is a very underrated actor. He was brilliant as the nerdy guy last night.


I absolutely loved it when that old lady maced Bellamy. I was like, you go girl! And, I never tire of Deeks and Kensi. The humour in this show is brilliant!


That PI was seriously deranged and sick - he dragged the poor guard onto the track and *watched* as the train ran him over. Remember, he could have just shot the guy. (He did have a gun, after all.) It's one thing to kill a man, it's quite another to do it in such a sadistic fashion and stand there *watching*.

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