New Girl Review: Mountain Man

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What is the meaning of manhood in our modern society? Is it difficult to hold on to your masculinity while you're in a relationship?

And is it ever okay to eat a rotted fish that you just found floating around?

Saving Thanksgiving

Surprisingly, New Girl Season 3 Episode 10 took a stab at answering all of these questions.

And even if the show only really came to any conclusions on the whole "eating rotted fish" issue, the other questions hinted at an interesting way forward for a show that's been stuck ever since its major conflict was decided (i.e. Nick and Jess, sitting in a tree, F-A-C-E-S-U-C-K-I-N-G 4 EVAH)

Though this episode was a partial return to form (after a serious two-episode dry spell), with the best New Girl quotes I've heard in weeks, it was still far from perfect.

The tension was fairly manufactured, the stakes low, and man, I am still just not sold on Coach. I think the writers have yet to find his place in the Lofterian dynamic and the recent strategy of using him to produce new conflict has been a pretty weak substitute for the real thing.

But this episode did provide a tantalizing look at a new kind of conflict the show could examine, rather than sticking to the tried and true "Ross and Rachel" sitcom breakup/ makeup cycle.

As we also saw in New Girl Season 2 Episode 4, the show does a great job examining Millennial issues and problems in a very specific - and very funny - way. By focusing on some broader issues (while still having the plots play out among a group of very self-absorbed people), the series might have found a path to keeping things sparky, without resorting to forced relationship drama.

I mean, I'm not saying it's the only way. But wouldn't it be kind of an interesting turn? Almost a kind of adult comedy Degrassi? Couldn't an examination of the unique sociological perils of modern young-ish adulthood be as exciting as cheating and thwarted love and stuff? If anyone could pull it off and make it absorbing, it's this tight ensemble cast. 

Or the show could just go back to having some actually interesting relationship drama. I mean, when the hell are Cece and Schmidt getting back together? Stop playing me, New Girl.

Will Cece end up with Coach? Will Schmidt end up alone? Is there anyone you for whom you would eat a rotted fish?


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I think this was the worst episode of New Girl I've seen. I understand the issues they were trying to explore were sort of relevant, but it just seemed ridiculous. Im the same age as them, all my male friends are city slickers, but they still know how to be men - this was just stupid. Also a bear hole so big they can all fall in, dug by Nick in under an hour? Cmon!
Nothing about the episode was funny, it was all so totally cringe-worthy. I find Nick so Over The Top, and totally over-reacts to everything. I mean the Ross-Rachel thing, had Ross as a goof, but he as likeable, and more importantly, believable. They are making the Nick character ridiculous. And as for Schmidt, I really hope his confidence comes back soon, because he was always so funny, and now he is really tedious. Jess trying to always be a supportive girlfriend and stand by Nick and support his ridiculousness is just frustrating. Both her past ex-boyfriends were so awesome, the hot doctor and Russell. There is no real life scenario where a girl would break up with them, and then go and be this little puppy who rolls over for this spineless twit.... Sorry it's frustrating. Coach does't quite work - i think the addition of another girl would have been better. My favourite characters lately are Cece and Winston, I think they are the only ones who seem vaguely normal... But this show used to make me laugh soooo much! I hope it picks up again


I agree, very boring. I also agree that "Coach" doesn't fit, isn't necessary to the group dynamic, and with his return, the writers have really turned Winston into a major doofus. I think I'm over New Girl.


I love new girl since day 1, but I hated this ep. it was very boring to me.

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Guys, we've gone soft! With our antibiotics and our sports creams!


Schmidt: Camping?
Winston: Like we're animals?!