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To get painfully honest right up front here: New Girl Season 3 Episode 9 was a regression.

Coach and CeCe's Date

Yes, I was happy to see Cece and Schmidt back in action, even if it was only individually (and even if Hannah Simone's prodigious comedy talents were mostly blown in a straight-man role here). I was happy to see the return of "Furguson," and Winston's always-entertaining fixation on him. I was happy to hear a solid joke about flip-phones.

But the parts just did not add up- - not to the rollicking comedy that this show is capable of producing, and not even to much of a coherent whole.

I am not going to lay it all at the feet of Coach's disruption of the character dynamic... even though, as was made painfully clear in this episode, he is basically a Schmidt retread, with the same exact sometimes-funny, sometimes-toxic blend of insecurity and faux machismo, this time couched in a fixation on sports instead of luxury hair pomade.

Why have two characters with the same exact personality quirk? I don't know-, you might as well ask why Cece would date her ex's roommate mere weeks after their break-up.

While you're at it, you might as well also ask why is Winston into a weird, Maalox-swilling bus driver when his last lady was the thoroughly (and conventionally) adorable Brenda Song.

I don't have a problem with it as a plot point, I just want to know why. I want to understand why I'm laughing. Is it because Winston is going against his usual type in women? Is it because this was secretly his type all along? IS IT BECAUSE BUSES AND MAALOX ARE INHERENTLY FUNNY???

I'll accept any of these answers. But I would love an answer, and one that jibes with the characters they've been steadily developing and distilling since the second half of New Girl Season 1.

In fact, this whole episode harkened back to New Girl Season 1, from the random and unclear swings in character motivation, to glossing over the episode's lack of plot momentum by having something unexpected and absurd happen (you know, like Jess running Schmidt over with a car).

I know, I know, tell you something that you don't know/that I haven't said in multiple reviews. But I truly am at a loss. My relationship with New Girl has had a lot of up-and-downs; it went from one of my most loathed to one of my most loved shows on the strength of New Girl Season 2.

But I'm unsure what to make of this episode and New Girl Season 3 Episode 8.

Is this a temporary dip in quality? Or a permanent change? Your guess is as good as mine. But despite a handful of solid New Girl quotes, this episode represented a real, consistent step down in quality for me, and I'm a little nervous to see what comes next.

Is Cece really going to start dating Coach? Is Schmidt ever going to get over it? Am I missing something with this whole bus driver thing?


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The only thing I liked was the Schmidt/Jess storyline - it was really funny and I felt like we had the good old Schmidt back.
The rest of the episode was just wrong in so many levels.
I thought I would like Coach but I don't. Cece dating him makes no sence to me after the history she has with one of his friends.
Really poor choice of a romantic interest for Winston - I would have enjoyed seeing him date again instead.
Season 3 started so good, but now it feels weird and off, I hope we'll get to see an improvement soon.


I have really mixed feelings on this episode; i laughed out loud a couple times (and all of them were schimdt related) but overall it was a confusing episode. Adding Coach could have worked for one episode but having him there every week is not a good idea. While we usually have 4 roomates and split them in two different stories ocasionally throwing in Cece and giving someone else less screen time now there are 5 roomates plus Cece wich means they can have 3 stories per episode which makes it kind of hard to follow. I really don't want this show to go back to funny lines with something that resembles a plot going on the background. They need to decide want they want to do, they need a goal for this season and i doubt they have one figured out.
Let's see what they do next week


I'm still blaming Coach. Please get rid of him, or bump him to recurring status. Why would HE go after Cece is what I wanna know? I'm sure he was aware of the intensity of Schmidt's relationship with her. That JUST ended. I thought Winston was the stand out in this episode.


i thought this episode was just booooooring. this magic is definitely gone for me this season. it seems like the rhythm is all off. whether it's because nick & jess are together, or because schmidt moved out, or because of the addition of's just 'off'.


You over analyze this show. It's a comedy, they do stupid things and that's what makes it funny.


As far as Winston goes... the guy is desperate. He was showering with a cat, and was just rejected by like, 16 women. He found someone who would say yes. He went for it. Got a confidence boost. That's how I saw it. As far as CeCe goes, we all make poor choices right after a hard break up, so she gets a pass. I am finally not wanting to punch Schmidt every time I see him, so there's progress! I loved this episode.

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

She's on a flip-phone. That means she's either poor, or a time traveler!


Hi there. I'm about to ruin a date and don't want to show up empty-handed.